Wednesday, August 31, 2011

America News and Views news letter - FURTHERMORE August 25Th

Host Bob Murphy along with Carey Masci and special guest Rusty Bliss running for US Senate were in the studio on August 25TH. Dale Fellows just returning from his trip to Canada arrived after the show.
Bob had to leave early during the last half and left Carey and Rusty to close out the remaining minutes.


Bob Murphy started things off with humorous headlines about last Tuesdays earthquake. One of the greatest gifts we have from our creator is the ability to laugh even through trying times. It cleanses the soul. Humor is very important in many ways and when done right can highlight shortcomings or wrongs to make a point, especially when it concerns politics.

From there they moved on to one of Carey's biggest concerns, mandatory house inspections.

I received an email after the show that said
Carey instead of harping about mandatory inside house inspections why don't you talk about other important topics.

I replied with this statement:
I take offense to the term harping it makes me wonder if you truly understand what is at stake. I will continue this fight until it is repealed. A mans house is his castle, whether he rents or owns. This is in clear violation of the Constitution. There are not many things in life a person can call his own, two of them are where a person resides and the right to privacy. Please concentrate on this... IF the government on any level can demand entry into ones residence then they can demand anything.

Repeating over and over again about house inspections is no different than Bob constantly bringing up about Obama's ineligibility to be president. Has either one of these issues been resolved? Nope. Then we should continue on talking about them until they are as well as any other serious issue that puts America and our freedom in jeopardy.

Furthermore... Whether I am partially responsible for this I don't know but Euclid is now allowing family members to stay in your house without government interference. One of the problems I had with the city was the warrant they issued to me for having my nephew in my rental. This was back in 2009 and at that time the city said I don't care if its your dad staying in your rental, you did not register it with us. So it appears we are making inroads.

The last ten minutes or so was getting to know Rusty Bliss who is running for US Senate. Rusty said that he is very concerned about his childrens future and America, I had to get involved.

Rusty Bliss writes: It’s always great to visit with Bob on the air because we have a wonderful forum that isn’t held to political correctness and you can tell it like it is. I feel that as a public servant I need to first LISTEN to their constituency, take those concerns and temper them with my own experience and ideas to forge viable legislation that works FOR “The People” and not as a one-way mandate.

I have been a part of the Ohio workforce my entire working life. We need a common sense approach in D.C. that we don't see right now. Wasted spending and loss of principle beliefs.

My approach to revitalizing Ohio industry starts with America’s greatest export, aerospace. The aerospace industry accounts for $51.2 billion to our trade balance, the largest of any manufacturing sector. Last year the industry exported $77.5 billion, providing an important boost to our economy. This industry has deep roots in Ohio.

The future holds incredible promise as I have had several high level meetings with key figures in this industry. We just need leadership and innovative thinking on behalf of Ohio in Washington to help as the catalyst. The aerospace industry is truly one from which the state and country can draw inspiration. It creates jobs, bolsters our competitiveness and improves our balance of trade. Aerospace and defense research and development secures our nation’s future and strengthens the industrial base.

Good news indeed and makes Ohio's future look much brighter.

In closing...
Doing a thirty minute show is very challenging trying to cover everything and it was made even more difficult because I had to leave early. I need to thank Carey for not saying anything that the FCC could of used to banish us off the air. Just kiddin' Carey, you did a fine job. And as for Rusty Bliss, I respect him as a person and even more so as a father. Here is a person running for office for the correct reason, not because he needs a job but because of his concern for his children's future. That’s very admirable. And really, isn't that how our elected officials should be, from our community representing us and because of their concern for America and not because they need a job? Think about it.

Signing off but will be signing on again Thursday, hope you will be joining us.
Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

America News and Views news letter - FURTHERMORE

Host Bob Murphy and Carey Masci were manning the mics on August 18Th as co-host Dale Fellows was up north in Canada and prominent lake county attorney Geoff Weaver could not make it.
While Dale was fishing Bob wasted little time before wading into the murky waters of whats going on locally and nationally, so many issues, so many problems, so much to talk about.


Bob asked Carey what is going on with Euclid you have a problem with them. Carey said Bill O Reily gave a short description of socialism, its when government takes over commerce and property. This is in parallel with the horrible housing policies of Euclid. Socialist policies that make it extremely difficult to sell houses in Euclid. Realtors have been asking Euclid to please ease up.

A new proposal being looked at is even worse then the current rules in place. It has landlords taking classes with the Euclid Police and housing department and EPD maintains contact info. This is not only big government which we are fighting against, this is HUGE government.

Euclid is trying to change results without changing the cause that made the result. Bob understands and says it stems from inept leaders, NO vision. What needs to be done is repealing of the mandatory house inspections which are unconstitutional and put in place a system that is based on laws being violated. If a house is deemed unsafe from the outside or repeated calls to the police or housing dept from neighbors, then you have probable cause to enter.

