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FURTHERMORE - The news letter of America News and Views Feb. 23

America News and Views news letter - FURTHERMORE
There was room in the booth as only Host Bob Murphy and Write In Senatorial Candidate Rusty Bliss were in but that didn’t stop them from filling the airwaves with the truth you need to hear.

Being absent I enjoyed kicking back and listening to the show.  Another side of Capt’ Bliss came out, his personality really shined on this show.  Great guy.
In this letter I am going to give you random things to think about.

Get ready folks these high gases prices are going to be budget busters for all local governments.  There is no way they will be able to balance the books.  So look for these things to happen if gas continues its upward climb. Taxes levies, increase in licenses and permits of all sorts AND be careful where you park and how you drive.  The revenue (police) will be out in force to help bring in much needed funds.  Drive smart and alert.

There is this feel sort of like a feeding frenzy of hungry piranhas.  Everyone needs to stop.  We have to ask ourselves what are we trying to prove?  There are no perfect candidates. Some of the questions I have been fielding about Santorum are things so absurd its ridiculous, such as is he for abortion?  That’s crazy!  Quit listening to the liberal media and Mitt and Ron’s ads.  Do you own research or listen to shows like Bob Murphy’s where you won’t get mislead.

The only candidate I am staunchly against is Mitt.  You can go to numerous web sites and listen to him then and now.  He has switched positions on so many issues where does he stand???  Mitt would be a disaster going up against Mr. GQ who can have poise and debate well.  Not only that but you know darn well it will be brought out front and center Obama’s background is of community service and Romney’s is of Wall Street that caused the problems.  Obama understands your plight Romney has no clue, trust me this is coming.

This is what I wrote in May of 2011 it’s a review of the first GOP debate.
Sometimes you need to use common sense with the Constitution as with all laws and life.  Technically he (Paul) is right but would legalizing drugs help this country?  Would legalizing drugs make crime go down?  Would it lower the number of people who need mental health clinics? Receive welfare?  This is a national issue, not a state issue.  The same with marriage, you cannot allow states to make their own marriage laws.  What happens if two people marry and then move into a state that doesn't recognize it?  This is obviously a national issue.  Ron needs to tone down his freedom a little.  In a free society you have to restrict certain freedoms to ensure that freedom continues.  PERIOD!

So the winner is Senator Rick Santorum. If you asked me what one thing I liked about his message or can I quote him, honestly I can't.  But he said a lot of little things right.  He is morally to the right, which really comes out strong listening to him.  His limited government stance is also a positive.  But the biggest thing going for Santorum is his moral beliefs.  America needs someone right now that knows right from wrong.  I believe Senator Rick Santorum is the man

For this reason I have somewhat soured towards Ron Paul.  His statement of Santorum is a fake in the last debate just struck me as this guy is not prime time ready to represent the US.  If anything look into Santorums morals and characters and the fact he is pro-life that is starting to swing the pendulum towards over turning Roe Vs Wade.  To say fake Paul does not understand what being a Conservative means and he has not looked into the good Santorum has done to push the dialog and country back to the right.  If Paul loses he has no one to blame except himself for taking extreme positions. Plus with all the chaos going on right now, we need someone who is firm and steady in his moral beliefs.  America is eroding fast.

We are down to 4 on the GOP side that’s it.  The media keeps talking about a possible brokered convention where someone else such as Palin could waltz in and grab the nomination if the delegates cannot agree on a choice.  I would be adamantly against such a thing.  I chose my candidate Santorum back in April after reviewing the candidates; it took just a week to do so.  I figured if you couldn’t make up your mind if you are running for the most important position in the world you are not ready to have my vote.  So if someone comes to the convention and says I’M HERE without going through the primary process they ain’t getting my vote - PERIOD.

 Let me throw this in here.  I received a robocall from the Mitt camp blasting Santorum for running ads wooing Democrats to vote for him in Michigan.  Mitt doesn't grasp why.  One reason why I disliked Huntsman so much and really like Santorum is Huntsman was campaigning only in states that viewed him favorable, Santorum's thinking is this I am running to be the president of the United States and will make an effort in all states to win. Whether its a small effort or not he is trying to unify the vote.  And in Michigan where any party can vote in either primary it was wise to reach out to the Democrats.  Mitt is upset because he didn't think of it otherwise he would of.  Thumbs up Santorum.

