Thursday, May 26, 2011

LIFE IN EUCLID Friday, writen May 6, 2011 4:16 AM

Finally the people have awoken in Euclid and soundly defeated a school levy. But what does the school board have to say about this... well they will try again in November. And the beat goes on....

Below is taken from Councilman Mary Jo Minariks blog, these are her words:

On Monday May 9th at 6:30pm in Council Chambers, Council will hold an Executive Committee to discuss the current Garbage and Street Lighting Fees along with a couple Charter Amendments. The public is encouraged to show up and voice their opinion.
For background, when Council approved Garbage and Street Lighting Fees (aka taxes) last April, it was for a two year period -2010 and 2011.
Every residence or 'stop' would be charged $9/month for Garbage whether they had one bag or a tree lawn full of bags; whether the house was occupied or not; whether you had a business you could deposit your trash at or not. Seniors who could prove they had incomes of $20,000 or less have a reduced rate of $7/month. Vacant houses can get a 50% reduction. In a nutshell, the program is socialism - oops, I mean egalitarianism at its best.
Those two taxes are about to sunset and the Mayor has submitted legislation to Council to extend the Garbage Tax and the Street Light Tax for five more years.
As the lone Councilperson voting against the Garbage Tax, let me take a few paragraphs to justify my vote. First, to avoid redundancy, I encourage you to read my older posts on the tax Feb 5, 2010 "Trash Talk" and Mar 5, 2010 "Trash Talk Update".
We were told the Garbage Tax was needed to avoid huge layoffs in the Safety Forces. Was it? Garbage fees collected thru November of 2010 came to roughly $1.2million. Interestingly enough in December the Mayor was able to put money into the City's cash reserves. The amount set aside was $1.2million. What a coincidence!
We were told the Street Lighting fees were needed to pay the utility bill. That fee was to be placed on the property tax rolls to be collected in 2011. Against that future collection, the Mayor borrowed $855,000. Now one would think that when that money started rolling in, the Mayor would pay back the $855,000. Not so. The Administration has decided to pay back that loan over time.
An unforeseen side effect to Council's approving these two taxes was rejection of the 2mill sewer levy renewal. This should have been a no brainer for passage. There was No Increase to property taxes and the tax was about $10/year to be used for among other things, snaking residents' clogged sewer lines. Apparently, hell hath no fury as a taxpayer dissed. The voters said NO, leaving the Administration scrambling to figure how to cover that $500,000 or so loss.
The arguments used to twist Council's arm into approving these two taxes were disingenuous at best. It will be interesting to see if Council falls for them again.

hey listen to me

Hey Gang,
I am back on the air, in the air, how ever you prefer to say it. Aren't you excited???

Chairman Fellows asked if I wanted to be on the show NEWS AND VIEWS with Bob Murphy. So of course I said sure.

I have been wanting to get back in the chair since I got a taste of it last spring. The show is short only about a half hour, its prerecorded so no phone calls. But you can hear me at 5PM on 1330 AM - WELW today, Thursday.

I think I did OK. Still have got some street talk in me, but not bad for someone that slept his way through school, umm that didn't sound right. Anyway.... I said a few to many blah blah blahs but getting better. Who knows, maybe another 20 shows people may actually understand me.

So... Tune in, Turn on, or drop dead. Just kidding, couldn't help myself.

Gotta GoGo!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another fire to put out, New State proposals- State control of local governments ( REGIONALISM)

From Dick K.:

If we don't get involved and call your State Senators, State Representatives AND Governor now. One of these days soon we will wake up and say "what happened".

Thursday in the Columbus Dispatch our REPUBLICAN State Auditor Yost is pushing for proposals that would make it easier for municipal corporations, counties and townships to merge. He also feels there are to many counties and overlapping local governments. This is right out of the play book of Dan Troy's (DEMOCRAT) Commission on Local Reform and Collaboration (REGIONALISM).

This is on top of the recently passed HB 153 sponsored by 25 Republicans including Speaker Bachelder. Section 118 is hidden well into the bill. Basically section 118 allows the State to abolish a municipal corporation, county or township after a process, under State supervision, declares a local community under fiscal emergency for at least two years. The court will appoint a receiver and under
court supervision shall wind up the affairs of the municipal corporation, county, or township and dissolve it. The people are left out of this equation.

This bill passed 59 to 40 thanks to our Republican representatives. Representative Ron Young was a YES vote. This is a huge bill with many topics but Section 118 could have been left out and the bill still would have passed 59 to 40. THE GOVERNMENT SECRETLY WON AGAIN. The bill is now in Senate. The fight for our freedoms is up to us .

ALBERT EINSTEIN once said " The world
is a dangerous place, not because of men that do evil, BUT BECAUSE OF THOSE WHO STAND AROUND AND DO NOTHING".