Bob also made comments on how they have destroyed the real estate market by micromanaging. Its all grinding down, the government has a strangle hold on free enterprise which ties in with Obama.

How did Obama get elected? By anti-American sentiment. People no longer want to work, they want their entitlements, they want the government to take care of them. All anti-American thinking. Bob feels that at least 35% of people living in America are anti American. What this country needs is a strong pro-American leader, someone who makes you feel proud and patriotic.

Carey explained what the straw poll in Iowa showed. The results showed that its not the economy stupid its the morals. Three of the top four spots were won by moral Christian Conservative Candidates and the one that doesn't waiver the most in his message is Rick Santorum. If you want this country to turn around you need a strong moral person as president.

It was an informative 30 minutes that challenged the voting public to get involved. It's up to us to change things.

I don't bash just to bash, I do it to make a point, I do it to inform and educate, I do it because I love this country. I still believe America is the beacon of light to the world. Its up to us to make sure it continually shines.
Your Friend,

Bob Murphy.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

what the canadian said and england

At the vintage RV gathering I attended over the weekend, a couple from Canada were in attendance.

Over dinner the lady from Canada spoke up and said I have news for you, YOU DO NOT NEED A PASSPORT TO ENTER CANADA - I REPEAT YOU DO NOT NEED A PASSPORT but you do need one to reenter the US.

I then spoke up and said you do not need a passport to enter the US if you are Mexican, you just walk over.

The ladies husband chimed in with This has nothing to do with security, this has to do with a oppressive government controlling the people, what is wrong with Americans, why don't they rise up and take their country back.

Friends our Northern Neighbors are watching.
taken from a Yahoo news story about the riots in England:
The riots appeared to have little unifying cause — though some involved claimed to oppose sharp government spending cuts, which will slash welfare payments and cut tens of thousands of public sector jobs through 2015.

Pay close attention to what is happening in Wisconsin. Could the US be next with revolt over government spending cuts like Greece has and England is now experiencing? The Dems have created class warfare and it could get real ugly to the point of a civil war.

I watched the communist Ed Shultz tonight on TV coming live from Wisconsin stirring up the crowd for tomorrows election. It was sickening the signs and the people screaming. Governor Scott Walker is doing all he can to balance the Wisconsin budget and this is what happens? This is scary where this could lead. Freedom of speech is one thing, but when it stirs up the masses to the point of unrest , then the plug should be pulled on Ed Shultz.

United we stand - divided we fall, how close are we to seeing those words come true?

Carey Masci

The TOP 10 REASONS for the falling stock market

Well well well, stocks are falling faster than Obama's approval rating but hey who is really to blame for this?

I have heard many different reasons for the tail spin, including fear, sluggish economy, no jobs and even the Tea Party is to blame - Wow I feel important!

So I want to clear up the confusion and present to you:

The TOP 10 REASONS for the falling stock market according to the Obama administration:

10. It's Bush's fault.

9. It's Bush's fault.

8. It's Bush's fault.

7. It's Bush's fault.

6. It's Bush's fault.

5. It's Bush's fault.

4. It's Bush's fault.

3. It's Bush's fault.

2. It's Bush's fault.

And THE NUMBER ONE REASON for the falling stock market according to the Obama administration is:

                                                        It's Bush's fault!

Carey Masci

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

can you feel the love

this party chair is a real gem.


another moderate step ups and another is off the list

Well Jon Huntsman announced his candidacy and I say NEXT!

He is off my list.

Huntsman had this to say about same sex marriage:
"I don't know that that bans it specifically," Huntsman said. "I think that ultimately could be a court case and that might be adjudicated in court over time if it ever gets to that level. But that wasn't clear." The Republican governor says that while he supports traditional marriage, he also supports same-sex civil unions.

"To my mind, and to the mind of a lot of Utahns, equate to equal rights to all people, and I stand by that and I will continue to stand by that," Huntsman said in his monthly news conference Thursday.

aken from

Another moderate - another talking out of both sides of their mouth and another small step towards social engineering. Gee marriage should be traditional but lets allow civil unions! Excuse me - but what the heck is a civil union? In my book its almost identical to marriage.

Plus he was appointed by Obama to be ambassador to China. Do you remember the last person we elected who was an ambassador to China? One clue - read my lips, no new taxes.

Enough said.
By By Romney and Huntsman the Mormon Debacle Choir has just left the building.

Carey Masci

welcome Fiat

Friends I went back to my archives for this. The reason is because John in Maine just sent me an email about Fiat talking over Chrysler at a billion or more loss to us the taxpayers.

Also please note near the end where I wrote ...Obama puts tighter restrictions on collector cars...

This was before the cash for clunkers which started up in July 2009. Where do tomorrow's classic and collectors cars come from. Usually a clunker someone restores.

