Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fight Back - Let Your Light Shine

DON"T DO IT!!! Stop - think before you follow those wackos that will lead us back into the dark ages, back to a time when EGore's family was still foraging for food in the forests, back before his family became wealthy and bought huge vehicles and jets.
Saturday the 29Th of March, 2008, for those of you who really are in the dark, was..... Earth Hour!
371 cities, towns or local governments from Australia to Canada and even Fiji, Fiji? - I didn't even know they had electricity, were expected to turn off lights on major landmarks and encourage businesses and homeowners to follow, plunging millions of people into darkness to raise awareness about global warming. Are those people wackos?
Lets see oh yeah lets dim the lights in places like Cleveland where its not even safe in most neighborhoods with searchlights as big as a light house. This global warming crapola is making me so frustrated. Have these idiots come to a place called North East Ohio where we are below normal and it's a balmy 23 degrees this spring morning?
I have a magazine from 1950 that declares Global Warming is ending? Its shows a series of photos starting in 1895 to 1950 of this glacier melting in Alaska. It then goes on to proclaim we are now entering a cool down. Global warming started back in 1895? What was the cause back then flatulence from horse drawn carriages? Anyone care to have this article and the cover of the magazine just send me 4 dollars so I can make photo copies and mail it to you. It will prove that you have been duped!
Furthermore.... Do these idiots realize that this will further aggravate global warming? How may you ask by shutting off lights will it cause more global warming? Does any one remember the black outs of 1964 or 2003? You still don't get it do you? Let me explain, when the lights go out there is three things you can do, tell ghost stories, go to sleep, or find a partner and make love! Nine months after those black outs there was a baby boom. And all those babies have either grown up or are going to and they will use more fossil fuel and turn on more lights.
So I say to all my friends lets fight back and enlighten this world. Do your part to stop us from going back to the dark ages, do you part to stop the baby boom in nine months, do your part for all the workers who make light bulbs, save their jobs..... at 9 PM or when you see it gets real dark out turn on all the lights in your house, your car, flash lights anything that illuminates, leave the fridge door open, this is urgent. I myself will be strapping on all the flash lights I can find to myself, turning on my 3 vehicles head lights, I am going to let my light shine!!!
For those of you with Amish neighbors tell them light more candles than usual, light all kerosene's appliances. Do it before the communist take over and make us live in caves.
Join the Charge Of The Light Brigade and do your part!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Politically incorrect but who cares?

Some random political thoughts probably politically incorrect but who cares, I know I don't.

Ode to Craig
Some one mentioned to me at least Spitzer wasn't tapping his foot in the bathroom.... He was alluding to Senator Craig's fiasco.
Immediately I was inspired and knew some where in all of this had to be a poem. Not saying this is my best work but it is a poem.

Foot tapping in the stall of love I thought I found my boy to be
Unfortunately it was a undercover who had a badge and police ID.
Should of called Clinton or Spitzer for their lil black book of sex
Much easier to explain a prostitute to my wife who's now my ex

OK maybe I will stick to my night job.

Spitzers slogan
In the Cleveland area we have an auto dealership called Spitzer, their slogan is: Welcome To Spitzer - Our World Revolves Around You. Maybe the Emperor's Club VIP slogan should be: Welcome Spitzer - Our Call Girls Revolves Around You.
I think I may be in trouble this time but heck I couldn't resist sending it.

Next up
Whats in your water?
The five-month-long inquiry by the AP National Investigative Team found that while water is screened for drugs by some suppliers, they usually don't tell their customers that they have found medication in it, including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones. (from Yahoo news)
To that I say... thank God our water has mood stabilizers in it, otherwise there would be a whole lot of people freaking out about whats in our water.

