Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Obesity Epidemic. Be informed

Hey Gang,

A friend told me tonight that maybe there really is global warming. And I said Nahhh we just went through one of the coldest winters on record. Its just the age of extremes. Like the obesity epidemic going on while people are starving to death. Its either feast or famine. Which leads me right into my topic.

The Obesity Epidemic.

Well now we have another war, the war on fat. The new battle of the bulge.

Rep. Stephen King of Iowa said the gov now wants to tell people what to eat. The energy bar has about 150 calories. People eat it for the quick energy. The gov wants to cut it down to 90 calories. King went on to say kids won't be satisfied with 90 calories so they will buy two. And instead of 150 calories you now will have 180. Even with chips and Doritos the gov wants them to cut down on calories. How will they do it? By putting a few less chips in a bag. Rep. King, I hear ya loud and clear.

Is this what we want our gov to do? They can't reduce spending but they want to reduce our weight. UGHHHH!

And government always fights itself. Here is a good example. Michelle Obama is trying to do something about obesity and there is Ron Paul trying to legalize pot. Everyone knows you smoke pot, you get the munchies and you get lazy. Maybe he should try to legalize crack, the real diet pill.

Here are some interesting statistics. They say people are the fattest in our Southern states. Well no kidding. Do you feel like exercising when its 98 degrees? And people weigh less in Colorado. Well of course, its higher elevation, the scales work differently.

If only our fearless leader Obama would relax and the let the economy breath maybe jobs would return, people would work again and people would lose weight instead of sitting collecting welfare and eating snacks.

So I bring to you my top ten ways to make people lose weight.

10. Makes forks and spoons smaller.

9. Pass a law that all you can eat buffets serve nothing but salad and granola bars.

8. Continue Obama's energy policy which will make people walk everywhere.

7. Put scales at the check outs of restaurants and grocery stores, it you weigh more than you should you pay a fat tax of 25%

6. Arrest Burger King, Ronald McDonald, Jack in the Box and Wendy and put them in Gitmo.

5. Deport all illegal Mexicans and make lazy Americans cut their own grass.

4. Convince people the less you weigh the more MPG's you will get in your car.

3. Revive the Twiggy craze.

2. Take the Food Network off the air.

And the Number One Way to Make People Lose Weight Is.....

Make sure Obama is a two termer because after 8 years no one will be able to afford to eat.

Carey Masci

signs of the times - indonesia

Hey Gang,

I keep saying it, I think the WHOLE WORLD has gone NUTS!

This is part of a chat with my friend Tri in Indonesia.
Very sad.

Carey Masci: is your country doing ok with the economy

tree: NO ... many graduates who are unemployed, rape, abuse of a child, corruption everywhere .

Carey Masci: really that is horrible

tree: So I Must give thanks to GOD is given a job to me ..

Carey Masci: YES

Carey Masci: are you safe Tree

tree: Dad who raped his own child ......... i think that is CRAZY !!!

Carey Masci: what Dad?

tree: I mean a father who rape his daughter

Carey Masci: do you know the father

tree: I just read from newspaper .. and already many such incidents like that

Is this the beginning of the seals that has been prophesied in the Bible being opened? Or have they already been opened?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Finally some good news and correcting the liberals once again

Finally some good news. Way to go Santorum and Bachman.
Wouldn't that be a sweet ticket - Santorum and Bachman.

The leftist liberal spin monster socialists jumped all over Santorum and Bachman for signing this vow because of language in it that pertained to slavery. They said what is wrong with these two for signing such a bill with a reference to slavery, shame on them. (paraphrased)

This is the paragraph of the marriage vow the screwed up left complained about:

"Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the election of the USA's first African-American President," the vow read.(taken from the NY Post)

Well this is what my research has dug up:

During the days of slavery a black child was more likely to grow up living with both parents than he or she is today.
Andrew J. Cherlin, Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, rev. and enl. ed., (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1992), 110 . See also Herbert G. Gutman, The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom, 1750-1925 (New York: Pantheon, 1976). For a review of this and similar studies see Stanley L. Engerman, "Black Fertility and Family Structure in the U.S. 1880-1940," Journal of Family History 2 (Summer 1977): 177ff.   Cited in The Abolition of Marriage, by Maggie Gallagher  page 117

(taken from

Then I dug this up about Dr. Blackman, who is she? Just look at her photo,

Then I went to this link read her interview.

