Friday, January 29, 2010

some current event thoughts - some past event thoughts

Toyota has been known for cars that run and run and run. Lately they have really proven that by building cars that do indeed keep on running and running and running, the gas pedal gets stuck. They first blamed car mats and then driver error. DRIVER ERROR? How do you blame people for sticking gas pedals? You got to have extremely fat feet for that to happen. 2.3 million cars will be recalled and 8 car lines will be shut down until a remedy is found. I have a remedy! Buy American.

President Obama has called for a spending freeze for two years. Isn't that like an alcoholic saying he is going to quit drinking for two years?

I really don't know what made me think of this because I really hate the singing of Bruce Springsteen. But I got to thinking of the irony of his concerts he put on for President Obama. The man who sold millions of copies of "Born in the USA" sang for a president that we really don't know if he was born in the USA.

As the title of this email says these are random thoughts. What I find so extremely crazy about the attempted bombing on Christmas day in Detroit is that Detroit has one of the largest Arab/Muslim settlements. So why would these radical Muslims want to bomb an area that they have settled in? Home sweet home.

The recent Supreme Court ruling has struck down some of the provisions of the McCain-Feingold law in the name of free speech. Now corporations and other groups can spend more money prior to an election.
I still don't understand how spending more money equals free speech.

So you are badly in debt. What you bring in is not nearly enough. You probably won't pay off what you owe. You go to the bank and ask to raise your credit limit? What do you think they will say?
Congress is asking to raise the US debt ceiling beyond 12 trillion dollars. Do understand where I am going with this?


Friday, January 22, 2010

Take a bow but don't relax

Well Brown has won the senate seat as I thought he would. Now lets dice it and slice it a bit.
First I want everyone who has been involved in any tea party event, protest, letter writing campaign to take a bow.. It is this sort of action that is starting to ignite and inform America of what is going on. Without this kind of effort Obama and the Liberal Commies would already have us in lockdown. Thank you. BUT lets not get complacent and think the fight is over. OH NO. This war is ongoing and I feel won't go away. We are in a fight not only for our individual freedom but also for our country. Evil never sleeps.
As much as this was a very important victory we need to keep things in perspective. Please keep in mind the newly elected Senator Brown is more of a moderate. But I guess in a liberal state like Massachusetts and taking over a seat once held by one of the most liberal senators ever it is a step in the right direction. We now need to keep an eye on Brown and make sure he adheres to his campaign promises.
What I am worried about is what happened back in the 90's when the Republicans were gaining in numbers could happen again. Most on the right side thought it was great the suden surge and growth. But it was because of Slick Willy and all his misdeeds that caused politicians to move to the right or join the Republicans back then. They were riding the wave of the populist angst and the disgust of the Conservative right as we are now. And what happened? The Conservative movement that Reagan spawned gave way to moderates. And what did moderates give us? Arlene Specter, John McCain to name just two. So we need to reorganize and as we gain in numbers lets be careful who we allow in. More moderation or pseudo Republicans will doom the momentum the Conservatives are now showing and allow the Left to stay in power or grow even stronger.
So enjoy this victory but lets get back to work!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thoughts about Haiti - written 1-15-10

Funny that Evangelist Pat Robertson said what he did as I was going to write something very similar. For those who missed it Pat said (paraphrased) "Haiti's problems stem from the pact they made with the devil." I myself can believe such a thing could happen.
I would like to see the figures of the worst disasters, manmade or natural, and see how many occured in pagan or unGodly cities and/or nations. We know about the many earth quakes in San Francisco, Katrina in New Orleans, Indonesia and the tsumani, NY and 911 and now Haiti. Makes one wonder. And I keep saying the next inline for something major is Vegas.

Haiti has a population of 9 million.
Though Haiti is heavily Catholic, she still holds onto her pagan beliefs. A large percentage still believe in or practice Voodoo right alongside their Christian faith.