Please read this.
written May 20, 2009
I had a hard time titling this article. My choices were "Big government got even bigger", "Hitlers and Obama's vision of a peoples car", "Obama grabs more power".   All three fit.

An article from Yahoo news.

Excerpts from it.
The president’s staff is aiming for Chrysler to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as early as today to pave the way for Fiat to take a 20 percent stake in the Auburn Hills, Michigan-based automaker. If Chrysler has to go through bankruptcy, it won’t take long, Obama said. Is this the role of a president? Why is an American President, have to add the word American because maybe he isn't?, trying to forge an alliance with a foreign company? What happened to the stout little 2.2 Chrysler had, why can't they revive that? Why isn't Obama encouraging ANY American company to step up and supply a small engine, even a company like Harley Davidson? Honda started out as a motor cycle manufacturer.

Chrysler’s best assets would be sold to a new entity that would have an ownership structure similar to that envisioned in an out-of-court deal between the U.S. automaker and Turin, Italy-based Fiat, said the people, who declined to be named because discussions are private. Once again America is getting fleeced. The further weakening of America to bring on the one world government.

Marchionne restored profit at Fiat in 2005 after introducing new models and sharing more components among cars and through cooperative projects with competitors. Fiat has several partnerships including ventures or joint projects with PSA Peugeot SA, Ford Motor Co. and Tata Motors Ltd. Fiat, Ford, Chrysler are are intertwined. Honda engines were put in Saturns. The Chevy HHR is made in Mexico. I could go on and on.

One issue remaining is the U.S. government’s effort to combine Chrysler Financial and GMAC LLC, the lending units affiliated with Chrysler and General Motors Corp. Now the government is attempting to combine GMC with Chrysler after Obama encouraged the merger of Chrysler with Fiat! Can you see where this heading? Will any American company be safe? And still most of you don't believe in the one world government theory.

If thats not enough read these excerpts from the most recent Yahoo news.

President Barack Obama is asking consumers to put their money — up to $1,300 per new vehicle by 2016 — behind his plan for higher efficiency standards for cars and trucks and tougher rules on their greenhouse gas emissions. In return, Obama said Tuesday in unveiling the plan, drivers would make up the higher cost of more fuel-efficient, cleaner vehicles by buying less gas at the pump.

A new peoples car, similar to what Hitler had in mind with the Volkswagen. BUT at least Hitlers vision was for cheap affordable cars.

Carpenters will still haul materials around in pickup trucks, but they will cost more. And so will the services we get from landscapers, plumbers etc... and everything else we buy.

That means cars and trucks on American roads will have to become smaller, lighter and more efficient.

Eric Fedewa, vice president of global powertrain forecasting for the auto consulting firm CSM Worldwide in Northville, Mich., said the changes will make pickup trucks so much more expensive that they will be used almost exclusively for work.

Goodby rv's! Which also means the big pickup trucks that people use to haul or tow everything from boats, atv's, horse trailors, to mention a few, will not exist. What are we suppose to use??

Of course, developing the technology will cost money — billions of dollars — and automakers will pass that on to their customers. Whats in your wallet?

This sentence is very very important, read this carefully!!!
Automakers have said they need stable, relatively high gasoline prices to create a market for electric vehicles. General Motors fears rolling out its rechargeable Chevrolet Volt next year with gas at $2 per gallon. THIS IS ANOTHER REASON WHY GAS IS SOARING AGAIN!!! The government needs to create a need.

I believe with all the new rules and government interference it won't be long before Obama puts tighter restrictions on collector cars which could spell the end of the hobby. Enjoy it while you can.

Carey Masci

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

This is whats wrong with the GOP - they do not police the party

Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson thinks the pledge that an Iowa Christian conservative group is circulating is offensive because it condemn gays, single parents, divorcees, Muslims, women who choose to have abortions “and everyone else who doesn’t fit in a Norman Rockwell painting.”
The Family Leader, a conservative advocacy group led by Sioux City’s Bob Vander Plaats, last week introduced a pledge that calls for fidelity to one’s spouse, vigorous opposition to anything but monogamous one-man/one-woman marriage, a cooling off period for those seeking a fast divorce, earnest legal defense of the Defense of Marriage Act, rejection of Sharia Islam and all other anti-woman forms of totalitarian control, recognition of the benefits of robust childbearing and reproduction, action against any illegal pornography, and protection for women from forced prostitution and forced abortion

taken from

People who have strong moral principles and stand up for what this country was founded on understand the above pledge.  As for Gary Johnson, he should be censored from the Republican Party.

Even here locally with the Lake GOP we have by laws and principles to follow. If we don't make sure they are being followed why have them? Just lets become the party of anything goes.

Carey Masci

Important side notes: Mitt Romney also refused to sign it. Rick Santorum was the first to sign the above pledge as well as Michelle Bachman. And a note to my friends who are now leaning more towards the Libertarian thinking Repubs, is this the kind of person you want as president someone who won't stand up for whats right?