Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thoughts about Haiti - written 1-15-10

Funny that Evangelist Pat Robertson said what he did as I was going to write something very similar. For those who missed it Pat said (paraphrased) "Haiti's problems stem from the pact they made with the devil." I myself can believe such a thing could happen.
I would like to see the figures of the worst disasters, manmade or natural, and see how many occured in pagan or unGodly cities and/or nations. We know about the many earth quakes in San Francisco, Katrina in New Orleans, Indonesia and the tsumani, NY and 911 and now Haiti. Makes one wonder. And I keep saying the next inline for something major is Vegas.

Haiti has a population of 9 million.
Though Haiti is heavily Catholic, she still holds onto her pagan beliefs. A large percentage still believe in or practice Voodoo right alongside their Christian faith.

Pres. Obama has pledged 100 million dollars towards the relief effort of Haiti, a figure that will be sure to grow over the year.
What should the US do? Do we send them money? Do we just let them be? The country for so many years has been corrupt. What is the right thing to do?
I am not sure but this I do know. President Obama bailed out the auto and bank industry and is demanding payback or heavy taxes and fines. Now the US is about to help another country. I wasn't all for these bailouts but since we did we should be placing the same payback demands on countries that get aid from us.
Please understand I am all for donating and if you feel like doing it thats great. But this should be an individuals choice, not the role of the government. Especially when we are TRILLIONS in debt.
If I heard correctly this is a figure thats hard to believe. The US has already generated $500 million for Haiti, China $1 million.

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