Monday, May 31, 2010

Homosexuals in the military

I am only sending this out to friends who were or are in the military or have spouses that are serving or served. I find it very unsettling that we will be tinkering with the greatest military in existence. When you are a super power why change things? From my civilians viewpoint I find it appalling that homosexuals and lesbians will be serving openly. Its immoral and does nothing for our Christian image. It disgusts me that they will be representing America.
I would like your viewpoint please.

These were the responses I received.

I agree with you Carey, but we are no longer, (until "We The People" wake up), a nation of majority, the minority & special interest rule. John in Maine

Most people in the military now don't care. The only problem will be with housing. Men and women are kept separate for many reasons, and you will see some issues on housing when it is repealed.


I am a live and let live believer, do what you want, but leave me alone.
Whatever lifestyle you choose is your business…………..but…..

A homosexual person in the military can be easily compromised, blackmailed.
National security is at stake here.

Just like during Vietnam , judges were giving chronic law offenders a choice, go to jail or the military to get straightened out.
I say NO! they were not worthy to be in my fox hole, I would not trust them to watch my back when the rubber hit the road.
And I say NO to homosexuals serving also.

PS> and can you believe that some judges are still offering the choice of military service to offenders.!!
The good thing is, the military will be more selective of who they permit to serve.

This is my opinion..... Homosexuality is a world wide thing, not just here in the US. If those who practice that choose that lifestyle they will be judged by the lord and not by me. I can pray for those and hope they will see the wrong in that but I will not judge them. If they choose to join the military, and fulfill their duties as they are supposed to, that is also OK with me as long as they do not perform any acts that will bring disgrace to this country. name withheld
(Ummm the act of sodomy is deplorable. Sodomites serving this country openly is a disgrace. What you do in private or in the private sector is one thing, representing this great nation is another)

Thanks everyone for your feedback, as I said I find it appalling that homosexuals could be representing America. I will lose much respect for our military is this is allowed. God will not defend this nation and I wouldn't be surprised to see military defeats in the near future. What someone does in their privacy or in the private sector is one thing, representing a nation is another.

This is what Huckabee said while campaigning for president and its my thoughts also:

"Let me be very clear - what people do in the privacy of their own lives as adults is their business," Huckabee said. "Don’t want to know; don’t need to know......

By the time Obama's is done he will have had his hand in everything and leave untouched nothing. You wanted change, here it is.
Carey Masci

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dave Macko's take on: a tale of 2 stories - which is true?

"Ten years ago, I would have dismissed the theory by Sorcha Faal which is reprinted in Godlike Productions without giving it any consideration.
However, the situation has become so ominous, especially since spokesmen for both the Bush and Obama regimes have defended the assertion that the president can have Americans executed without trial, i.e. murdered, that I no longer dismiss such speculation as ungrounded.
In short, I don't know.
We need to turn this country around so that we can be at least reasonably confident that such events are not happening."

For Life and Liberty,
David Macko
Libertarian Candidate for State Representative,
Ohio House District 17

In reply to my original email:
Same story - far different words. Makes one wonder.

main stream


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obama Care

IF anyone lives in the Cuyahoga or Lake County area and wants to sign the healthcare petition please let me know, I can come to you. OR if you want to get involved gathering signatures please let me know I can put you in touch with the appropriate party.

For those out of state wishing to repeal mandatory Obama Care and replace it with optional there may be a chapter in your state or contact the head of the Ohio group to learn how to organize this initiative.

Carey Masci

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A tale of 2 stories - which is true?

Same story - far different words. Makes one wonder.

main stream


Monday, May 24, 2010

YouCut - Brilliant Idea!!

This is another reason why we need to stop the government from regulating the internet.  I don't trust them to allow such sites as YouCut to exist. 

Tax and Spending Revolt Grows with YouCut on HubPages
“May 15, 2010 Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia, the Republican Whip in the U.S. House of Representatives, unveiled a website, You Cut this past week which gives Americans the opportunity to vote on big...”

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Your Words

Hey Gang,
This is a gathering of some the latest responses I had of emails I sent out. Thanks as always for your input and feedback!
Carey Masci

More info on the federal mutual fund
This is being pushed by the unions because most union pension plans are under water.
If the unions can manage to get the Feds to raid 401ks and the like and redistribute them, then they can get out of their underfunded pension programs. Most rank and file pension programs are less than 80% funded, which means they are in trouble!
Tiberi is a co-author of the bill.
Basically, if the unions get their way, they are setting up the path for the federal mutual fund raid. Pam M.