These are a few lines from it:
Q........ You mentioned slavery--- we've heard individuals talk about the lingering effects of the institution of slavery being one of the causes for family problems in the black community. In his book published by the Harvard University Press, Andrew Cherlin states that, During the days of slavery a black child was more likely to grow up living with both parents than he or she is today..
A. (Dr. Blackman) Absolutely and the data is solid.

So the leftist liberals don't even research what they rant about? Anything a white conservative says or does is automatically wrong! Especially shame on the black liberal I saw foaming at the mouth on CNN complaining about Santorum and Bachman. They are doing nothing but trying to stand up for whats right. Why don't these leftist unGodly people just leave this country instead of spewing their divisive hate? And why doesn't the Christian Conservatives fight back instead of caving in?

In the mean time, lets get behind Santorum and Bachman.
Carey Masci

Monday, July 11, 2011

health care petition news from lake county

Hello Dear Circulators,

Tuesday, accompanied by Connie and three Ashtabula compatriots I went to Columbus to witness the petitions being turned in to the Secretary of State's office. We then joined all participants at a picnic. It was certainly worth attending, but it knocked me off my feet as witnessed by my sleeping the most of the next day (yesterday).

There is so much I could share but I want to be as brief as possible, which actually takes more work than just gabbing on. So I put off this letter until today. Since then much more info has appeared in my Inbox. So I'm getting this out now. Just ask if you have any questions.

Final tally: 546,250 The validity rate of 85% was extremely high as pronounced by someone who checks petition validity for a living.The last I heard Lake County's was 89%. Usual validity rate is 65%. I didn't write the statement he made but it was along the lines of never having seen that high a rate before. I add that it's particularly good because some potential invalids are beyond our control (people move, die, made a mistake, weren't honest, etc.) and we have been doing this for15 months.

I like a quote from Maurice Thompson, our legal eagle. "He credited hard-working volunteers who believe in their freedoms for the high validity rate. 'We’re not paying them in cigarettes or crack-cocaine,' Thompson said."

Now about the paid volunteers. The Ohio Project leadership decided to not take chances and in May hired a professional company to a) check the validity rate and b) commit to 100,000 sigs, They came up with105,000. These were collected in the counties that were doing poorly in numbers (Cuyahoga, Summit, Stark etc.)

While I frowned upon hearing this a few weeks ago, in the end I am glad they made that decision. However all of over 441,000 + sigs, which not only made the needed goal but also gave us a nice cushion, were by volunteers.

That same professional validity checker mentioned above said something (at the picnic I just wasn't in note taking mode) about us being in the top five, in the whole country, to gather that many sigs by an all volunteer force.

However the Ohio Democratic Party has jumped on the paid circulator piece in an attempt to discredit us. Instead of telling you what I think, I'll share parts of some of the emails I've received. (ignore mildly different figures in first one) Pay particular attention to the last one.

"Recently, we’ve blogged about YAL chapters in Ohio helping out with The Ohio Project, which is a grassroots ballot initiative to nullify the federal healthcare mandate in Ohio. 385,000 signatures had to be gathered for the initiative to appear on the ballot this fall. On Thursday, about 550,000 signatures were turned in to the secretary of state (440,000 by the Ohio Project, and another 110,000 by a paid effort, Ohioans for Healthcare Freedom).

Now, this might seem like the end of the story. However, following this event, theOhio Democrat Party sent out a press release addressing the initiative. Usually, I ignore messages sent out by the two parties, but this one was so hideous that I felt it had to be addressed.

The message from Seth Bringman, the ODP’s communication director, is below.

