Wednesday, April 27, 2011

passports and Obamas certificate

Kathy on this site (Mentor 9/12) raised the question Could Obama be hiding his certificate to embarrass Republicans?

Well now supposedly they have released the long form birth certificate. If this holds out to be true DO NOT feel ashamed for believing Obama was not born in this country. There were many new sources who referred to Obama as being Kenyan born. In other words, we had probably cause not to believe he was born in America.

Regardless if he was or not, we can not allow the question whether Obama is legitimately qualified to be US president to die just yet. This we do know as fact, Obama attended school in Indonesia while his Indonesian Dad was raising him. So we still have to look into whether Obama was adopted and changed his citizenship to Indonesian. Which again many news sources report he has. Including an Indonesian friend of mine who was excited that our president went to grade school there.

That is important as well as the issue of if its Constitutional to hold the office of presidency when one parent is not American.

So lets stay on this trail and clear up these last questions.

Onto other news.......

Besides everything else going on we now have this:

Can it be they want to try to stop the flow of people leaving when the collapse to our country happens?
Could this be for anyone who speaks out against the New World Order, who is a Christian?  Reminds me of when Hitler made it increasingly difficult to leave Germany.

Just thoughts.

Monday, April 25, 2011

who got to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer?

I want to know who got to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer?

This is sad. We could of finally put to rest whether Obama was born in America. Even if Obama was, since he has raised speculation, this would of closed the door on anyone else who may be seeking to run as president in the future who could be possibly be foreign born.

 Jan Brewer is so wrong on this issue or was she pressured to make this bad decision??


The governor of Arizona has vetoed a bill requiring presidential candidates to prove US citizenship in order to get on the state's election ballot.

Republican Jan Brewer said the bill would have allowed officials to judge who is eligible to run for office. This is a crazy statement!!!

Taken from:

she is on drugs
She is on drugs!

Thats just what America needs more couch potatos sitting around smoking dope to be a drain on society by waiting for welfare checks instead being productive.

I know in my small business I would never hire anyone who is on drugs and neither would I want them around as friends. I have in the past and its caused nothing but problems.

The people are being fooled, the gov wants to legalize it soley for taxes so they can spend the money and usually the money spent is on legislation that is pro-socialist.

Most dictatorships use drugs to dope the masses to keep them under their control.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why Obama needs to be removed immediately

Please correct me if I am wrong but If I am correct and this is factual then we need to proceed immediately with the removal of Obama

FINALLY someone addressed the question I have posed and have been asking since Obama has taken office.

The question of whether Obama was born in Hawaii is but only one question, my question has been and still is and just as important, Since both of Obama's parents are not Americans does this disqualify him?

This is finally answered at the 9:40 mark of the link below and read the comments from Congressman Bingham.

Again, Please correct me if I am wrong but If this is factual then we need to proceed immediately with the removal of Obama and his cabinet and practice civil disobedience to what ever the Obama Administration has administered and is administering. This should also immediately call back all of the troops Obama has deployed.



From Wikipedia

John Bingham

John Bingham stated in the House of Representatives in 1862:

Who are natural-born citizens but those born in the Republic? […] [P]ersons born within the Republic, of parents owing allegiance to no other sovereignty, are natural born citizens. Gentleman can find no exception to this statement touching natural-born citizens except what is said in the Constitution relating to Indians.[12]

He reiterated his statement in 1866:

Every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen.[13]


BINGHAM, John Armor, a Representative from Ohio; born in Mercer, Mercer County, Pa., January 21, 1815; pursued academic studies; apprentice in a printing office for two years; attended Franklin College, Ohio; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1840 and commenced practice in New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas County, Ohio; district attorney for Tuscarawas County, Ohio, 1846-1849; elected as an Opposition Party candidate to the Thirty-fourth Congress and as a Republican to the Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth Congresses (March 4, 1855-March 3, 1863); unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1862 to the Thirty-eighth Congress; appointed by President Lincoln as judge advocate of the Union Army with the rank of major in 1864; later appointed solicitor of the court of claims; special judge advocate in the trial of the conspirators against the life of President Lincoln; elected to the Thirty-ninth and to the three succeeding Congresses (March 4, 1865-March 3, 1873); chairman, Committee on Claims (Fortieth Congress), Committee on the Judiciary (Forty-first and Forty-second Congresses); unsuccessful candidate for renomination in 1872; one of the managers appointed by the House of Representatives in 1862 to conduct the impeachment proceedings against West H. Humphreys, United States judge for the several districts of Tennessee, and in 1868 in the proceedings against Andrew Johnson; appointed Minister to Japan and served from May 31, 1873, until July 2, 1885; died in Cadiz, Harrison County, Ohio, March 19, 1900; interment in Cadiz Cemetery.

someone else to keep your eye on - HERMAN CAIN

Thursday, April 07, 2011

trump gets closer

Finally someone who has high visibility and has credentials is chasing the legality of Obama's legitimacy as our president, Donald Trump. But even Trump is still not raising all the questions of Obama possibly being an Indonesian from being adopted and also the issue of both parents not being US citizens.

Lets hope Trump addresses all these questions.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

This week the House will vote on

This week the House will vote on repealing part of the Health Care bill. That part is the $600.00 per vendor. If any business spends $600.00 or more from any store or service they have to receive a 1099 form otherwise that can not deduct it from their taxes.

So in other words.... I run a janitorial service. Lets say I spend $600 at a place like a Wal Mart for brooms, glass cleaner, etc... I would have to save my receipts, go to Wal Mart and they would issue me a 1099. If they don't, I can not deduct my business expenses from my income. Do you know the cost of this per business? I bet most businesses won't want to do this.

But mean while Union members received a break in their health care costs.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Pastor Terry Jones

Listen to the ridiculous talk from this reporter talking about Pastor Terry Jones and his obvious anti-Christian liberal bias.

Let me spell it out for you in case you missed it.
The reporter was asked how did the pastor seem to you. The reporter said He seems coherent. COHERENT?? Why wouldn't the pastor be coherent? He burned a Koran. Why, are you suppose to be incoherent or on drugs or have a mental illness for such an action? The Muslims and their false religion are causing unrest where ever it goes and its time someone takes a stand.

And shame on General Petraeus for aiding and abetting the enemy for saying this pastors action were hateful and intolerant. Why does the general think we are over there in those Muslim countries, because they are God fearing Christians who behave Godly? C'mon people wake up.

And two more points I like to bring out.

Think of how many times people make fun of the bible or have desecrated it? Do Christians behave in the manner the Muslims are? Of course not. It says in the bible when you bring the Gospel to someone and they refuse it, shake the dust of your shoes and leave. Or maybe it says carry on, riot and murder to show the love of God?

And for those who don't understand or think its wrong for a pastor or any clergy to carry a weapon. Back when America was being founded the circuit preachers always armed themselves because the country was still unruly from hostile Indians, outlaws and wild animals. Maybe we are heading back to those days. We don't stop this pagan scourge of false gods all of us will have to arm ourselves.