Finally…  Friends we have to be careful here. The goal of any enemy is confusion.  Once you confuse the people and divide them they are conquered.  So before asking me my opinion on a subject, which I am honored you do so but…, please check the source of where it came first.  If it’s from the left side you are not going to get the truth, that should get you started in the right direction.

Carey Masci
Instead of ending this with a comment as I usually do I will give you a peak into Thursday’s show.
We will be talking about what is going on with our children, the Chardon shooting - the Arizona and Michigan primary was does this mean how important was it – Santorums presidential speech even though he came in second - why didn't Demora defend himself - Obama's move on the insurance business and the big news Santorum coming to Lake County plus what ever other random topic that may come up.
So please tune in we would love to have you drop in and of course please email your comments to:
Your Friend,
 Bob Murphy

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The Greek House meeting review, Udovic - Shannon - Bauman - Lisy - Fiebig

The Greek House Review
I want to thank everyone who attended the meeting at the Greek House in Wickliffe this past Monday February 20.  It was an informative meeting with a lot of back and forth with the speakers. 

Joe Udovic opened the meeting with prayer for unity within our group and our country followed by the Pledge of Allegiance that was started by Jimmy Kelly.

The first order of business was introducing Jimmy Kelly Presidential candidate for 2036.   That made everyone chuckle and applaud him.  But I really do feel he has a future either in politics or public speaking, at 14 he is more than knowledgeable on the issues.

The first speaker of the night was Joe Udovic who spoke on a letter he received at his house. It involved the EPA and the wastewater treatment plant.
Euclid is asking residents to pay an additional 10 dollars per month on a quarterly basis for sewer charges. 2 public meetings have been scheduled Sat Feb 25, 10 am and Thu March 1, 7 pm.  We need to get organized with the Republican Party and Tea Party and take a stand immediately. Residents cannot afford any more fees.

Next to speak was Ellie Shannon.  Ellie informed us of the Personhood amendment for Ohio.  She likes the Heartbeat bill but it doesn’t go far enough.  The Personhood amendment would give a fetus the right to life.  She passed out the petition for us to sign it and encouraged other to help gather signatures to get this on our Ohio ballot.

Pastor Melinda Bauman came up next.   I made everyone laugh when I said Pastor Melinda will give a short 5 minute sermon so you better relax we could be here till midnight.  The title of her message was "The God of America".  It was about the Christian roots and heritage of America.  Pastor Melinda did keep it short because of time constraints so I will have her back to give the full message.  Stay tuned for that I think you would enjoy hearing it.

The main speaker of the night was Ron Lisy who is running for State Central Committeeman.  Ron explained what the position is for.  A State Central Committeeman’s job is to get feedback from fellow Republicans in his district and then go to Columbus to voice those concerns back to the Republican headquarters.  Ron is tired of HUGE amounts of money being spent on beating fellow Republicans when that money can be saved to battle the Democrats in the general election.  He wants to see the party go back to its roots and quit drifting to the left.
  Ron Lisy was a delegate for Mike Huckabee and currently a delegate for Rick Santorum.

Half way through the meeting Dave Fiebig joined us.  I had fun with Dave by introducing him as such…. Our next speaker is Dave Fiebig who is running to be one of Obamas Czars.  Everyone collectively gave a HUHHHHH!!!  I thought it was funny.

Dave Fiebig is campaigning for one of the open spots for Lake County Commissioners.  Dave is a business owner, has served as Willoughby Hills councilman at large since 2008 and is a Lake County Republican Party Precinct Committee member.  He gave a short concise speech of some of the duties commissioner has and some of the needs of Lake County.

In conclusion, it was a successful night, mission accomplished.  Thanks again to those who attended and all the speakers.

