Monday, December 17, 2012

carey's humor from the last month

With the closing of Hostess over 18,000 jobs will be lost and that's not counting the huge number of dentists and heart doctors that will be affected.

Obama said we bailed out the car industry and we should do the same for Hostess. Starting in January every GM car sold will come with a Twinkie in the glove-box.

There's a good chance that Hostess will continue to be made by a Chinese company. As if the snacks weren't unhealthy enough already.

Too bad Hostess didn't hang on a little bit longer though because help is on its way, with all the states making marijuana legal there's going to be a whole lot more people with the munchies.

The first gay mosque will open soon. Instead of praying towards the east they will pray facing San Francisco.

Mitt Romney was seen pumping his own gas. One day the Secret Service the next self service.

They asked Mitt what was he going to do now. He said first we are going to strap the dog to the car's roof and take a family vacation.

The good - Mitt went back to work in the private sector. The bad – Factory workers all across America were worried they could be bought out and shut down.

When Obama was asked what about falling off the fiscal cliff, he said simple we will buy a Chinese made net to catch us.

Carey Masci

Friday, December 14, 2012

Closing the Book

Before closing the book on Romney lets take one last look at how he grabbed the GOP nomination and take a peak at Charles Crist of Florida who is making the news again and hopefully the book will be closed on him also.

Let's jump into it.

While governor, Mitt Romney was appointed chairman of the Republican Governors Association because of his excellent fund raising abilities. As chairman he pushed more money to Iowa, Michigan, and Florida's governors races then other states that needed it.

Back when Mitt allocated these funds they couldn't figure out why were those 3 states getting more money for their governor races because they were already a shoe in to win.

The reason why came to light during Mitt's second presidential run. McCain got in Mitt's way in his first bid but in his second run and all the pieces came together. So why did those three states get the most money?

Iowa is the first primary and Florida and Michigan were instrumental in getting the nomination.

Lets break this down further:
In Iowa, if you remember, it was reported Mitt Romney won the primary where in reality, as we all suspected, Santorum did. Santorum's victory was announced two weeks later. By falsely proclaiming Mitt won this knocked the momentum away from Santorum going into New Hampshire and made Mitt look like the front runner.

Next was the hanky-panky of pushing Florida's primary up from March 6th to January 31st. Florida was leaning heavily towards Mitt. By letting Florida go early in the primary a Mitt victory would help in ensuring him a big early lead.

Then there was Michigan. Another state that was vital in winning the nomination. This should of raised red flags immediately. If Mitt needed an upper hand in gaining a primary victory in his own home state how could he ever beat Obama?

Lastly I brought this up before and it was said locally on air. Mitt Romney was told in 2008 if he backed out of the race and let McCain take it next election was his.

So it comes down to this; if you follow the money trail and the promise made to Mitt it all makes sense how he won the nomination. It didn't matter if Mitt was the most liberal of all the candidates, all the pieces were already in play for him represent the Republican Party. Unfortunately though the GOP put all their eggs in one basket not caring who they stepped on thinking they could win with Mitt. It was a mistake as the party is now in disarray.

Lets hope this is the end of the Mitt Romney chapter of the Republican Party.

One more intersting tidbit about Florida and Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney in 2006 gave 1 million dollars to the Florida Republican Party to get Charles Crist elected governor which Crist did win. But in the long run how did that money spent work out? Republican governor Crist stabbed the GOP in the back. How? Crist jumped ship and not only stumped for Obama but will also seek reelection as Florida's governor but this time running as a... Democrat.

And there you have it.  Now lets close the book, hopefully for good.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Carey's Christmas Commentary

Hey Gang,
Season's Greetings and an early Merry Christmas to you.

Christmas for the longest time has been about selling but the difference with years ago they would hide the products or wrap the products around Christmas. Now it doesn't really matter. It's sales and buy buy buy. Black Friday now Black Thursday right on top of Thanksgiving. No shame in doing this either. Soon there has to be a backlash where people say enough and the whole Christmas season will come crashing down. If you remove Christ and love the season is empty, buying can only fulfill so much and the way the economy is, do we really need to buy gifts for no reason?.

This year friends and I drove down to Akron to check out the Christmas lighting ceremony. I boycotted Cleveland's because the last few times I went I heard the term Winter Fest, which was a joke because it wasn't winter yet, but we never saw or heard anything in the way of Christmas. Holiday, Seasons Greetings all of that but no Christmas. Even the communist party was there handing out flyer's.

