Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More on the killer energy saving light bulbs.
I found this clip on You Tube which further talks
about the killer light bulbs. This guy seems to me to
be an average Joe, believable and tells it like it is.
If you don't believe the politicians than maybe some
one like this guy you will. We are confronted daily
but the onslaught of communism hidden under the guise
of globalism. Why have our politicians allowed us to
trade with communist nations is beyond me. Foreign
nations have been dumping on us inferior products for
years but now products that are killing not only us
but our pets. Enough of my ramblings, listen to this
guy and do like he says.... don't buy the products.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Light Bulbs
Daily I get a bit more frustrated, a bit more
disillusioned and a lot more yearning for the old days
when America had common sense and not socialistic
tendencies. Watch this clip on the new light bulbs
and you will understand.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How can McCain win this election??

Now that we know Barack Husein Obama is running against John McCain for the presidency, how can McCain possibly win against such a smooth youthful charismatic opponent? First lets look at how he can't win.

In this age of information people are becoming more informed and are finally catching on to the lies, distortion of facts and unethical nonsense from both parties, Republican and Democrat. People are very tired of being lied to by politicians whether its presidents, governors or congressmen.

So how does Senator McCain lose this coming election? Simple... by lying to us. Lets set the record straight. Senator McCain is not a true Conservative. He had his opportunity to change course and woo the Christian Conservatives during the recent primaries when the Values Voters debate was held but, instead, he didn't attend it. Even more recently he has tried to distance himself from Pastor Rod Parsley and Pastor John Hagee, which doesn't help his stance with the Right. If McCain tries to paint himself as a Conservative to get the true base of the Republican Party out to vote for him as they did for President Bush, he loses the election. We had enough of being used and we will stay home.

So then, how does McCain win this election? By admitting and running as what he is, a moderate. And what is the strength of a moderate? Being able to stand in the middle and bring two opposing sides together. Thats how he needs to run and that is how he can win.

Who will have the biggest say in the outcome of this election? The Conservative Right is very disgruntled for being shunned and because of it, lacks the compassion needed for Senator McCain to win. It is moderate Democrats and Republicans who will decide this election. That is who I am selling McCain to.

Main stream Democrats need to realize that the Democratic party has been hi jacked by Socialists. Its time for them to cross over and support the only choice, John McCain, because what is the option? A one-term US Senator with little experience named Barack Husein Obama, a far leaning liberal socialist.

But, it all starts with Senator McCain standing up and being truthful by saying I am a moderate with many years experience that can and will bring together both sides and unite this country. If McCain chooses the right message and people listen, they will vote for him. Even the Conservative Right might have their enthusiasm stirred up because, again, the alternative is an extreme liberal socialist that has said and promises more taxes and more government for all.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Carey's rental problems with the city of Euclid, Ohio
Please read this and send it on to all your contacts, post it on your blogs, help me get this out as it will benefit you also. I don't particularly care for how it is written as I had little time to edit and change the tone but it is still vitally important to get this out there. Let me explain what is going on.
I received a letter from the city of Euclid, Ohio concerning the two rentals I own. I was completely shocked when I read it. The letter was written on May second, received on May third and their terms were to be met by May sixteenth.
What Euclid wants is $200.00 each property for the initial registration and a renewal fee of $75.00 per year with required annual inspections. How many of you have $400.00 at your disposal to hand out to the city?
I am just infuriated with the city of Euclid at their audacity to make such demands with such a short notice. This is nothing more than them wanting more money to spend as they see fit. You can not justify this request. I pay property tax and income tax and now another fee? All cities, even the council man I met with agreed, have drive by inspections. If a property looks neglected from the outside the property owner can be cited and an inspection may be issued. Not only is annual inspections an invasion of my renters privacy but it gets worse. They also demand social security numbers of my tenants. Friends we need to start fighting back at this kind of bureaucracy. First its rental units then it will be home owners with a fee called a residency permit to be allowed to live in your house.
What is the penalty if I don't meet these demands? A fine of up to $1,000.00 and up to 6 months imprisonment. For what? Its my houses what crime have I committed?
Please read and pass on I am hoping this will get into the right hands and a large case will be brought against this city. And if you have caved in to similar demands shame on you!
Below is the letter I sent to the mayor of Euclid and please also open the enclosed document to read what they sent.

Mayor Cervenik,
This letter is in conclusion to our conversation we had on Monday May 12Th at 4PM.
First I would like to thank you for your prompt call and also for taking the time to look at my properties. As for our conversation I was disappointed that I did not make the most of the opportunity I had. You had made your point and steam rolled right over my situation that still exists, lack of money. Your statements of "we could charge you $800.00" and "pay they don't play games" is not what I expected.
This position I find myself in is new to me. My credit rating is very high and I have always paid my bills on time. I don't believe its impossible to make an exception to help someone who has invested in the city. Someone is in a bind the city should do more than just threaten them with a huge fine and jail time. What is Euclid trying to accomplish if someone doesn't have the money? Force them to sell or go bankrupt? Its a real shame that someone who is self employed running a small business decides to invest in his future by buying houses and the city demands more money above property tax and income tax. As you said according to law you are in your right to do so, but does this still make it right?
This policy should be revisited. There is 10 empty houses on Priday Ave alone. The city of Euclid should be doing all they can to encourage investment. If I would of known of the added rental fee's I would not of purchased my houses here. There is plenty of others who feel the same way. I don't anticipate my situation staying the same. My plans for the future are to buy two more houses. Knowing what I now know unless Euclid changes its policy my next two houses won't be in Euclid.
Think of what I could do with that $400.00 the city is demanding. Make a few necessary improvements, even if its one window or pay for my house insurance just to name a few things. Instead the city takes it.
Your solution of raising the rent is not how I do business. By keeping the rent low I had secured a good tenant for over 9 years that gave me no problems. The government whether local, state or federal can't keep taxing and adding fees then tell the public raise your prices. This is driving down the value of the dollar even further. Is anyone ever ahead with this game?
As for the current situation things have changed. The tenant living in Priday will be leaving in July. He has given me his notice. So I will not register it as a rental. I have about 2 months to decide if I will keep it or sell it. I am pretty sure of one thing as of now it won't be a rental.
You weren't willing to try and help with rental fees but maybe Euclid could help pay my house insurance. I am enclosing it so you know I wasn't playing games. Again its a real shame living in America someone falls on hard times is barely making it and the city government can take it all away.
Carey K. Masci