Thursday, November 29, 2012

Corruption American Style

Corruption American Style
When I went to the Philippines I was greeted in more than one place like this... OH you an American, America much wealth here so much corruption. And I thought to myself in more than one place - If they only knew that I live next to Cuyahoga County one of the most corrupt counties in America.

Word on the Street
I spoke with a man today, whom will remain anonymous, and he said that the crap will hit the fan and soon in Richmond Hts. 1.3 million dollars has not been accounted for and the person in charge of the department where it went missing has stepped down or if I heard correctly resigned and retired early. This happened in a city that is broke and keeps asking for levies, like so many other cities in the Cleveland area.

This same man then went on to say....
I asked a councilman why they don't televise their council meetings. He said we don't like competition, we like to keep things quiet.

If that wasn't enough to make you angry he added this....
Over the holiday weekend I went to a resort, Oglebay, WV and what did I spot in the parking lot? Well 2 Cuyahoga County Service vehicles so I contacted County Exec Ed Fitzgerald to report it. Still haven't heard back from him.

Corruption American Style, gotta love it. And yet what do the people do... feed the fire by passing more and more levies and tax increases.

You want to starve the criminals, quit feeding them.
Carey Masci

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just a theory but am I onto something?

While pundits and the Republican Party scratch their heads still trying to cope and understand the lose to Obama another event was going on that has far more serious implications, even more so than what is currently happening in Israel. It is something we need to keep an eye on.

This event is one more step in the globalization of the world and paving the way for the one world ruler. The gathering took place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is the ASEAN Summit, Association of Southeast Asian Nations. ASEAN has plans to turn this Asian region into one zone.

We already have the EU. World leaders are pushing hard to connect Canada all the way down South America as a free trade zone. The Asians want theirs and the gulf countries are planning their own union. Whats so serious about this? Besides each country no longer being sovereign to do as they please and whats best for their nation it is far easier for a one world ruler to step in and govern 5 or 6 unions or zones than a multitude of countries.

But even beyond that something else bothers me. Before I tell you lets look at a few bible verses.

Ezekiel 15 And thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts, thou, and many people with thee, all of them riding upon horses, a great company, and a mighty army:

16 And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land; it shall be in the latter days, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes.

These verses foretell that in the last days a great battle will take place where MANY nations come against Israel. How does this epic battle tie in with world leaders compacting countries into zones or unions? When the world completes this realignment process all countries will have zones or unions to fit into. All except one. That country will be Israel.

My thinking when this does happen look out because what will the world do with Israel? She will be a problem, looked as a hindrance to world peace and unity. It will be decided – enough! Lets wipe Israel of the face of the earth and be done with this thorn in our side.

The battle will commence, God will intervene and the end will be at hand.

Just my theory but am I onto something?

Carey Masci

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

post election thoughts


If you are a believer its not the end of the world and if you aren't a believer get around someone who is. Maybe some of you may not understand this but if God is not ready to redeem his people just yet then we are in a good position. Allow me to explain.

Obama's victory was not a mandate by any stretch. If anything it was a mandate against him. HUH? With Mitt as the GOP nominee MANY Christian/Conservatives stayed home. If they would of gone out and voted Mitt would of won. By them not voting it sends a signal we do not want mandated healthcare whether from Obama or Romney. We do not want same sex marriage. We expect more from the Republican Party. Those who voted for Mitt it was strictly out of fear of Obama not for the love of Romney. So if you add up the fear voters coupled with the non-voting Christian Conservatives I can guarantee they would be more than the sum of Obama votes.

Now IF God is ready to redeem his people an Obama victory could signal a rapid descent for America. It has to happen if God is to return. America cannot stay strong. It has to be weakened for the globalist movement and one world leader to arrive. So either way its all by design.

Maybe that's a bit to spiritual for some of you. Just ponder it.

Get ready to be blamed. Christian/Conservatives will be blamed and hated for failing to support the Republican nominee Mitt Romney. No matter how you tell people you voted your moral conscience it doesn't matter. All that mattered was defeating Obama. It's going to get very hard real soon trying to do the right thing and stick up for ones beliefs.

Will the Republican Party learn from this? I don't think so. I believe this was all planned? It all comes down to money and lobbyists. And who was the big winner? the health insurance industry. Whether it was Obama or Romney Care we were going to have mandated healthcare with either one of them. That's why both candidates were so much the same, the health insurance business had two horses in the race.

I know I made many enemies this election. I was told that at the Lake GOP Victory Party by a lady. Maybe I was a bit harsh or to much in your face trying to get people to stand up for whats right and steering the Republican Party back to the right. Be mad at me all you want but I held my ground and never waivered in my beliefs. So its up to you to accept me back to work together or continue to divide.