So I went to Akron, how was it? Terrible. It was living on its past days. Remember Oneal's Department store? Well you can see their window displays.... Remember this store.... that store..... And the lighting ceremony was terrible. One large tree and it wasn't called a Christmas ceremony but a Holidayfest.

Why America has let the communist win by removing the word Christmas is beyond me. One year all Christians should not buy one gift and then see how the world prays for us to come back to their stores. After all we are not a holiday-ian nation but a Christian nation or are we?

Carey Masci

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Why the Republicans lost

 Some are still questioning why and how did Romney lose? I understand their frustration because how could anyone lose to Obama one of the most if not thee most divisive and controversial of all the presidents who is taking away our rights daily. Sure some are correct when they point out that the Republicans need to woo African American and Latino's. They are also correct saying we need to attract younger voters. But lack of support from these groups is only part of the reason why the Republicans lost the presidential race. The real reasons are never talked about. All of what I have heard so far is on the surface with no one touching the real in depth reasons why Romney lost.

 It seems to me the GOP is more worried about how to sell a bad product rather than improving the product. When you listen to the analysis its all about how to sell or improve the ads to get more people to vote for THEIR candidate. After all how many MILLIONS were spent on advertising? A lot of us have had enough of the mind games and want true leadership not prepackaged Madison Avenue creations, let the process work and let the people choose. If the establishment would bow out a leader would arise, one that has the people and America's best interest at heart.

Here is my list why the Republicans lost.

1. Coke or Pepsi
The biggest reason why the Republicans lost was the lack of contrast between Romney and Obama. Its pretty similar to Coke or Pepsi. One may be sweeter but both are still colas. And so it was with the two main candidates. The Republicans did not pick a candidate that differentiated enough. There may of been subtle differences but in the end it was a color option, do you want the white or black Obama. This is why Mitt never hit back hard enough against Obama, how could he, he was to similar. Many voters sat or voted third party for this reason.

2. Alienating fellow Republicans.
What was the GOP thinking for blackballing Ron Paul supporters? If there was ever a case where all hands on deck were needed this was it. You can not play games with 178 delegates and the people they represented then expect everyone to fall in line and vote for your candidate. The Republicans cut their own throat.

3. Lies.
People are tired of lies. A large percentage of voters are far to educated to be lied to. Putting Mitts face on the Christian voters guide was way over the top. It would have been better to tell the truth that Mitt is not a Christian and far more liberal on most issues than what Conservatives expect but he is better than Obama. If Mitt was portrayed in this light just maybe more Christians would of jumped on board. Forcing a prepackaged lie on people you will always get resistance.

4. Not staying true to its base.
The Republican have one true base, the Christian Conservatives, that's it. This group was largely ignored this election. Also most Republicans are independent thinking, self reliant, strong willed individuals who would rather rely on guns and the bible then vote for a liberal or a RINO that even hints at taking over their rights. The Democrats are different. They have many smaller targeted groups and somehow they all manage to fit in one tent, they are unified. The Dems know how to be faithful to their constituents. Dems promise something for everyone. Gays rights, unions, environmentalists they are all taken care of.

5. Piling on
How much more bad news about Obama does one need? Daily it was piling on to the point even when Obama was right he was wrong, this turned off a lot of voters. Others questioned if Obama is as bad as they say why would the Republicans come up with someone such as Mitt?

6. Buying
Mitt tried to buy the election and Obama bought votes. Romney had excelled at fund raising and tried to use it and his previous position as head of the Republicans Governors Association to buy the election. That's why so many governors backed him. Obama on the other hand bought individual votes by promising more government help. Obama was even credited with the Obama phone which Conservatives hated but lower income loved. The truth is Obama had nothing to do with the phone program but who ever started the rumor that gave him credit for it was brilliant. Vote buying won out over election buying.

7. Fear
A term I coined is “Fear Voters” which at one time I was one also. Both Obama and Mitts campaign were based almost exclusively on FEAR and negative rhetoric. A few of the things Conservatives were worried about were Obama's take over of everything and the collapse of our monetary system. For the Democrats some of their worries were no more government help, return to past days where woman were second class citizens, rich people would kill the middle class. A huge fear that gripped people on both sides was the loss of jobs and not finding work. Mitts record of mergers and buy outs and being a multimillionaire who couldn’t relate to the working class only fed this type of fear. In the end the fear voters in the Democratic party out numbered the ones in the Republican party. I myself like many others had enough of fear voting so voted third party anxiously awaiting 2016 for a true Republican to run.

