Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another fire to put out, New State proposals- State control of local governments ( REGIONALISM)

From Dick K.:

If we don't get involved and call your State Senators, State Representatives AND Governor now. One of these days soon we will wake up and say "what happened".

Thursday in the Columbus Dispatch our REPUBLICAN State Auditor Yost is pushing for proposals that would make it easier for municipal corporations, counties and townships to merge. He also feels there are to many counties and overlapping local governments. This is right out of the play book of Dan Troy's (DEMOCRAT) Commission on Local Reform and Collaboration (REGIONALISM).

This is on top of the recently passed HB 153 sponsored by 25 Republicans including Speaker Bachelder. Section 118 is hidden well into the bill. Basically section 118 allows the State to abolish a municipal corporation, county or township after a process, under State supervision, declares a local community under fiscal emergency for at least two years. The court will appoint a receiver and under
court supervision shall wind up the affairs of the municipal corporation, county, or township and dissolve it. The people are left out of this equation.

This bill passed 59 to 40 thanks to our Republican representatives. Representative Ron Young was a YES vote. This is a huge bill with many topics but Section 118 could have been left out and the bill still would have passed 59 to 40. THE GOVERNMENT SECRETLY WON AGAIN. The bill is now in Senate. The fight for our freedoms is up to us .

ALBERT EINSTEIN once said " The world
is a dangerous place, not because of men that do evil, BUT BECAUSE OF THOSE WHO STAND AROUND AND DO NOTHING".

Please do something. Dick K


For those not in Ohio, Yost was pushed to the front over Seth Morgan a Tea Party favorite by the Repub establishment. And now we reap the benefits of Yost winning the election by him not acting in accordance with the principles of the Republican party.

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