Thursday, November 29, 2012

Corruption American Style

Corruption American Style
When I went to the Philippines I was greeted in more than one place like this... OH you an American, America much wealth here so much corruption. And I thought to myself in more than one place - If they only knew that I live next to Cuyahoga County one of the most corrupt counties in America.

Word on the Street
I spoke with a man today, whom will remain anonymous, and he said that the crap will hit the fan and soon in Richmond Hts. 1.3 million dollars has not been accounted for and the person in charge of the department where it went missing has stepped down or if I heard correctly resigned and retired early. This happened in a city that is broke and keeps asking for levies, like so many other cities in the Cleveland area.

This same man then went on to say....
I asked a councilman why they don't televise their council meetings. He said we don't like competition, we like to keep things quiet.

If that wasn't enough to make you angry he added this....
Over the holiday weekend I went to a resort, Oglebay, WV and what did I spot in the parking lot? Well 2 Cuyahoga County Service vehicles so I contacted County Exec Ed Fitzgerald to report it. Still haven't heard back from him.

Corruption American Style, gotta love it. And yet what do the people do... feed the fire by passing more and more levies and tax increases.

You want to starve the criminals, quit feeding them.
Carey Masci

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