In another article I will write about the damage this election has done to the GOP. It has divided the party and it could be facing real challenges to regain itself.

                                                         Carey Masci

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Corruption American Style

Corruption American Style
When I went to the Philippines I was greeted in more than one place like this... OH you an American, America much wealth here so much corruption. And I thought to myself in more than one place - If they only knew that I live next to Cuyahoga County one of the most corrupt counties in America.

Word on the Street
I spoke with a man today, whom will remain anonymous, and he said that the crap will hit the fan and soon in Richmond Hts. 1.3 million dollars has not been accounted for and the person in charge of the department where it went missing has stepped down or if I heard correctly resigned and retired early. This happened in a city that is broke and keeps asking for levies, like so many other cities in the Cleveland area.

This same man then went on to say....
I asked a councilman why they don't televise their council meetings. He said we don't like competition, we like to keep things quiet.

If that wasn't enough to make you angry he added this....
Over the holiday weekend I went to a resort, Oglebay, WV and what did I spot in the parking lot? Well 2 Cuyahoga County Service vehicles so I contacted County Exec Ed Fitzgerald to report it. Still haven't heard back from him.

Corruption American Style, gotta love it. And yet what do the people do... feed the fire by passing more and more levies and tax increases.

You want to starve the criminals, quit feeding them.
Carey Masci

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just a theory but am I onto something?

While pundits and the Republican Party scratch their heads still trying to cope and understand the lose to Obama another event was going on that has far more serious implications, even more so than what is currently happening in Israel. It is something we need to keep an eye on.

This event is one more step in the globalization of the world and paving the way for the one world ruler. The gathering took place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is the ASEAN Summit, Association of Southeast Asian Nations. ASEAN has plans to turn this Asian region into one zone.

We already have the EU. World leaders are pushing hard to connect Canada all the way down South America as a free trade zone. The Asians want theirs and the gulf countries are planning their own union. Whats so serious about this? Besides each country no longer being sovereign to do as they please and whats best for their nation it is far easier for a one world ruler to step in and govern 5 or 6 unions or zones than a multitude of countries.

But even beyond that something else bothers me. Before I tell you lets look at a few bible verses.

Ezekiel 15 And thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts, thou, and many people with thee, all of them riding upon horses, a great company, and a mighty army:

16 And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land; it shall be in the latter days, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes.

These verses foretell that in the last days a great battle will take place where MANY nations come against Israel. How does this epic battle tie in with world leaders compacting countries into zones or unions? When the world completes this realignment process all countries will have zones or unions to fit into. All except one. That country will be Israel.

My thinking when this does happen look out because what will the world do with Israel? She will be a problem, looked as a hindrance to world peace and unity. It will be decided – enough! Lets wipe Israel of the face of the earth and be done with this thorn in our side.

The battle will commence, God will intervene and the end will be at hand.

Just my theory but am I onto something?

Carey Masci

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

post election thoughts


If you are a believer its not the end of the world and if you aren't a believer get around someone who is. Maybe some of you may not understand this but if God is not ready to redeem his people just yet then we are in a good position. Allow me to explain.

Obama's victory was not a mandate by any stretch. If anything it was a mandate against him. HUH? With Mitt as the GOP nominee MANY Christian/Conservatives stayed home. If they would of gone out and voted Mitt would of won. By them not voting it sends a signal we do not want mandated healthcare whether from Obama or Romney. We do not want same sex marriage. We expect more from the Republican Party. Those who voted for Mitt it was strictly out of fear of Obama not for the love of Romney. So if you add up the fear voters coupled with the non-voting Christian Conservatives I can guarantee they would be more than the sum of Obama votes.

Now IF God is ready to redeem his people an Obama victory could signal a rapid descent for America. It has to happen if God is to return. America cannot stay strong. It has to be weakened for the globalist movement and one world leader to arrive. So either way its all by design.

Maybe that's a bit to spiritual for some of you. Just ponder it.