Mike P's. solution:
Carey: We hear government bemoan every other day that they (local, state, and federal) don't have any money. Several elected officials have told be that just about any government budget is somewhere between 80% - 85% salary, benefits, and pension. I have and idea!
Make some BIG cuts to the salary, benefits and pension of local, state and federal employees. Enough is enough!
Let's stop funding non-essential functions of government.
Cut recreation departments! Close parks! Close libraries! Privatize schools!
Contract out snow plowing, cutting of grass, and most functions of service departments.
Just a few thoughts.
A response from a democrat
Maybe its not needed as most of you know me quite well but I want to add that the reason I sent that email out "response from a democrat" was not to make fun of, show how ignorant, or to make myself look smarter BUT to show what we are up against. How do we educate these people? This is what the liberal anti-God agenda has made.

Slovak Mom says....
Their grammar and spelling are just as stupid as they are....this is a reflection of the idiocy of the electorate...Is it any wonder that "Barry" was elected? ....This is my greatest fear...."an uninformed, and stupid electorate"....I have similar friends and I would like to just "smack them across the head and tell them to wake up....Rome is burning"!

Brilliant insight from John in Maine
Hi Carey, You reach these people by VOTING their leaders that have the same mentality OUT OF OFFICE!!! Guess your friend doesn't know American history, & with blind eyes, no reason to explain it to him/her.
An explanation on the latest election
Primaries attract the most dedicated people and the higher tax advocates. It would be better to have tax levies only at general elections.
For Life and Liberty,
David Macko
Libertarian Candidate for State Representative,
Ohio House District 17

Monday, May 17, 2010

Something that I forgot to post, old news but interesting

Yikes, this was suppose to be sent awhile ago. Just now noticed it sitting in my draft folder
Hey Gang,

As you know Rep. Kucinich caved in and voted for Socialized medicine. Keep things in perspective. He was never on the side of the Right, he was holding out because the health care bill was not liberal enough.
It appears though that Dennis was bought, not for certain but it appears, because suddenly $172 million comes through for Ohio for the foreclosure mess. I want to know who gets the money and how it will be spent. I think that cities with as much corruption as Cleveland money should not be allocated to it until things are cleaned up.

My friend Ter' up in Michigan would like to see this duo.
So lets all get on the band wagon and start to support THIS TICKET for 2012. Gingrich/Palin
Palin said the Republican Party needs new blood and new leaders, "but we also need statesmen and heroes like John McCain in there to help us get through these challenging times."
When Sarah said these words while stumping for McCain she slipped a couple of notches in my standings. A speaker at the National Tea Party said their anger is also aimed at rhino Republicans. Well if Sarah is suppose to be our answer she needs to distance herself from rhinos like McCain. She owes him nothing, in fact McCain owes her. Even though he lost she revived his candidacy and made it a closer race. It would of been a lot uglier without her.
1. Once reform is fully implemented, over 95% of Americans will have health insurance coverage, including 32 million who are currently uninsured.
WHAT??? This is crazy talk. Over 95% including 32 million currently uninsured will have coverage. I thought this plan was coverage for everyone? So all this ballyhoo and still not everyone is covered?
3. Just like members of Congress, individuals and small businesses who can't afford to purchase insurance on their own will be able to pool together and choose from a variety of competing plans with lower premiums. And those who still can't afford it still get fined up to $1,000 for not carrying it.
5. Health care will be more affordable for families and small businesses thanks to new tax credits, subsidies, and other assistance—paid for largely by taxing insurance companies, drug companies, and the very wealthiest Americans.
SOCIALISM, TAX THE WEALTHY AND THE COMPANIES. How will this lower cost? Everyone knows companies pass cost increases on to the consumer in higher prices. More key wording to pay attention to is: paid for largely by, it doesn't say completely by, so where is the rest coming from?

Millard of Kentucky informed me with this news about China....
In China 35 million Chinese and 20 million migrant workers lost their jobs as thousands of factories closed with many more thousand slated to shut their doors because of the US economy. The US is not buying enough Chinese products.
...and about Kentucky.
34 thousand in Kentucky are on unemployment. The unemployment went broke so Kentucky had to borrow money from the Federal Government.