                                             Carey Masci

Friday, February 24, 2012

Debate in Arizona more like a rebate I want my time back

I shouldn’t watch these debates they do nothing for me other than raise my blood pressure and create more disdain for this wonderful system of ours that pushes and promotes the candidate the establishment wants.
This last debate was stacked in Romney’s favor.  Through out the night you heard cheers for him while there were plenty of sneers for Santorum.  Arizona leans more towards Mitt so he was more than geared up for the debate but in Ohio and Georgia where he is trailing he pulled out of the debate scheduled there and in turn CNN pulled the plug.  Why, don’t we have three other candidates to appear? 
(Want more proof how they are pulling out all the stops to get Mitt in?  In Maine only 95% of the primary vote is still counted.  Word has it when all is counted and done, Paul will win that state.  They are doing the same shenanigans as in Iowa.  BUT there is also an unholy alliance between Paul and Mitt, have you noticed they don’t attack each other?  Is this why Paul is not making a big deal?  Keep an eye on this!!!)
The winner of the Arizona debate if you were born under a rock, born yesterday or just that afternoon decided to watch something political was Mitt.  But if you have half a knowledge of the past or are even the least bit involved Mitt lied and lied and lied.  I was sickened. 
Newt looked his educated scholarly self, Santorum looked tired but had good moments and Paul his smirk and downing of Santorum is starting to wear thin.
Paul the champion of the Constitution, the pro-American candidate and I believe in God also nominee doesn’t quite get it.  If he were so concerned about the welfare of America why would he introduce legislation with Barney Franks to legalize marijuana?  Why would he want to legalize prostitution?  America is falling into the abyss of has been nations because of lack of morals and Paul’s Libertarian views of if it feels good do it is what got our country into this mess. 
Paul also doesn’t know history.  His beating of the drum that we mind our own business over seas is what gave us WWII.  Maybe he should go live in Israel or a third would country such as Indonesia or the Philippines where the Muslim threat is real.  IF we don’t spread peace or stay the watchdog for our fellow democratic nations who will?  Santorum quoted figures of how small of a percentage the military budget compared to everything else is but Paul keeps pounding that drum.  I use to love Paul but the more I listen to him the more I have realized how sober and a realist I have become.  I don’t smoke dope and I do believe in promoting values, which leads to more freedom. 
Now… Lets put this Specter argument to bed once and for all.  Way before this debate I researched the why would Santorum endorse Specter?  Flip Romney brought this up as a real got you moment and it fizzled.  So here it is again.
Santorum endorsed Specter because Specter was head of the judiciary committee.  An agreement was made if Santorum endorsed Specter, Specter would go along with President Bush Jrs. Supreme Court picks.  Because of this deal we got Samuel Alito and John Roberts appointed to the Supreme Court.  In the end Toomey was elected anyways so in sports terms who wouldn’t make that trade?  Specter is out, we have 2 Conservative lifetime judges and we also have Toomey in the Senate.  I say that’s a deal even Steinbrenner would have made.
But it goes even further, Santorum must be a liberal because he endorsed Specter, Santorum must be for gun control because of his endorsement of Specter and on and on it goes.  All this from one endorsement.  Has this been laid to rest yet or shall I continue?
The only thing I am not happy with is the endorsement of Romney in ’08 Santorum made.  According to Santorum I had to do something, I know McCain and wanted to stop him from grabbing the nomination. It’s a stain Santorum will have to live with.  McCain was a bad choice and so was Mitt, he should have endorsed no one.
In the end WE the informed have to inform the uninformed otherwise these debates and the slanted media will push and shove Romney on us, the I will do more for the Gay agenda than Teddy Kennedy, I am 100% pro-choice, I created Romney-Care, I never voted to raise taxes while Governor but raised fees on everything candidate.  And you know what Mitt as our nominee will get us in the end?  Why another 4 more years of Obama, aren’t you excited?
                            Carey Masci

unholy alliance romney paul - BEWARE!!!

Maybe its time for Carey to unleash the similarities between Paul & Romney.
Keep an eye on this.

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2 for 1 FURTHERMORE - The news letter of America News and Views Feb. 9 & 16

America News and Views news letter - FURTHERMORE
Host Bob Murphy, Liaison for the Tea Party Carey Masci, and our guest Private
Equity Manager Mark Holder were in the booth. The following week Senatorial
Candidate Rusty Bliss and our boss Chairman Fellows joined us for the second
  Chairman Fellows was like a little kid on Christmas morning bursting in brimming with news Santorum is taking off like a rocket and our next president will be at the Lake County Lincoln Day dinner!!!!!!
Since I didn’t get a chance last week to write the newsletter I will combine last weeks show with this weeks.

