Friday, May 06, 2011

Euclid is at it again and again and again

Euclid is at it again and again and again. I know! Lets blame the blacks for all the cities current problems. Why not, Bush gets blamed for all of our nations problems, so lets blame the blacks for all of Euclid's problems.

For those who think the city has problems because blacks moved in you need your head examined. This city has been ill run with too many rules, regulations and high taxes for years and all of those have been abused.

Read these latest doosies.

This link is about the cop who shot himself.
The policeman that shot himself was the same one who was involved with the Ed Gudenas fiasco of the unwarranted house inspections.

But we all know - don't we? - that house inspections are solely for the purpose of maintaining the housing stock, never as an extension of the law or to punish or scare someone who speaks out against the city and mayor. Nahhh, that never happens, right Gudenas.

Ed Gudenas was one of the people who were involved with the recall of Mayor Cervenik. Maybe just a coincidence, huh?

And then there is this lovely bit of news. The latest calls for the building of a new jail in Euclid. Why? Well Euclid is hoping to house more prisoners from the county. The more they house, the more money they bring in. Swell way to raise revenue in the city. Forget about jobs, lets make more arrests and create more jail space. With today's technology, many offenders could be put under house arrest with tracking devices, just one novel idea. But here is some sad news for Euclid. Lake County had to close one of their jails. Why? Because the county couldn't afford to keep it open. Cuyahoga is by far more broke then Lake so where will the funds come from? Well lets see? More taxes and more arrests. Look out people, don't jay walk.

Read this blog from one very very upset Euclid Councilwoman.

In the mean time, lets blame the blacks, OK? Ummm I do hope you know I am being facetious.

Carey Masci

From my friend Joe whom said please do post my words, I don't care who reads it.

You need to read Mary Jo's blogg htpp:// on what city council and the mayor did last night concerning the new Euclid jail plans and spending money on these plans. They would not even make any announcement that this was on this council agenda. trying to keep things quiet again. Please read it pass the word through the grapevine.

Joe Udovic


"Representative Govt At Its Worst"... Last night, City Council voted NOT to let the people voice an opinion. Also, save the date - Tue 4/26 7pm Town Hall discussing Shore

Mary Jo Minarik

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