Wednesday, August 10, 2011

another moderate step ups and another is off the list

Well Jon Huntsman announced his candidacy and I say NEXT!

He is off my list.

Huntsman had this to say about same sex marriage:
"I don't know that that bans it specifically," Huntsman said. "I think that ultimately could be a court case and that might be adjudicated in court over time if it ever gets to that level. But that wasn't clear." The Republican governor says that while he supports traditional marriage, he also supports same-sex civil unions.

"To my mind, and to the mind of a lot of Utahns, equate to equal rights to all people, and I stand by that and I will continue to stand by that," Huntsman said in his monthly news conference Thursday.

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Another moderate - another talking out of both sides of their mouth and another small step towards social engineering. Gee marriage should be traditional but lets allow civil unions! Excuse me - but what the heck is a civil union? In my book its almost identical to marriage.

Plus he was appointed by Obama to be ambassador to China. Do you remember the last person we elected who was an ambassador to China? One clue - read my lips, no new taxes.

Enough said.
By By Romney and Huntsman the Mormon Debacle Choir has just left the building.

Carey Masci

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