'After over a year of paying petition circulators and collecting a modest amount of signatures, the Tea Party is patting itself on the back today. What the Tea Party won't tell you is that they are fighting against something that was a Republican invention championed by that Party's presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney. Their initiative is a waste of time and taxpayer money, and it doesn't come close to passing constitutional muster.

'We are proud to have been a partner with We Are Ohio, which collected nearly 1.3 million signatures to protect worker rights and worker safety.

'It remains to be seen how many of the Tea Party's signatures are valid, given that they were collected over such a long period of time and so many of the signatures were collected by paid circulators rather than volunteers.'

Let’s go through this message line by line.

After over a year of paying petition circulators and collecting a modest amount of signatures, the Tea Party is patting itself on the back today.

First, no signatures gathered by the Ohio Project were paid for. Second, Ohioans for Healthcare Freedom, which did pay for signatures, was formed in May, not “over a year” ago. As the numbers above showed, the vast majority of signatures were from non-paid circulators.

What the Tea Party won't tell you is that they are fighting against something that was a Republican invention championed by that Party's presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney.

This line makes two mistakes. First, it assumes the Ohio tea party groups and the Republican Party are the same thing, which they are definitely not. Second, it assumes that tea partiers like Mitt Romney. I can honestly say I have never met a Romney supporting tea partier.

Their initiative is a waste of time and taxpayer money, and it doesn't come close to passing constitutional muster.

This statement is so ridiculous it almost makes your head hurt. It asserts that the initiative “doesn’t come close to passing constitutional muster”, but somehow a federal law which mandates citizens to buy a private product does? Where was this concern for constitutionality before? Also, letting Ohioans get the chance to actually vote on this law is “a waste of time”.

"We are proud to have been a partner with We Are Ohio, which collected nearly 1.3 million signatures to protect worker rights and worker safety.

The ODP is part of another ballot initiative this fall to repeal SB5, a law restricting the powers of public unions. However, they leave out that “We Are Ohio” also paid petitioners, and has not disclosed how many of their signatures were from actual volunteers.

"It remains to be seen how many of the Tea Party's signatures are valid, given that they were collected over such a long period of time and so many of the signatures were collected by paid circulators rather than volunteers."

Once again, this line just reiterates their nonsense. Internal audits have shown the Ohio Project signatures to be 80-90% valid, which is well above any estimated validity rate of their own SB5 initiative.

While I shouldn’t be surprised at the near flat-out lies from this statement, I thought it had to be addressed. The more these types of distortions are called out and publicized, the better."


"Not a big deal. It doesn't hurt us, its hurting them. There are a lot of people working this project that are democrats. They see these outright lies from their party leaders and start questioning everything the Party is saying. Keep talking Seth!"
"The campaign arm for us, Ohioans for Healthcare Freedom, raised funds to pay for 105,000 signatures in order to help cover invalid signatures. We aren't out of the woods on the signatures yet until the Sec. of State says we are on the ballot (expected by July 26th). We need to keep getting signatures in July while we wait for the signatures to be counted. If we are short on signatures, we have an additional 10 days after the SoS reports back our numbers to collect more signatures to make up for a deficiency."

"One thing I want everyone to keep in mind is that, yes, the volunteer signatures were consistently validating at percentages in the high 80s. But also understand and keep in mind that the paid signatures have a lower validity rate - around 70%. Our validity will also very likely decrease some once the Boards of Elections (BoEs) validate. Unlike the BoEs, we are unable to check the actual signature in our process, and the BoEs frankly won't do as good of a job as we do when we validate.

Do not expect an overall validity of the high 80s with the combined signatures and BoE validity checking factored in.

While we are all feeling very good about what we've turned in, let's not get too confident until the fat lady sings and we have the final certification from the Sec. of State (SoS). Keep getting signatures. It would be really nice to collect an additional 30,000 signatures across the state this month to help us get a head start, should we somehow be short on signatures when the SoS reports the results. We've come this far ... let's not take our eye off the ball now."