The show on February 9th we talked about how Santorum did very well in the states with caucuses.  I love the idea of caucuses but Mark Holder is not too fond of them.  He thinks voting is something personal and private and shouldn’t be done in an open forum.  Mark has very valid points and he also stressed that people can be intimidated to vote against their choice.  Again he has very valid points and maybe he is right but I disagreed for this reason. 

 In a caucus setting you can hear pro’s and cons.  Too many times people vote strictly on sound bites or name recognition because they hear the ads without truly knowing the issue or the candidate.  Too prove my point the states Romney won he deluged the airwaves with ads and people voted for him.  In caucus states Santorum supporters showed up and revealed the truth behind those ads and the candidate.

Here’s another example how advertising works and why MILLIONS are spent on campaigns.  I ran
into a friend and told him I became a delegate for Santorum.  He said why, I thought Romney had the
nomination locked up.  Here is a person who votes but does not have the time or passion to research the candidates in full and was buying the lie that the GOP choice was already picked.

Next topic.
The perfect storm broke in favor of Santorum.  The healthcare fight reared its ugly head at
the right time.  People are finally realizing that our government is forcing us to do things against our will and beliefs.  This is more than just a healthcare issue.  Santorum has been talking about this since day one.

Even if Catholic churches are exempt from performing abortions or providing contraception’s they are still upset as their tax dollars as well as ours who are against this will still be funding the plan.  Plain and simple, Obama Care needs to go!

Another thing in favor of Santorum was the unfortunate illness of his daughter Bella.  This
showed the passion and character of the man.  Rick took time out to be with her during a hectic campaign schedule and the media what did they do?  They tried playing it as if Santorum was going home because he was dropping out of the race.  People saw right through this and made them even more upset of the cold callous behavior of the media. 

Compare Santorums actions doing all he can to save his special needs daughter to that of Obama who while as senator was against giving care to infants who survived abortions.  Terrible.

New Strategy
The media is now scrambling to reassess what is happening in the Republican race.  They were heralding Romney the winner, the only one who is electable, the only one who could beat Obama.  Of course we know why they said this.  One of two reasons, Mitt is the establishment pick and or he can’t beat Obama. 
But now with the Santorum surge Lawrence O’Donnell had this to say about Mitt that he is the most liberal Republican candidate while Santorum is the most conservative.  DUH??? No kidding.  He then went on to say this is what he has been waiting for, Obama against Santorum, (OH REALLY) the liberal vs. conservative debate, with Mitt you would only get an empty suit.  And as I have said since April, C-O-N-T-R-A-S-T, CONTRAST!  That’s what you will get with Santorum winning the GOP nomination contrast compared to Obama. 
Bring on the debate, I am excited also.

Something’s to think about
Word has it some factories are returning to the states.  In Governor Kasich’s State of the State address he pointed out a few examples of this.  Obama is touting that he was responsible.  Well something to think about… could it also be the high price of fuel returning these jobs?  It may be cheaper to build it here than built it over seas and ship it in. 

Look for this mini recovery to sputter.  Oil is spiking.  Every time the economy picks up a little bit those whom ever they are push the oil up, then when the economy bottoms, oil backs off.  This
process keeps being repeated but each time when oil drops it’s a little bit higher than the previous mark.  It seems they are determined for us to pay 5 bucks per gallon. 

Look for the contraceptive and abortion to stay part of Obama Care.  The only way to get rid of those two provisions is to totally get rid of the healthcare bill.  Why do I say this?  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or restricting the free exercise thereof.  Well in the past when it was for society’s good congress did interfere with religion, not allowing Mormons more than one wife and in the past courts have ruled you can not deny medical attention to children because
of religious beliefs, just two examples. So if the courts decide that contraception and abortion are for the good of society, they will stay in the healthcare bill. 