Get ready to be blamed. Christian/Conservatives will be blamed and hated for failing to support the Republican nominee Mitt Romney. No matter how you tell people you voted your moral conscience it doesn't matter. All that mattered was defeating Obama. It's going to get very hard real soon trying to do the right thing and stick up for ones beliefs.

Will the Republican Party learn from this? I don't think so. I believe this was all planned? It all comes down to money and lobbyists. And who was the big winner? the health insurance industry. Whether it was Obama or Romney Care we were going to have mandated healthcare with either one of them. That's why both candidates were so much the same, the health insurance business had two horses in the race.

I know I made many enemies this election. I was told that at the Lake GOP Victory Party by a lady. Maybe I was a bit harsh or to much in your face trying to get people to stand up for whats right and steering the Republican Party back to the right. Be mad at me all you want but I held my ground and never waivered in my beliefs. So its up to you to accept me back to work together or continue to divide.

The Republican Party is DONE if they hand us another Dole, McCain or Romney again. The base of the GOP is the Conservative Right and we are getting tired. Keep alienating us as they have and they lose. And if they try to blame us for their election loses we will leave in even bigger numbers. The Republican Party will then lose elections by MILLIONS. They need us to stay competitive and win.

6 BILLION DOLLARS were spent on races throughout America. WOW. Why do people give? If people would do their own research instead of listening to ads some of this would stop. But the fact sadly remains ads work whether selling cola or politicians.  Another thing that needs to be done is limiting money.  Money should ONLY come from voters not pacs, never from outside of our country or the area a candidate or issue is from, and never from corporations. A voter has the right to support a candidate but since the others can't vote why are they allowed to give?

Finally at 2 pm election day I caught a brief interview on one of the cable news shows. I don't recall the reporter but she asked Ron Paul if he was ready to join ranks and endorse and support Romney. Paul said NO, both candidates are the same, the only winner is the status quo, nothing will change who ever wins.


Saturday, November 03, 2012

my article the paper didn't post

During the height of the Vietnam conflict there were many antiwar slogans. One was What if there was a war and nobody came? Well I like to ask What if there was an election and nobody came?

That's exactly how I feel concerning this election. The two top contenders currently running for president are so eerily similar in so many ways why vote? Neither candidate is good for this country and neither one is a true leader. This is very evident by listening to their ads. Ad spending is approaching over a billion dollars but both do nothing but mud sling. A true leader leads and doesn't have to worry about the opposition.

This election really comes down to voting against someone not voting for someone. I myself can't play this game so I researched and found there are other much more qualified candidates running for president that the media doesn't cover. I encourage everyone to do their own research as I have and vote for one of these others.

In protest we should all erect signs in our yards that simply read NO. What does NO mean? Neither One. That's been my slogan since the nomination process ended, NO - Neither One. Because neither one deserves our vote.

Carey Masci

Thursday, November 01, 2012

You couldn't blame Bush so don't blame Obama.

The anti-Obama fervor is so strong that many jump all over what ever he says without reflecting if it's true or not.  For instance when Obama said America is no longer a Christian nation, Christian Republicans were appalled and up in arms. But was Obama wrong?  Not really. Why? This may be the first time that we have 3 candidates who are not Christians. Obama is of Muslim heritage, Mitt is a Mormon and Gary Johnson whom I support but even he is a non believer.  In fact I have more respect for Obama stating America is no longer a Christian nation than Republicans blasting him. Republicans are suppose to be the home of the Christian Conservative Right. I think its hypocritical for them to get mad at Obama while out campaigning for Romney.  So was Obama wrong?

You couldn't blame Bush so don't blame Obama.  Republicans were so upset every time a Democrat or Obama blamed Bush for the economy. It was the start of many jokes blaming Bush for everything.  But now Repubs are no better than the Dems and possibly worse because now they are playing the blame game they hated so much.  Take jobs for example. Whether you want to admit it or not Obama has little to do with a lot of the job mess were are in. Lets face the facts. JC Penney said they may go to self check out counters and get rid of most cashiers. Newsweek is preparing to downsize it's staff because they will discontinue their magazine and go strictly online.

I don't care who is president this is the modern age and MANY MANY jobs will not be coming back because of reasons like above.

You want jobs to return? Next time instead of buying something online go to the store and spend a few dollars more to save a job. Check for made in America labels. You do these few things as a starter jobs will slowly return.

