Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Jew in the Park

I was in North Chagrin Reservation last Sunday looking for a quiet place to grill my supper. I found an area but there was a sign posted at the entrance that said something similar to "Must reserve and have a permit to use", possibly there was even a fine listed. I decided on driving in anyway.

By the shelter was a man. I asked if he reserved it. He replied no. I then asked if he read the warning sign. When I told him what was written
he was a little perturbed. He said what do you mean you need a permit, I pay taxes, our taxes go to this park, how can they say we can't use it, I am staying. I said you know what - I agree with you, I am also staying.

The man had an accent. Anyone I meet with an accent I usually ask where they are from. You can learn so much of the world just by asking. He said I am Jewish, from Israel, been here 35 years.
I told him I have been keeping an eye on what is going on now in Israel. I asked his thoughts. He in turn asked how do you deal with people who hate us, why do they hates us, a hatred so strong they are willing to kill their own children.

He told me of a story of a Palestinian woman who's life was saved by a Jewish doctor. Upon her return visit to the clinic for a check up they found she had grenades strapped to her. She was going to bomb the clinic and the doctor that saved her. That is hatred.

And most people don't know this but many Israeli farmers hire Palestinians, they work hard, they get paid well and then they turn on the land owner and cut off their head. This also happens with other business owners who employ Palestinians. 

I said that's why I am against all aid and money going to any country over there. Egypt, Syria even Israel. If we back off Israel will take care of business. He corrected me and said the aid or any money Israel receives from America returns to America, its well spent, Israel has designed many military defense systems for the US, even the Iron Dome. I wasn't aware of the Iron Dome so researched it:

Iron Dome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Iron Dome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Iron Dome (Hebrew: כִּפַּת בַּרְזֶל, kippat barzel) is a mobile all-weather air defense system[8] developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.[7] The system is des...

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I told the man this is a biblical war, hence good vs. evil, read the bible for understanding and biblical history to find out who's land it really is. He was so close to understanding but in the end fell short in acceptance that this was a biblical war.

I gave him my card telling him to call me. We shook hands and I walked away very enlightened.

 Here is something to think about:
 How many
nations or countries have had their borders changed in the last 300 years? How many nations or countries have just disappeared off the map? Should all nations give land back that they took from other nations? What about America? Should everyone leave and give the land back to Native Americans?

If no, then this should apply to Israel also.
Israel has the land now. They have built it and made the lands fertile. Palestinians need to behave, get away from a religion that preaches death to unbelievers or face the consequences,  Until world leaders understand that Palestinian - Muslim hatred stems from a flawed and evil religion that says death to the infidel -  to all that do not believe like they do, innocent blood will be shed and even our way of life here in America will be undermined and unsure.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sept 16 warning or hoax

  I have been so incredibly busy but this caught my attention so sending it along to you. Give me your thoughts please!

  I was asked by a political acquaintance of what I knew about Sept 16th coming up. He told me to ask my bank. So I did and they laughed and said nothing is up for that day. 

  This is the reply when I told my political acquaintance of what my bank told me.

   Why would they laugh about something this serious and you really
never said anything about what you knew ?

  That's not the reaction I'm getting from other friends. My Navy Buddy from Tennessee approached his wife's cousin who is a VP for a Bank in his city, asked him what he knew about the coming currency changes, his face turned white and he asked my friend how he knew about it and wouldn't talk to him about it.

   I think many people today are in denile about how much our country is changing, many don't want to deal with it. I notice it here locally also as our Bank, a rather large Bank is cutting back to skeleton crews and cutting branches locally. I think the media is giving us fluff news while big changes are ready to hit the American people.                                                                                                                
  I've also approached our Bank and they are hush hush and won't give me a straight answer either.  We shall see.

Is this real or another hoax?  Yes we shall see.
Carey Masci