The Republican Party is DONE if they hand us another Dole, McCain or Romney again. The base of the GOP is the Conservative Right and we are getting tired. Keep alienating us as they have and they lose. And if they try to blame us for their election loses we will leave in even bigger numbers. The Republican Party will then lose elections by MILLIONS. They need us to stay competitive and win.

6 BILLION DOLLARS were spent on races throughout America. WOW. Why do people give? If people would do their own research instead of listening to ads some of this would stop. But the fact sadly remains ads work whether selling cola or politicians.  Another thing that needs to be done is limiting money.  Money should ONLY come from voters not pacs, never from outside of our country or the area a candidate or issue is from, and never from corporations. A voter has the right to support a candidate but since the others can't vote why are they allowed to give?

Finally at 2 pm election day I caught a brief interview on one of the cable news shows. I don't recall the reporter but she asked Ron Paul if he was ready to join ranks and endorse and support Romney. Paul said NO, both candidates are the same, the only winner is the status quo, nothing will change who ever wins.


Saturday, November 03, 2012

my article the paper didn't post

During the height of the Vietnam conflict there were many antiwar slogans. One was What if there was a war and nobody came? Well I like to ask What if there was an election and nobody came?

That's exactly how I feel concerning this election. The two top contenders currently running for president are so eerily similar in so many ways why vote? Neither candidate is good for this country and neither one is a true leader. This is very evident by listening to their ads. Ad spending is approaching over a billion dollars but both do nothing but mud sling. A true leader leads and doesn't have to worry about the opposition.

This election really comes down to voting against someone not voting for someone. I myself can't play this game so I researched and found there are other much more qualified candidates running for president that the media doesn't cover. I encourage everyone to do their own research as I have and vote for one of these others.

In protest we should all erect signs in our yards that simply read NO. What does NO mean? Neither One. That's been my slogan since the nomination process ended, NO - Neither One. Because neither one deserves our vote.

Carey Masci

Thursday, November 01, 2012

You couldn't blame Bush so don't blame Obama.

The anti-Obama fervor is so strong that many jump all over what ever he says without reflecting if it's true or not.  For instance when Obama said America is no longer a Christian nation, Christian Republicans were appalled and up in arms. But was Obama wrong?  Not really. Why? This may be the first time that we have 3 candidates who are not Christians. Obama is of Muslim heritage, Mitt is a Mormon and Gary Johnson whom I support but even he is a non believer.  In fact I have more respect for Obama stating America is no longer a Christian nation than Republicans blasting him. Republicans are suppose to be the home of the Christian Conservative Right. I think its hypocritical for them to get mad at Obama while out campaigning for Romney.  So was Obama wrong?

You couldn't blame Bush so don't blame Obama.  Republicans were so upset every time a Democrat or Obama blamed Bush for the economy. It was the start of many jokes blaming Bush for everything.  But now Repubs are no better than the Dems and possibly worse because now they are playing the blame game they hated so much.  Take jobs for example. Whether you want to admit it or not Obama has little to do with a lot of the job mess were are in. Lets face the facts. JC Penney said they may go to self check out counters and get rid of most cashiers. Newsweek is preparing to downsize it's staff because they will discontinue their magazine and go strictly online.

I don't care who is president this is the modern age and MANY MANY jobs will not be coming back because of reasons like above.

You want jobs to return? Next time instead of buying something online go to the store and spend a few dollars more to save a job. Check for made in America labels. You do these few things as a starter jobs will slowly return.

How bad can Obama really be? IF Obama is as bad as everyone say's he is and as the Republicans claim, the establishment GOP would of said sorry Mitt we do not want your money, you are to divisive, our country is at stake. The establishment should of then rallied around someone like Santorum or Paul or any of the other GOP candidates who said right out they would repeal Obama Care. Instead they rally around Romney who started not only the health care mess but also the same sex marriage battle. So blame the establishment for bowing to Mitts money and dividing this country further and for Obama even being in this race when it should of been decided months ago.

Just keep repeating something long enough and everyone adopts it. The argument from most everyone now who is voting for Romney a liberal Mormon is: I am not voting for Mitt Romney as my religious leader. So are these people saying a candidates religious beliefs don't matter? Lets think about this. Mitt if elected will be a leader and he will lead according to his beliefs. How a person acts, thinks, legislates, dresses etc... all comes from ones beliefs. So ANY leader you vote for, you automatically get his beliefs as well as his religious beliefs. How then can one say I am not voting for Mitt to be my religious leader?  You may not look to a president for spiritaul guidance but he will lead as he is convicted.  So religion does matter. 

A vote for Gary Johnson (or anyone else) is a vote for Obama. Do the Democrats say a vote for Jill Stein (or anyone else) is a vote for Mitt? Lets set the record straight. A vote for someone you believe in is a vote for someone you believe in. Can we please stop this nonsense? Vote your moral conscience and don't worry what others say.

Carey Masci