Please do something. Dick K


For those not in Ohio, Yost was pushed to the front over Seth Morgan a Tea Party favorite by the Repub establishment. And now we reap the benefits of Yost winning the election by him not acting in accordance with the principles of the Republican party.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Carey looks at some current events

The gas dilemma.

I finally bought a bigger gas can. I was so tired of running out of gas while doing yard work that I swapped my 1 gal. can for a 5. Unfortunately I can't afford to fill the 5 so I am back to using the 1 gal..

I have been checking local ordinances about owning sheep in the city. Trying to figure out whats cheaper, owning sheep or keeping my lawn mower fueled.

I saw a store ad the another day advertising their gas lawn mowers with LPG. Lawns Per Gallon.

Troubling headlines
Senator Warns Financial Trouble Ahead for U.S., Prepare Now
Is Your Prostate Keeping You Up at Night?

That was the headline and ad on my Yahoo homepage the other day, one on top of the other. I should never of read it before bed. All night I couldn't sleep, wasn't sure if it was because I was worried about the looming financial trouble or if it was my prostrate.

High and Higher
Gov. Johnson of New Mexico said during the first debate two weeks ago that he has climbed most of the highest mountains with a few more to go which he will climb. He is also in favor of legalizing pot. I think his campaign slogan should be - Lets get high together.

A couple of more words on Osama.
A new version of the Jules Verne classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea will be rewritten to fit the times. It will be called 20,000 Muslims Under the Sea.

A strange phenomenon has occurred after Osama was tossed into the sea. Before when you put your ear to a conk shell you could hear the ocean, now when you do it you hear the Muslim Call to Prayer.

And lastly.... Now that Osama is dead I guess you could call him a Has Bin.

The Bad and the Good
The Bad - China has the Blackhawk helicopter that was downed in Pakistan. The Good - You will be able to buy one soon at Walmart.

Carey Masci

Sunday, May 15, 2011

bin ladin and the deep sea

Just about every thing has been written and or said about the tossing of Osama into the sea so I won't analyze what has already been, just a few comments.

I didn't put this in writing but when I heard the news I immediately called my friend Cindy and said this isn't the last you heard about Osama. And sure enough, its raging strong and will be for years, right up there with JFK, Hoffa, Area 51, Obama's origin of birth and all the other conspiracies.

It is still hard to believe that the greatest - the strongest nation on earth and we toss the most wanted fugitive in the world into the sea?? This is beyond bizarre. Someone pinch me, am I dreaming?

I want to make sure I have everything correct so I will ask you.

The Muslims don't mind us killing a murderous Muslim but they care about how the body of this murderous Muslim is laid to rest?
Obama promised to have a transparent government but he won't show us the photos, plus he rids the body into the sea?
OK let me get this straight, we wage war on radical Islam but them we are afraid to let a pastor burn a Koran or release photos of Osama because it would endanger lives. Ummm.... is this showing strength or weakness?
OK let me get this straight, our government won't release the photos because they are to gruesome, but they allow the Jerry Springer show on TV.

This just in - OSAMA IS DEAD but Obama is still in office.

I guess this puts to rest the conspiracy that Osama was in Texas playing golf with George W.

Word has it that since Osama has officially been found, the US will now focus all their attention on locating Obama's real birth certificate. They think it could be in a cave in Afghanistan.

Immediately after Osama was removed from the worlds most wanted number one spot, Michelle Obama lobbied to have Ronald McDonald listed as the new most wanted. After all millions of fat kids are dieing at a young age from obesity.
The state department issued this statement: If your child should happen to see Ronald McDonald be very careful, he is known to make kids crave fast food and could be armed with a Big Mac and a Happy Meal.

Bin Laden was shot in the head during a firefight and then quickly buried at sea. I think we see the making of a new reality show, Fishing for Osama.

Donald Trump is now demanding from Obama to show his real birth certificate and the photos of Osama. Trump said we don't even know if Obama was born in Hawaii or if Osama was killed in Pakistan. For all we know Osama could of been killed in Hawaii and Obama born in Pakistan. Or maybe they are the same person, they are about the same height.

The US-Gov did attach a note to Osama, similar to when you were a kid and placed a note in a bottle and tossed it in the ocean. The tag on Osama read if found please call the White House.

Hollywood is making a sequel to a classic Don Knotts movie. It's called The Incredible Mr. Limpet Meets Osama.

Anyone want to go fishing??

Carey Masci

I will conclude this with words from Ruth in the Philippines and my 12 year old friend Cassie.

I asked Ruth what they thought in the Philippines and she said Some believe others don't, after all seeing is believing.

And Cassie writes:
okay so im sure youve heard about bin ladin or whoever that is right. i have a couple of questions for you soooo here they go,
- did bin ladin really use his wife as a shield, im sure glad im not his wife
- was he going to get a weapon and thats why they killed him right there
- if he didnt go for a weapon would they of just captured him
- did the wife get shot
- who killed him [seals army etc.]
- where was he shot
- were there more people who thought they should of captured then killed him
all of these questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will ALL these questions ever be answered? Maybe when they find the body of Hoffa.

hey moammar want to go cruising

America begins air strikes and Moammar Ghadafi goes cruisin' with his sun roof open.... Details at 11.