How bad can Obama really be? IF Obama is as bad as everyone say's he is and as the Republicans claim, the establishment GOP would of said sorry Mitt we do not want your money, you are to divisive, our country is at stake. The establishment should of then rallied around someone like Santorum or Paul or any of the other GOP candidates who said right out they would repeal Obama Care. Instead they rally around Romney who started not only the health care mess but also the same sex marriage battle. So blame the establishment for bowing to Mitts money and dividing this country further and for Obama even being in this race when it should of been decided months ago.

Just keep repeating something long enough and everyone adopts it. The argument from most everyone now who is voting for Romney a liberal Mormon is: I am not voting for Mitt Romney as my religious leader. So are these people saying a candidates religious beliefs don't matter? Lets think about this. Mitt if elected will be a leader and he will lead according to his beliefs. How a person acts, thinks, legislates, dresses etc... all comes from ones beliefs. So ANY leader you vote for, you automatically get his beliefs as well as his religious beliefs. How then can one say I am not voting for Mitt to be my religious leader?  You may not look to a president for spiritaul guidance but he will lead as he is convicted.  So religion does matter. 

A vote for Gary Johnson (or anyone else) is a vote for Obama. Do the Democrats say a vote for Jill Stein (or anyone else) is a vote for Mitt? Lets set the record straight. A vote for someone you believe in is a vote for someone you believe in. Can we please stop this nonsense? Vote your moral conscience and don't worry what others say.

Carey Masci

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

endorsement for president


I am a precinct committee member for the Republican Party. This is one of the worse elections I have been through. Before I tell you who I endorse let me tell you who I will not endorse and never vote for.

President Obama will not get my vote or endorsement. If I need to explain why you must of just landed from another planet.

And because I am a Republican precinct committeeman elected to uphold the party platform AND for the dignity of the party I cannot endorse Mitt Romney and encourage everyone not to vote for him. Everything the Republican Party, Tea Party and Christian Conservative Right have been fighting against Mitt is for. Mitt Romney's own words and record have given me the freedom to search for an alternative candidate. I am tired of rhetoric. Tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Tired of being force fed pre-picked candidates. A vote for Mitt would be hypocritical and anyone who does so owes an apology to Democrats, that’s how much Obama and Mitt are alike.

Runner up goes to former Senator and Representative of Virginia Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party. If I vote my moral conscience it would be for Virgil. He is an honorable alternative to the Big Two.

My endorsement goes to...
former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson over Goode because I believe he has the best chance of splitting up the hold the two parties have on America. Johnson has a ground game and and is the best protest vote if you want to be heard. I will be surprised if he doesn't take at least 18% of the vote.

By the numbers and numbers that matter:

Unlike Mitt, Johnson is a REAL job creator. Turned his one person handy man business into a 1,000 employee building company.

Mitt was a one term governor, Johnson a two term governor.

Johnson cut spending in a Democratic state.

Johnson vetoed 750 bills with only two over ridden.

Johnson wants a 43% reduction in federal spending.

Johnson wants to trim the federal budget by 1.4 trillion.

Johnson is for abolishing the IRS.

And the most important what all of the Tea Party's were fighting for, Johnson will repeal Obama Care and that also means NO Romney Care.

Gary Johnson has also mentioned Ron Paul would be his VP pick.

On social issues Gary Johnson is sadly the same as Mitt and Obama BUT I am hoping the Libertarian philosophy comes through that if the people say no to abortion or same sex marriage he will not over ride the will of the people. After all, I repeat, he is the same as the other two but far superior on issues concerning the budget, economy and no Obama or Romney Care.

I encourage you to get involved and spread the word.

Gary Johnson for President

Carey Masci

When will you say you had enough? When its to late???

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On the eve of the third debate of 2012 here is my review of the first two

Presidential Debate: I am one of the few who thought Obama won. He seemed a little annoyed like why am I here debating this guy? If you would say he lost I feel its because Obama took it to lightly. Mitt’s mannerisms were a little to hyped, to rehearsed, not natural compared to Obama who kept his cool and looked forceful and presidential.

  If I wasn’t informed and basing it strictly on a visual performance I say Obama won. BUT since I am quite knowledgeable I just don’t trust either one so no matter what they say I can’t believe it. I wouldn't want either one of them behind me during a bar room fight, neither one would have my back and would probably say anything to save themselves. The only reason I watched this debate was because a friend insisted we watch it to see how many times Mitt said something stupid.  