Joe U. told me somehow he was added on Facebook as a Friend of the city of Euclid. Joe writes...
Some how I became a friend of the city of Euclid. If Billy Boy (Mayor Cervenik) finds out he might kick me out or send those nasty inspectors over to my house. Joe U

Kristine in S. Ohio sends along this important tips.
Do your homework before you fly! Virgin Airlines just announced they will be charging fees for carryon luggage, rates will vary if you put it above your seat or in the belly of the plane and other airlines are going to do the same soon.

REMEMBER: Cell Phone Numbers Go Public this month. REMINDER.... All cell phone numbersare being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls. .... YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 888-382-1222 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your time.. It blocks your number for five years.

In the Cleveland Plain Dealer they had good news. The article title read house values rose in Cleveland. They sure did, a whopping .3%!!!! Take my one house in Euclid, in 2003 it was valued at $69,900, now its at $61,000 but with the .3% increase the new value is $61,183. I guess for the Cleveland area this is tremendous news.

My friends in Tracy City, Tennessee can be proud of their lil town, it made the national news. They elected a dead person for mayor. The towns people said it was much better than the opponent, Brock. Can you imagine losing to a dead person? Even though it does reminds me of John McCain. He's been dead awhile and he's still a senator.

I will try to keep current!
Carey Masci

A response from a democrat

My invite to a democratic friend:

Hello, tomorrow in Mentor behind the Civic Center is the National Lake County Tea Party at 3pm. Some will be dressed in period clothes of the 1700's. Call if you want to hook up for it. Should be a fun time. me

My democratic friend's reply, untouched as is:

as I said before Theyvareva bunch of wuacks and I do mot beliebe in them their viees and they need to go back to England where they belong ! They are just beyond redicules if they refuse to live under Our governments laws they need to move tp Englamd and live by the queens ruling REALLY !!!

Enough said, I don't need to go further. This is what we are up against, brainless and clueless with out the mind of Christ. How you reach these people is beyond me.

Carey Masci

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Help stop Washington's takeover of the Internet

We definitely need to stop our rogue government.

If they try to regulate the internet the access we have to the truth will be filtered. This is more government control over what we learn and what we want to watch. They will try to do it under the guise to rid the net of porn. Trust me, porn will survive but everything else will be scrutinized as to what they want us to know.

Who was against this from the beginning?

more info:

sign the petition:

Carey Masci

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Another election and more disappointments.

Hey Gang,
My Sabbatical has ended. I just needed a break. I always need breaks. When you go full steam ahead with so many irons in the fire it wears you down. So I lay low for a bit and reappear.

I know I sound like a broken record but I have at least 4 articles started in my draft folder. I should finish them, even the one about the Euclid Tea Party. It still makes for good reading and is informative.

But right now lets quickly ramble through a few things. Another election and more disappointments. It seems the Tea Parties created a stir but were more like flat pop parties as they fizzled. All our involvement, at least in Ohio, seems to went for naught. Seth Morgan and Sandy O'Brien went down to defeat and so many levies and tax increases passed. I dont understand this.

I discussed this with a friend and we went back and forth. She said it comes down to money to combat the mailers put out by the party. Yes I agree BUT I still don't see how the Tea Party candidates didn't win. I know personally 6 people I swayed to vote for certain candidates and who knows how many other friends and acquaintances I informed that didn't tell me how they voted. Somehow the Tea Party people must not of reached out enough. The crowds were huge at some rally's and just about every town or city had one. Seth Morgan and Sandy O'Brien should of done way better than 35% of the vote they each received. Something went wrong.

As for the tax increases, why do people keep giving their money away? When are we going to hold our elected officials accountable? We have budgets to keep. And quite a few of us right now are barely working and those working full time the raises are coming very slowly if they even come. Elected officials need to do the same. But they won't as long as we keep giving them money. This isn't the end of it, they will be back.

Take Euclid for instance. In the last year, a school levy passed, garbage and light fee's were added, property taxes up, rental fee's up and now a library levy passed. What are people thinking? Sure you may be able to go to the library to take a cookbook out but some of us would just like a meal to cook. Where will this end? You just can't keep raising fee's. It lowers the dollar and obviously people will have less money to spend in the market place where real job creation happens. I have been holding the fort with the rent on my rentals. I don't believe in raising rent on my tenants especially when both are what a landlord dreams of. But somethings got to give.