Carey Masci
Things are breaking our way.
Conservatism will win out over evil.  I truly believe God is not done with this country but we have to be open to his leading.  We as individuals have to do the right thing and never retreat. 
And Santorum…. Well he could be the Godly leader this nation has been sorely looking for.
Your Friend,
 Bob Murphy

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Santorum needs to read the First Amendment

Santorum needs to read the First Amendment. What part of "no law" does he not understand?

Ron Paul supporter

OK I am confused, what part of pornography is free speech? Body language?
Does free speech cover picture books?
So is it really that bad that Santorum has this stance?

Your thoughts?

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Humor n More FURTHERMORE - The news letter of America News and Views Feb. 2nd

America News and Views news letter - FURTHERMORE
Host Bob Murphy, Liaison for the Tea Party Carey Masci, Senatorial Candidate Rusty Bliss and our guest Private Equity Manager Mark Holder were in the booth.
Make sure you listen to the show.  Bob corrected me and made a really good point about Obama’s ineligibility you need to hear it.

Review of the candidate’s night and then some humor
Immediately after the radio show I headed to a sports bar in Mayfield to represent Santorum in a candidate’s night held by Ralph King and the Cleveland Tea Party.

I knew before I even got there that this would NOT be the atmosphere for an event such as this.  It’s VERY LOUD all the time with 30 TV’s, blaring music and noise from all the patrons makes it very hard to hear just talking to the person next to you.

We finally had it quiet enough to start the event when two young kids decided to play the basketball game.  That was just too funny.

Anyway….  The night was filled with senate candidate after senate candidate speaking followed by a few state rep candidates so there was no time left for the presidential delegates to speak.  Treasurer Josh Mandel did not show and it did not sit well with the Cleveland Tea Party or those who attended.

There were two candidates I liked and I thought did well.  Our own Rusty Bliss laid out his platform and what his main concerns are.  No stumbling, just bam bam bam.  Nice energetic speech that left no questions where he stands. 

The other is Eric LaMont Gregory.  I was impressed with him.  Look up his campaign online and tell me your thoughts. 

As for myself I did manage to briefly say this:
I like to call myself a Libertarian with common sense and to me the candidate that embodies both qualities of a true conservative with some libertarian views is Santorum.  I was cut short not only because of time but also because I said we have to unite because Mitt is a disaster.  The leader of the group is not a Romney fan at all but he did not want the night to go negative to which I apologized.
The one thing I keep hearing over and over and over again is this:
I really do like Santorum but I don’t think he can win.

My reply to that is and has been is:
If everyone would just shut up and quit listening to the media and saying Santorum can’t win and start supporting him he could and would win.
That is the biggest thing hindering Santorum.  The media is portraying him, as he can’t win. 

Politics and sports what a combination
Recently a Cleveland Indians pitcher was arrested for using a false name and identification.
Obama had this to say about it.
Its time I make it known to the American people that I am the real Fausto Camona and Fausto Camona is the real Barack Obama but let me assure you that our birth certificates are valid.

When Fausto Camona was asked why did he do it he said its embarrassing enough playing for the Cleveland Indians did you really think I would use my real name?

What does the White House and the Cleveland Indians have in common?
They both have an impostor.

Obama was asked about the condition of the Gulf States he said I've been golfing a lot lately and I don't see any problem in those states.

Biden is such a socialist.  The VP congratulated California on the Giants making it to the Super Bowl and when he was told the Giants are from New York he said I know I was just trying to spread the victory.

Newt's second wife let loose that Newt wanted an open marriage.   If I were Newt I would of at least denied it and said something witty like I never wanted an open marriage I just wanted to close it.

When Newt was asked if his wife would make a great First Lady he said Sure she makes a great third lady so why not.

It’s better to give or is it?  Mitt Romney has given away millions to charity and Obama has given away millions of your tax dollars.

Ok some of those were old news but they’re still funny, at least I think so.
Carey Masci
We talked about anger on the show well here is a bible verse for you.
 Be angry, and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil an opportunity.
We have to always keep this in mind in our battle, we do not want to become like the opposition we are fighting because then we would be no better.
So lets keep at it trying to restore this country but do it in a righteous manner.
Your Friend,
 Bob Murphy

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