(from Lindy now)

There you have the latest. Thank you for the marvelous work. I hope to have a celebration just for us in the near future. We have done this together, and we will continue together because as referred to above, it ain't over 'til its over.

For life and liberty,

commentary, some new and some a month late

Awww yes isn't it good to live in a country as ours? Emails still keep rolling in about the fake we have in the White House. But that's not the only thing that makes us proud, what about the city in Oregon that decided to cease using the Pledge of Allegiance because it is to divisive and saying we are citizens of the world not just America or how about our wonderful Secretary of State Hitlary petitioning Lady KaKa to perform for a Gay Pride event in Italy or how about Ron Paul joining forces with lovable ever so smart Barney Franks to legalize pot.

With all this going on did you expect America to elect a normal person as pres? Obama was in the right place at the right time. Hillary said it takes a village and I say it takes an asylum as in insane asylum where all of these people should be locked up. But of course that wouldn't be politically correct so lets make them czars.

A few campaign slogans for the 2012 presidency.

Finally there is a choice.
Jon Huntsman
The other Gay friendly Mormon.
What Obama started
Mitt will finish.
Mitt Romney
The white Obama
Dope Smokers for Ron Paul
Its not just a pipe dream.
Sodomites Unite
defeat Santorum
or back to the closet
Bail out the US
Vote anyone but Obama
Ron Paul & Barney Franks in '012
Lets legalize pot and have a gay time together
Remember the good ole days?
Lets reset the clock to pre-'67
Palestinians for Obama
Out of the stone age
Into the stoned age
Ron Paul in '012

Now last months humor. I got busy and never sent this out. But what the heck, its still worth a chuckle even if its stale.

In the NO KIDDING Department

Economic analyst's site the high gas prices as a major reason for the high unemployment numbers and low sales figures. And they went to school to figure this out?

Missing in action.
Has anyone seen Joe Biden? Just wondering.

Tweet tweet
Rep. Weiner's new screen name is Tweety Bird

He now admits it

Rep. Weiner now says yes he sent those photos. But what the heck, whats a little Weiner amongst friends.

They tried this
Cleveland congregations will unite people from churches, synagogues and mosques. Hasn't Israel tried this already? Has it worked there?

Back to school
President Obama's longtime adviser Austan Goolsbee will resign as the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers to return to teaching at the University of Chicago School of Business. Forget about teaching, he needs to enroll as a student. And if his grades are as high as current inflation, he will do just fine.

Hidden and Exposed

Edwards spent close to a million to hide his lover while Weiner just let it hang out.

Some help
Weiner went to Bill Clinton for advice. Slick said What I told Monica was next time just keep your mouth shut.

Weiner a Muslim?

Someone sent me an email stating the Weiner converted to Islam. My question is what way was he facing when he exposed himself?

A few current ones

An Indiana Amish man was convicted of sexting a 13 year old girl. Whats this world coming to? Since when do Amish use phones?

Someone please explain this very important question to me - OK?
Let me see if I understand. Obama will agree to make cuts only if the debt ceiling is raised. Well if cuts are made why does the debt ceiling need to be raised?

And lastly... Always remember you can lead a liberal to a bank but you can't make him save money.

Carey Masci

Will try better to keep current but a late laugh is better than no laugh. Or something like that.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Please make sure you tune in tomorrow July 7Th at 5 pm to 1330 WELW - America News & Views.

Host Dale Fellows and myself Carey Masci ask Representative Ron Young the ins and outs about Senate Bill 5 concerning the public workers unions and collective bargaining.

The three questions I asked were about the police forces, public workers being allowed to strike and since Ohio's population is down can't we reduce the amount of government workers?

Inform yourself as this is a huge battle concerning the unions right now not only in Ohio but all across this nation.

Off air Rep. Ron Young told me Ohio is broke and to reduce the size of government appropriately you would be left with a skeleton crew. SB5 is needed.

You may find it on this UStream link.
Carey Masci