I still haven't given up though. I am still fighting. I am helping out with at least 3 campaigns, I will be trained on getting the health care petition circulated and the most exciting being on the committee to help the campaigns in Lake County. Soooo if you have ANY issue, for or against something, a question, something you want repealed, something you want passed let me know. I can make sure it gets to the right person. Thats how the American process should work.

The Tea Parties may of failed in getting certain candidates elected BUT they succeeded in their voice being heard. I still have hopes that this election in November can revert the thinking back to sound fiscal and moral thinking. I would even put raising taxes in the realm of morals. All the corruption in Cuyahoga County is a moral issue. Where corruption exists money is squandered and fee's get raised to pay for a bankrupt system.

Getting back to Euclid. Have all the residents in Euclid just given up and want communism so they don't have to vote or participate in the government? Or don't voters educate themselves before voting? How can issues like 26 and 27 pass? Now if you want to pull a petition to remove an official you will need 25% of the previous general election voters instead of 15%. And 27 you now need a "Declaration of Intent" to recall an elected official and only have 45 days to gather signatures. Before there was no declaration needed and no time limit.

Pure insanity. America is voting herself right into full blown socialism.

Lastly Gwen wrote and said she missed my travel stories of the people I meet and fondly remembers the story I wrote of the cat in Texas. Well Gwen dear, I also sadly miss writing about fun times. I miss being out on the road meeting people. I miss my travel lifestyle. Plain and simple I can no longer afford it. It makes me very upset, depressed. And yet when a path is opened to change things back to better times we keep voting for what got us in this mess.


Carey Masci

A word from Tony Hocevar - The debt and other issues

Currently, the U.S. Debt is estimated at: $12,278,635,997,966

Your share of today's public debt is: $39,934.67

The State of Ohio no longer provides the good government we all expect. It has become a pension plan provider, health administrator and insurance agent for government employees (Folks, this includes teachers). Its education system is in decline. It is a babysitter for the unmotivated student and money trough for entitlement seekers. Government is in the protection racket. It has become a bank, with no vault, that doesn't understand basic accounting principals. Where are the leaders for sensible governance in Ohio? Our community keeps voting the same way for people with the same philosophies, but we expect different results - look where that has gotten us today. Let the old Democratic Party ideas die off as the Democrat leaders (that's a misnomer) exit stage left.

...Liberty and Justice for All.

Tony Hocevar
State Representative
7th House District
Euclid, South Euclid, Richmond Hts, Cleveland's Collinwood area

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Euclid is at it again

All, especially Euclid Ohio residents:
 *In 2007 Euclid city council went to staggered terms.                       

 *In 2009 they extended their terms to 4 years, before it was have 2 year terms. The 
word did not get out about the issue because of the absence of a local newspaper and the fact that voters did not know exactly what this meant.                                                                                   

 Now this election issues 26 and 27 are and the ballot with confusing wording to some 
who don't know any better.

*Issue 26 would require that if one wishes to pull a petition to remove a official they would have to get 25% of the previous general election voters. Currently it is only 15% needed.

*Issue 27 would require that if a petition is pulled to remove a official a "Declaration of Intent" for the removal will need to be filed and one would only have 45 days to gather signatures. Currently there is no time limit for the gathering of signatures. 

The Charter Review Commission is in charge of the wording of the ballot!!! The Mayor personally hand picks the City Charter and it was proposed by them. A petition was NOT pulled by a resident to have issues 26 and 27 placed on the ballot. This does nothing but 
protect the council members and does nothing for the city's residents. Those 
who vote for this will just be throwing their voting rights away.

Euclid is being over run by socialists and it is becoming a Oligarchy. The residents are trapped in the city. They can not sell their homes due to building regulations and a competing $1 a home HUD program in which the city can snatch up homes for $1.00, fix, sell, and undercut residents trying to sell.
In Euclid VOTE NO! on issues 26 and 27!

 PLEASE pass this on!!!!

"Letting the current Congress make laws is like letting a five year old play with matches in a nitroglycerine factory."

For Life and Liberty,
David Macko
Libertarian Candidate for State Representative, Ohio House District 17