Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Signs of the times and future

I've been teasing you for some time of what I see happening and what I guess you can say is prophesy though I use that word very loosely and not to elevate myself in any way. Events are happening at such an accelerated rate it is hard to keep up. Many keep saying if the Democrats take back the presidency it is the beginning of the end. How naïve that thinking is. I truly feel we have more than passed the half way point of the end.

For those who talk to me regularly or follow my writings know some of this already as I have told you. I said from the very beginning of Trumps nomination he is a two termer, I said many months ago I stand with N. Korea, relatively speaking - I told you we are in period of peace, and something huge was looming.

First let’s look at a dream I had way back in July 10, 2009, following it are recent articles.

I left church and was heading west on Euclid Ave.  Traffic was backing up.  I thought it was an accident.  As I finally get to the corner of Euclid Ave & Robinhood, at the traffic light, an Arab dressed in typical garb, robes and sandals, was handing out literature.  I asked what’s going on.  He pointed to the sky but I couldn't see what he was pointing to as it was blocked by trees.  As the Arab pointed I glanced over and noticed a friend.  He was busy talking up a storm, pointing and explaining to a couple of people what was going on. I looked at the paper the Arab handed me as I pulled away and said to myself what good is this, I can’t read it.  As soon as I got past the bottle neck I pulled off.  The atmosphere was one of a circus.  I jumped out and people said look.  I looked in the direction of the trees and there in the white cloudy sky, clearly visible, was the Arab moon and Jewish star.  They were huge.  They looked like they were cut out, man made.  They quickly disappeared.  People were talking that it was a sign from God, I tried telling them, no, it’s false; don't believe it was from God.

The meaning I derived from the dream is the false belief that the Arab and Jewish God are one and the same and that there will be unity.

So the bridging of religions is upon us, one world religion or Chrislam. How does this all tie in with the rest of what I wrote? Hold on I’ll get there.

North Korea - I stand with N. Korea for a few reasons. They are a sovereign country so why can't they have nukes to defend themselves against a global takeover or to have respect among other nations - what do we have against N. Koreans that justify us toppling another regime and putting those people in further hardships - they really are no threat to us - they are like a junkyard dog to China, N. Korea is keeping us occupied while the real menace is behind the scenes, the world boycotts N. Korea but buys from evil China, makes no sense - with Trump in office he can negotiate peace and possibly open N. Korea to our goods in the rebuilding of that nation and finally we are at a time of peace. The peace will be short lived but it won't be N. Korea breaking it, it will be a globalist pulling the trigger to ignite tensions once again.

So where are we at with N. Korea today?


President Trump could very well be the last US president. Whether Trump knows it or not he could easily bring about peace and ultimately a one world government faster than anyone. I do not see the next US president continuing Trumps theme of America first; it will be the world first and Trump is laying the ground work for this.

When nations and countries are hostile towards each other they are on guard, there is no trust or unity. World leaders who are more totalitarian do not like relinquishing their power. A world system is very hard to implement in this climate. Removing leaders as the US has is one way to go about causing chaos and make the people look for a new system that ends wars but there is also backlash with this plan. People wise up, fight back and resist. However what peace does is leaders and rulers let their guard down, disarm, slowly trust and unity follows. Once that happens look out. Unified nations will elect a global leader to further peace and solve world problems. Is Trump part of this plan to bring peace and unify nations? Or is he legitimately just trying to bring peace without any end game in play?

Either way the one world system is advancing rapidly.

That is why I posted this on Facebook:

Does anyone know what time it is? Do you understand what is happening on the grand scale of this globe? Trump is pushing us further into the one world order faster than anyone and the Dems well - you won't understand this but they are hindering it.

Please understand that many or most of the Democrats are all for globalization, one world system, one religion. But the Dems at this moment are actually now the ones stonewalling efforts to unify nations because they are too blinded by their hatred of anything President Trump or the right does. The Dems fail to see how Trump could possibly be putting all this into play. President Trump is after all the president of all people. If the Dems ever get on board and back off their attack look out. It is over. Right now we need the Dems hostility to clog the system. Did you follow that? By the Democrats causing disruption they are blocking what Trumps is trying to accomplish - peace. You may not agree but that’s the way I see it.

OK now some prophesy, though I must repeat I use that word very loosely and not to elevate myself in any way.

One month into Trumps presidency this occurred to me. Trump is the complete opposite of Obama. Everything Obama has done Trump has or is trying to undo, everything from health care to abortion to homosexuals in the military, just to name a few because the list is lengthy.

How many are aware that Obama spent 5 billion dollars over seas to rebuild mosques? Yes that's right 5 billion of your US dollars. Some reports say 770 million, whatever the true figure is doesn't matter, a huge sum of money was spent on mosques being rebuilt. Some may say well that wasn’t Obama, whatever, it still happened during his term in office.
Please check out these links:


So do you see it now? Do you get it?
What is the opposite of Obama rebuilding mosques? Well it is Trump supplying money to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. That's right. President Trump has already recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel back in 2017 so the temple is the logical next step. I think this could really happen during President Trumps next term. After-all what is Trump known for?  Building and deal making and now you can add peace maker. All of which are qualities needed for the rebuilding of the temple. And the rebuilding of the temple would then be - endgame!

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