Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Health's Bills sung to the tune of Hells Bells

 Hey Gang,
Here's a Carey Parody.  Healths Bills sung to the tune of Hells Bells by AC DC which is really appropriate because acdc is perfect for Obama.  We don't know if he is white or black, legal or illegal, straight or bi, Muslim or Christian...  

All together now.

Healths Bills

I'm Barack Obama, a royal pain
I passed a health plan now you will pay
My websites crashing across the sky
If you’re old you will probably die

I won't make no exceptions, won't spare no lies          
The cost is billions n way out of sight                        
I’m here to tell, You best not be sick but well           
IRS will get you, Obama get you

Health's Bills
Yeah, Health's Bills
You got me screaming Health's Bills
My premium's high, Health's Bills

I’ll dry up your wallet and savings in time
If you're an illegal you're a friend of mine
See the RINOS they have split the right
There’s only Cruz and the Tea Party left to fight

I won't make no exceptions, won't spare no lies          

The cost is billions n way out of sight                        
I’m here to tell, You best not be sick but well           
IRS will get you, Obama get you


Health's Bills, Obamacare comin' to you
Health's Bills, cost is rising now
Health's Bills, the premiums high
Health's Bills, across the sky
Health's Bills, they're takin' you down
Health's Bills, they're draggin' you around
Health's Bills, gonna split the right
Health's Bills, there's no way to fight, yeah
Ow, ow, ow, ow

Carey Masci

Friday, October 18, 2013

snipers you won't believe who and official statement from the Philippines

An update on the Muslim uprising in the Philippines, it is an official statement from the City mayor of Zamboanga, read it and take note on the amount of weapons the enemy had.  Amazing that in a country where guns are outlawed they were able to amass such an arsenal.  This is a perfect example of how gun control works.
Below that statement is a link about…. women snipers?  YES women snipers. In most Muslim countries women can't vote, drive a car and most are covered head to toe but these Muslim women can sure handle a gun.  It sure brings new meaning to the phrase we have you covered at least for woman in Muslim countries.
I guess some things are universal.  Filipinos were joking about how could the policemen who most are fat and older chase the younger MNLF?  In the US it’s from too many donuts, over there may be too much rice. 
Please read this and pass it on.

Rebellion charges filed vs Misuari, 60 others
October 9, 2013 at 10:35pm
Nur Misuari and 60 others have been formally charged with rebellion/insurrection and violations of the international humanitarian law in connection with the three-week long standoff in the city which started on September 9.

The Department of Justice, through Assistant City Prosecutors Gladdy S. Bernabe, Norma U. Usman, Alfredo E. Jimenez Jr., Associate Prosecution Attorney Nicolas L. Apolinario Jr. and City Procesutor Ricardo G. Cabaron, filed the charges before the Zamboanga Regional Trial Court last Monday, October 7.

In the three separate information filed in court, Misuari and his men are accused of rebellion for “conspiring and confederating together, mutually aiding and assisting with one another and also with others whose whereabouts and identities are still unknown, did then and there willfully, unlawfully and feloniously, help, support, promote, maintain, cause, direct, and/or command the said group to rise publicly and take arms against the Republic of the Philippines, or otherwise participate in such armed public uprising, by then and there attempting to hoist the MNLF flag in front of the Zamboanga City Hall to signify their declaration of independence from and for the purpose of removing from the allegiance to the Philippine government or its laws, part of its national territory the City of Zamboanga, specifically the barangays of Mariki, Rio Hondo, Sta. Barbara, Sta. Catalina, Kasanyangan, Talon-Talon and Mampang”.

“The MNLF Misuari faction, consisting of more or less 500 members under the leadership and command of its Chairman NURULAJI P. MISUARI a.k.a. “NUR MISUARI” and under the ground command leadership of accused USTADZ HABIER MALIK, BAS ARKI, ASSAMIN HUSSIN, and several other commanders coming from their respective strongholds in the provinces of Basilan, Sulu, and Sibugay, the City of Zamboanga and other parts of the Zamboanga Peninsula…have in fact risen publicly and taken arms to attain the said purpose by then and there making attacks against the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines as well as innocent civilians, as a necessary means to commit the crime of rebellion; and in connection therewith and in furtherance thereof, have then and there committed acts of murder, pillage, disorder, looting, arson and destruction of private and public properties.”

The accused were “all armed with high caliber weapons including but not limited to: 90-RR (recoilless rifle), 57-RR (recoilless rifle), .50 Barrette MG, M-16 rifles, M-47 rifles, M-4 rifles Ghalil (G-1) rifles, Carbine rifles, Garand rifles, .45 caliber pistols, 60 MM mortar, hand grenades (fragmentary and incendiary), rocket propelled grenade, M-79 explosives, M203 grenade launchers explosives”, the MNLF Misuari faction “committed serious violations of the Common Article 3 to the Four (4) Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, (1) by committing acts of violence against the lives and persons of the residents, mainly of the afore-stated barangays, and in some instances of other barangays, and who did not take active part in the armed hostilities, and (2) by taking non-combatant civilians as hostages, in particular, by rounding up more or less 300 persons, who were then held together as hostages and detained randomly in buildings and houses which are
also located in barangays”.