The VP Debate I like Paul Ryan that’s why I watched this debate and have more of a review. In fact someone asked what my thoughts were of Mitt choosing him. I said I like Paul Ryan so much so that if you could guarantee that Mitt would die in office I would vote for him just so Ryan could take over. Unfortunately Ryan got thumped by Biden in the debate.  

Here are the things that stood out to me, in no particular order here they are:

 The car accident story. What was Ryan thinking about when he brought up the story of a car accident? They have so much prep and rehearsal before a debate that this was just pure boneheadedness. It was supposed to be a warm and fuzzy feel good story of Mitt helping a car accident victim instead it made me feel so sorry for Biden who lost his wife and daughter in a car wreck. The heartlessness of this made my distaste of Romney grow even more.

 47% of people on public dole. That does sound horrible doesn’t it? But Biden explained it quite well and forcefully that not all of the 47% are people who are on government help are leaches.

 Syria. I was always one to support the military and in favor of going after rogue countries that disrupt peace BUT lately because of many reasons I have been rethinking my old thinking. The way Biden spoke about Syria made me ask these questions: How many more countries can we get involved in? Do we start another war? Where will the money and manpower to fight this new front come from? We can’t let these nations continue to hold the world’s peace hostage but do we really want to start another war?

  Embassy attacks and the death of Americans. I am sickened when I think of the inaction of this president. Ryan drove home the point.  

Abortion Ahhh We slide to the left. Pro-life Ryan adopts children umm no I meant to write adopts Mitt’s policy of abortion only in cases of rape, incest and the health and life of the mother. It uncovered Mitt once and for all he is pro-choice. PERIOD!  

In closing. Biden showed up, Ryan was too nice, Biden debated. I like that. Biden debated and hard. He interrupted and he was vocal. These events are nothing more than staged Hollywood productions so it was about time someone tried to at least give a semblance of a real debate and this may be the closest we will ever witness.

Carey Masci

Monday, October 08, 2012


I know we all like to believe in Santa Claus but someone had to tell us he wasn't real.


Romney’s advisers included Harvard University professor John Holdren, now Obama’s top science adviser.

At a 2003 press conference at Pacific Gas and Electric’s power plant in Salem, Massachusetts, Romney publicly promised that he would “enforce without compromise” the emissions regulations. While announcing his decision to deny PGE’s request for more time to comply with the new standards, he attacked the power company for dragging its heels with regards to 310 CMR 7.29: “I will not create jobs or hold jobs that kill people. And that plant kills people.”

2001-3 - PG&E considers shutting Salem Harbor due in part to high cost of cutting emissions. Ultimately, PG&E agrees to upgrade emissions but not before the PG&E National Energy Group subsidiary operating the plant goes bankrupt

The shutdown of Salem Harbor would hit the city of Salem

hard. Last year, the plant, which employs about 145 people,

paid about $4.5 million in taxes, making it the biggest

taxpayer in the city, according to local news reports.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Are bible prophesies being fulfilled?

Not saying we are but could we be witnessing bible prophesies being fulfilled that could lead to the epic battle foretold?

We forget how President Geoerge W. Bush started a lot of this confusion concerning Islam. After W. called out the Axis of Evil he then later went on to say Islam is a religion of peace. This disarmed many Americans. Now we have two presidential contenders who are not loyal to Israel and one has ties to Muslims. 

Its a fact President Obama is a Muslim and has disdain for Israels Prime Minister Netanyahu. While Mitt Romney is a former bishop in the Mormon church.  Mormons believe the return of Jesus Christ will occur in Missouri and Israel has little to do with the coming of Christ. Israel is just not important to either one of these two.

Somehow these current Muslim uprisings as well as the looming problem with Iran will all be spun back on Israel as the root of all evil.  Muslims could demand America to back off of Israel to bring about peace.  If they do we just might have to comply as I do not see how we can even intervene anywhere else or start a new front on this war.  We are just to broke financially and our military man power already at its limit.   And with either of these two current contenders as our leader is another reason why we may just apease them.  IF I am correct and this does happen where we do turn our back on Israel, look out! God will come down on our nation and He will do it harshly.

During this past presidential primary there was only one running who had any true sense of what to do. He was on the Senate armed forces committee and also wrote legistlation called the Iran Freedom Support Act.  That candidate was Rick Santorum.  My mother said it best when he failed. She said did you ever think God doesn't want a Christian to win? Is she right? Are we now about to be judged?