Pres. Obama has pledged 100 million dollars towards the relief effort of Haiti, a figure that will be sure to grow over the year.
What should the US do? Do we send them money? Do we just let them be? The country for so many years has been corrupt. What is the right thing to do?
I am not sure but this I do know. President Obama bailed out the auto and bank industry and is demanding payback or heavy taxes and fines. Now the US is about to help another country. I wasn't all for these bailouts but since we did we should be placing the same payback demands on countries that get aid from us.
Please understand I am all for donating and if you feel like doing it thats great. But this should be an individuals choice, not the role of the government. Especially when we are TRILLIONS in debt.
If I heard correctly this is a figure thats hard to believe. The US has already generated $500 million for Haiti, China $1 million.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Massachusetts Senate Election

Unless you have turned off all media you should be aware of the Senate race in Massachusetts for the seat left vacant by Sen. Ted Kennedy. Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Martha Coakley are in a tight race. BUT did you know that there is a third candidate running? Joe Kennedy, no relationship to the liberal Kennedy clan, The Tea Party Candidate as his website calls him.
Its quite sad that most haven't even heard of him. I watched the debate on C Span and didn't realize Joe was even involved because most of the questions asked were directed at Scott and Martha. When Joe was asked a question it was "Of the two candidates which one do you agree with the most?" What an insult.
Until we can treat a third party candidate with respect and give equal time we are going to get more of the same. I understand you can't give equal time to everyone running, as in California's governors race where you had a prostitute and a naked man amongst others campaigning, BUT in a three person race it can and should be done.
Either way, this does show an anti-Obama and anti-Washington race as its two against one. Republican Scott Brown and Independent Joe Kennedy both oppose the health care and the direction America is heading versus Democrat Martha Coakley who is for health care and the Democratic agenda.
This is a bellwether not only for the upcoming elections in the fall but also Obama's presidency. If Martha wins its all hands on deck and lets push through healthcare and whatever else tax or program President Obama wants. There's no stopping them. If Scott Brown or Joe Kennedy win look out its going to be a stampede from Democrats to distance themselves from Obama so they can stand a chance of being reelected.
In my opinion I believe Scott Brown will win and even though he is more of a moderate Republican, if he does this could be such a strong shot across the bow by taking a seat held for some many years by an extremely liberal Democrat that Republicans could sweep the upcoming elections and make a Obama a one term lame duck president.

Friday, January 15, 2010

IRS to Regulate Tax Prep in 2011

I copied this from my Auctiva account. More ways big daddy government will watch and tax you. I put in bold print a few sentences of importance and in italics are my comments.

IRS to Regulate Tax Prep in 2011
The move dovetails with a new requirement to report online income.

by staff writer - Jan 06, 2010

After conducting several studies to determine whether tax preparers were doing people's taxes properly, the IRS announced Monday it will begin regulating tax preparation next year to ensure taxpayers get adequate service—and don't lose money in fines or overpayments.

Changes will begin in the 2011 tax year. Those who want to prepare taxes for others come tax season will have to pay the IRS a registration fee, pass a competency test and spend at least 15 hours a year learning the latest on tax law. Currently, few states monitor tax preparation and there are no federal requirements to be a tax preparer.

Officials called out the tendency of some preparers to exclude "other income" from their clients' tax returns. That issue will be partially addressed starting this year. Electronic-payment processors such as PayPal and credit card companies will have to report merchant sales if they surpass $20,000 a year, or if a seller receives more than 200 payments in a year. (don't be fooled, its $20,000 now, once they get their hands on it they will lower it each year until even a dollar made will be taxed)

The lack of regulation may be costing taxpayers money every year, as recent studies show. In 2006, Government Accountability Office employees visited 19 tax-prep businesses to get their taxes done. All 19 businesses made mistakes on income-tax returns, and only two "arrived at the correct bottom line," according to reports. In a 2008 test, 17 out of 28 of those tested made mistakes. Officials also said many of the complaints the IRS received in 2008 concerned fines taxpayers were responsible for because of mistakes by tax preparers. So instead of going to a flat tax, a fair tax, or lowering and simplifying they will come up with more rules and regulations and complicate the system even more.

"In most states you need a license to cut someone's hair," IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman says. "Most tax-returns preparers don't have to meet any standards when they sit down and prepare federal tax return for an American taxpayer."

Major tax-prep chains H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt say they support the new regulations, and that their companies' requirements surpass what the federal government will impose. Of course they support it, more money for them. Taxing is big business at the expense of the average person.