What the heck? Did you see that clip of Ghadafi cruising around, sticking out of his sunroof, pumping his fist in the air? WOW! He was acting as if the Browns had just won the Super Bowl.

How different things are compared to when the US had a real president. Under President Reagan, Moammar Ghadafi acted up, Ronny Raygun bombed his palace and killed one of his family members. But under Obama, he orders air strikes, Moammar goes driving around as if its spring break in South Beach. Strange days we live in indeed.

But Obama did allocate millions for boots, tents and essential food items. Oh not for the thousands of homeless in America but for the Libyan Rebels of this non-war war. Who knows, maybe we are using non-bomb bombs. Anything is possible with a Nobel Peace Prize Liberal in charge, especially one that by passes Congress's declaration for war.

Speaking of things that are non non or something like that. How is everyone doing with this non-inflation inflation we are all suffering? I am quite puzzled by it. My house insurance went up but my house value has fallen. Could this be a definition of non-inflation inflation? Or is that deflation inflation?

My house payment went up by $26 per month caused by property tax and insurance increase. To go along with those increases my auto insurance went up by $50 per year. Why? According to the different insurance agents I spoke with it could be lots of reasons. Number one on the list, the rates went up.

I was told by one agent the insurance industry went to the government and they OK'd the increase. Is this state or fed? Was it under Strickland or Kasich? Even though I doubt if it was Kasich.

One lady agent I spoke to got me so upset that I wanted to pull her hair. She said Well they take into consideration many things. One is your credit. I said My rating is 810. After going no where and back she says again well you should start with your credit report. LADY I TOLD YOU I JUST GOT IT BACK AND IT IS 810. I realize that sir but that's where I would start. GOOD BY! Unless she meant what someone makes in a year. So if that's the case, many people right now are making less, should we all expect an increase? How sad is that.

Another said the economy is bad so more people are calling in claims.

And finally one other agent said this wacky statement. Actually the rates have gone down in recent years for auto insurance but if you haven't had an increase the last few years that's why yours went up? Please someone translate for me.

And gas, the sky's the limit it seems. But because of that, one thing gains in value, my vehicles. Every time I fill up, they double in value. Another non-inflation inflation example?  Or is that inflation inflation?

I guess maybe I should go visit Libya. The way Mommar is driving around having a good time it seems like he can afford the gas and the insurance. Hey Mommar what are you doing Friday, want to go cruising and watch the air show?

Carey Masci

Friday, May 06, 2011

Euclid is at it again and again and again

Euclid is at it again and again and again. I know! Lets blame the blacks for all the cities current problems. Why not, Bush gets blamed for all of our nations problems, so lets blame the blacks for all of Euclid's problems.

For those who think the city has problems because blacks moved in you need your head examined. This city has been ill run with too many rules, regulations and high taxes for years and all of those have been abused.

Read these latest doosies.

This link is about the cop who shot himself.
The policeman that shot himself was the same one who was involved with the Ed Gudenas fiasco of the unwarranted house inspections.

But we all know - don't we? - that house inspections are solely for the purpose of maintaining the housing stock, never as an extension of the law or to punish or scare someone who speaks out against the city and mayor. Nahhh, that never happens, right Gudenas.

Ed Gudenas was one of the people who were involved with the recall of Mayor Cervenik. Maybe just a coincidence, huh?

And then there is this lovely bit of news. The latest calls for the building of a new jail in Euclid. Why? Well Euclid is hoping to house more prisoners from the county. The more they house, the more money they bring in. Swell way to raise revenue in the city. Forget about jobs, lets make more arrests and create more jail space. With today's technology, many offenders could be put under house arrest with tracking devices, just one novel idea. But here is some sad news for Euclid. Lake County had to close one of their jails. Why? Because the county couldn't afford to keep it open. Cuyahoga is by far more broke then Lake so where will the funds come from? Well lets see? More taxes and more arrests. Look out people, don't jay walk.

Read this blog from one very very upset Euclid Councilwoman.

In the mean time, lets blame the blacks, OK? Ummm I do hope you know I am being facetious.

Carey Masci

From my friend Joe whom said please do post my words, I don't care who reads it.

You need to read Mary Jo's blogg htpp:// on what city council and the mayor did last night concerning the new Euclid jail plans and spending money on these plans. They would not even make any announcement that this was on this council agenda. trying to keep things quiet again. Please read it pass the word through the grapevine.

Joe Udovic


"Representative Govt At Its Worst"... Last night, City Council voted NOT to let the people voice an opinion. Also, save the date - Tue 4/26 7pm Town Hall discussing Shore

Mary Jo Minarik