This should make you think.
Ahh the Irony
Hillary Clinton says she is very much pro Union. But then she is also for illegals and benefits of all kinds for them that take jobs away from Americans. Maybe she should unify her position by having the illegals start a union. This way the illegals can demand even more rights. Hillary will support their cause and say she stands behind them because she is pro-union. And for once, Hillary wouldn't be lieing.
Follow my thinking? Just read it another ten times and you will.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Final Word

Its finally over what I knew way back in May '07 was inevitable, they just had to go through the formality of the election process. McCain is crowned the Republican nominee. Its been a long haul. I was very discouraged by what I sensed and saw coming but when Mike Huckabee gained some recognition and momentum I quickly regrouped and and felt invigorated that just maybe the people would get a chance to pick. It was not meant to be.
I have many articles sitting in my draft folder I never sent out. Maybe in time I will send them out just as a look back to see how wrong or right I was.
Some of what I had sitting in my draft folders were comments from you. I want to give you the opportunity to have your say heard as I am not the only one disillusioned at this time.
So with out further ado here is your thoughts, copied just as your sent them to me. Its a mixed bag but all agree on one thing, we have been let down.

i've been very disappointed in fox news lately, especially yesterday, i have found myself drifting to cnn for my news... because cnn is largely liberal and democrat, they have no problem discussing everything on the conservative side... but its as if mccain bought out fox this experience has reminded me to put my trust in God for the truth, not in the media, even if it's Fox, now let me say this, i don't have a problem with moderation... but moderation and leuk-warmness are two different things when an issue is about right and wrong, there can't be moderation that includes stem-cell research.
Emily in Ca.

I and all our family have been praying for God to work a miracle if that is his will. When I heard this morning that Romney quit I was overjoyed and praised the Lord. Keep praying for our country and that Gods will to be done. It seems to me, as a real political laymen, that Mr. Huckabee has the right message. I hope and pray that many will see that, and that this is truly what the Lord would have for this country.
Rowe in Ca.
PS: Did you read the Transatlantic Agreement I sent?
Yes I read it and have read it the BIBLE. The one money word was prophesized a long long time ago. I am 74 and not afraid for myself but feel like weeping for all those who are younger. I'm afraid the life we have had in the past is over and will never be able to be regained. Keep your eyes on Jesus and thank him constantly for all the good things you have received and for all the blessings he will continue to give.

am quite disgusted right now. I can't believe that McCain is getting as much support that he may be the R nominee!!

This is exactly as I said to some a long time ago…Why is the press building up un-electable candidates for the R nomination…..because they are the most beatable.
The press is now going to turn on McCain…especially the New York and LA Times…which both endorsed McCain.
Shame on all conservatives that got duped by the media…..again.

Mitt folded like a cheap suit and and to add insult to injury..... ENDORSES McCain. What a freaking fool I feel I am. If Huckabee does the dance I am through. Let the GOP die and bring on Hell

am very sick and am taking a ton of meds ..... but I think as soon as I feel better I will become an Independent. Giuliani can kiss my Greek ass. I will not support a party that picks a pig like McCain as their poster child. The line is drawn in the sand. I think they are about to cross it.

I said this early in the campaign……the left wing liberal media is going to build up the “most defeatable” republican candidate.

The NY Times and LA Times have both endorsed John McCain…..and now, the NY Times is exposing the scandal between McCain and female lobbyist in 1999.

Was there sex involved? Who cares. Did she benefit from favors? We’ll see. Is this scandal expose’ being done to damage McCain’s chances?

I told you so.

I'm voting for Huckebee:
I refuse the premise of the liberal media choosing the republican candidate, like McCain.

I just today heard from two conservative Christians from Ohio who are voting for Hillary so Obama doesn’t get the nomination. This is a nightmare. Cindy

And so we will let the dust settle, regroup, lick our wounds, and see where we should go from here. Be back in a day or two with a longer assessment of where I stand and how I see things. Keep the faith and lean on one another.
Always here for you, need to vent just send more of your thoughts and if you like will forward them on for you.

ps: I want to thank all my friends who stuck together, all the hard work from everyone and lastly for those who haven't voted yet make sure you do, you can still vote Huckabee in protest and I am sure there is fine local candidates who need your support.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Let's Not Give Up Hope
Though it seems impossible for Mike Huckabee to garner enough votes to grab the nomination away from McCain just remember miracles can and do happen. But this miracle can only be made possible with your vote. Please consider Mike Huckabee and send a message to the GOP that we want our party back. Forefront in every ones decision should be the issue of morals. If you do the right thing morally all else will follow. We need a social Conservative back at the helm in Washington, we don't need a Conservative Liberal like McCain made slip out during a speech in Texas, we need a true Conservative.
Please don't let the delegate count sway you into following the leader and don't let McCain's large lead discourage you from voting. Vote Mike Huckabee and send a message the Conservative Right is not dead.