The information continues: “while the above-named accused were engaged in armed combat with the government forces, and during the captivity of the non-combatant civilians as hostages covering the period beginning from September 9 to 30, 2013, the same resulted in more or less twelve (12) total number of deaths and more or less seventy five (75) total number of serious injuries to innocent civilians”.

The MNLF founding chairman and his co-accused have “committed serious violations of the laws and customes applicable in armed conflict, within the established framework of international law namely: Intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population as such or against individual civilians not taking direct part in the hostilities, that is, by forcibly opening houses and other dwellings and attacking the occupants thereof; and, at the same time, by taking about three hundred (300) occupants as hostages”. The same group also “further utilized their presence to render certain points and areas immune from military operations, that is, and more particularly by employing the same as human shields at the forefronts of Lustre Drive, Sta. Barbara and Martha Drive, Sta. Catalina, this City, thereby effectively thwarting any offensive and counter-offensive actions from the AFP-PNP Forces” and “in attacking dwellings or buildings which are
undefended and which are not military objectives deliberately burned said structures which resulted in a conflagration of more or less Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Two (9,732) houses and buildings, public and private, causing damage in an estimated costs of Two Hundred One Million Twenty Three Thousand Pesos (P201,023,000.00)”.

Chairman Misuari, commanders Malik, Hussin and Arki as well as several John and Jane Does continue to be at-large.
The justice department did not recommend bail for offenses under RA 9851 as well as for the leaders in the rebellion/insurrection while a bail amounting to P200,000.00 was recommended for each member/follower of the rebellion/insurrection. (Claudine Uniana/City Hall PIO)   

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Philippines Update

Thought you may like a Philippines update.  I also wanted to comment further with what I have learned during this conflict.
 The update is this….  It has quieted down; the government said the conflict is over though but they will continue to pursue pockets of resistance and where the MNLF are still hiding. 
Some Filipinos are wary that the government is not telling the truth because there is still random gunfire and burnings going on.
My opinion is it could flare up again if there is an influx of either weapons and or other support from outside sources.  This could be a long drawn out wait and see situation.
What I have learned…..
The Philippine government is very much like the US and like the US it is fraught with corruption and abuses of power.  The difference is they are a third world country where the majority of people are lacking so the abuses are glaringly more obvious and met with more angst and distrust.  In the US we are still doing relatively OK so some of this corruption and drain of financial resources is not yet fully felt.  People in America for the most part blow it off and say they all do it.  When America’s financial stability really gets shaken maybe people will then be up in arms.
Similarity 2.  Filipinos are now thinking this was staged by the government to take the peoples mind off the ongoing scandal of misused funds and kickbacks from pork barrel spending.  On the other hand they also condemn the Muslims for doing this.  Sound familar????? 
It can’t be both Muslims and the government doing these deeds unless they are working in tandem.  Or is the government blaming the Muslims to bring about a globalist agenda?  Careful here, because we do know the unrest Muslims cause in the name of religion which has been the case for centuries.
From a pro-Muslim website: BASILAN is one the poorest province in the region not because we lack funds. But because, we have swines who eats people's funds to make themselves fat and filthy rich. 
According to the Filipinos I spoke with the areas that Muslims moved in have become filthy and dangerous whereas before those areas were clean and safe.  But we do know what can happen with corruption and how it drains resources, look at Cleveland.  Simply, it may be both reasons.

Lesson 3.  Over here we call the media the Lame Stream Media, we don’t trust what they report.  Well the same thing over there - FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE CONFLICT.  People are leery of what is being told to them if it is the truth.
My good friend Dave Macko writes:  I have read that during the Moro Insurrection, immediately after the Spanish American War, US Army officers decided to use a psychological warfare technique of greasing all ammunition with pig fat. This is supposed to have caused the Muslims to believe that they would not go to paradise if they died in battle and ended the insurrection. Is this true? If so, why don't the Christians use the same technique again?
Some Filipino humor in the midst of this terrible situation.  My Filipina friend Eunice said they should send all the pork (pork barrel spending) to the Muslims instead of giving it to the government.
Mayor Beng Climaco of Zambooanga City refused prayers by non Catholics ministers.  She also insisted this conflict had nothing to do with religion.
BUT according to a pro-Muslim Facebook page I found this:
The Bangsamoro Uprising

NEWS UPDATE: (from the beginning of the conflict)
The fight is getting intense now here in Zamboanga. For those of you can fight, this is the time and this is the place. Allah Azza wa Jall have open the gates of Shahada for you, One of the best deeds that you can have is right now on your doorstep.


Yaa Jabbar awaken the dead heart that have been afflcited within us. Make us those who are in the ranks of the Salaf.


For a Mu'meen it is a win-win situation .. VICTORY or MARTYRDOM
And this:
The Philippine military must wake-up in should think outside of their boxes that they are being treated nothing less than a waste paper disposables by their own masters. And most importantly they should realize that they are fighting the greatest opponent and it it the Soldiers Allah who wishes martyrdom more than their enemies love life.
Rasulullah Promised us & he said: “Verily Allah has shown me the eastern and western part of the earth, and I saw the authority of my Ummah (nation) dominate all that I saw.” O enemies of Islam.. With this page or without this page Islam will dominate not only Zamboanga or Mindanao, But it will conquer the World! WEATHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.