Food for thought.

Puff the Magic Johnson

Puff, the magic Johnson who governed in the west

And frolicked with the GOP until they made a mess
Most of all the voters were tired of this stuff
And brought their poster boards and signs and said we had enough


Puff, the magic Johnson who governed in the west
And frolicked with the GOP until they made a mess
Puff, the magic Johnson who governed in the west
And frolicked with the GOP until they made a mess

Then one cold autumn day they told him he couldn't play
In their meaningless staged debates so Johnson went away
But others they were saddened and did what they could do
They told Johnson they loved him the others were the fools


And frolicked with the GOP until they made a mess
Puff, the magic Johnson who governed in the west dragon
And frolicked with the GOP until they made a mess

Now Johnson he was happy when he heard these very cry's
So Johnson he came back again and said I'll do more than try
I have to win the presidency to save our fabled land
Cause Obama is a socialist and Romney has no plan

Mitts head was bent in sorrow, green backs fell like rain,
I really am a conservative but my governing is a stain
And I'll never win the White House that Johnson is a pain
Obama wasn't worried though he knew he would still reign
But if only I could throw that Joe beneath a speeding train


Puff, the magic Johnson who governed in the west
And frolicked with the GOP until they made a mess
Puff, the magic Johnson who governed in the west dragon
And frolicked with the GOP until they made a mess

Carey K. Masci

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ron Paul in 2016 - Is this Possible?

Did anyone pick up on what Ron Paul said on Jay Leno?

Ron said he would not run third party it is counter productive. He didn't slam the GOP. He was actually quite quiet besides for a few jabs at the establishment. But my ears perked up when he said he is saving his energy for 2016. Huh? 2016!

Is this possible?
Could Ron Paul be joking or was he serious? He would be 80 years old in 2016. It is written old men will dream dreams... Does Paul still have dreams of leading this nation? Does his vision tell him to keep running till he succeeds? There has been plenty of dictators that have run countries will into their 80's so why isn't it possible for Paul to make one more run?

Another possibility.

Did Ron Paul make a deal with the GOP and Romney as the GOP and McCain made one with Romney in 2008? It was reported on air during a local show which I no longer feel comfortable promoting butthe host said when Santorum was in Lake County they had a talk. Santorum said they told Mitt if you drop out and let McCain take this election next one is yours.

Could Paul of made a similar deal? Is that why Rand Paul endorsed Mitt and spoke at the RNC? Is that why Paul bowed out graciously with little fight because he conceded until 2016?

But wait could this also be possible?

Could the GOP and Mitt made this deal because in 8 years Paul would be way to old to run so they had nothing to lose? But is it also possible that Ron Paul ran with this deal because he knows Obama will beat Mitt and in 4 years he will be in the drivers seat as the Republican nominee?

I keep telling everyone let the top spot go and look forward to 2016 and if Paul isn't joking we could have our nominee already. So is all this possible? Maybe.

Carey Masci

Monday, August 27, 2012

Carey's Headlines and More

Women allowed in to Augusta Tiger told to keep his eye on the ball

Romney said no ones asked to see my birth certificate but they have asked to see Mitt's fathers

Lance Armstrong banned for life – Neil Armstrong lost his life

Lance Armstrong stripped for doping – girls strip for dope

Bush blamed for Katrina – Obama blamed for Isaac

Isaac invites himself to the convention – Paul still not allowed

Mitt flips while Obama flops

Isaac dampens Mitts coronation

Samsung copied Apple to the Core

Hey I got my hands on Romney's speech for the RNC. Here's the opening lines:

Hi Florida... I like Florida... Florida has hurricanes... I like hurricanes.
What did the leader of the Sikh Temple say when he saw the gunman?

Signs of the times. Could Punk Rock start the revolution? The shooter of the Sikh Temple massacre played in the far-right punk band "End Apathy". In Russia Pussy Riot rocked Putin and were jailed.
God save the queen we mean it, man. There is no future. No future.

I am the Tea Party – All others stand at the harbor and watch.
Carey Masci

Sunday, August 12, 2012

More Carey Humor

One good thing about this drought we've been in. I saved a lot of money on gas not needing my lawn mower all summer.

What does the weather and the Cleveland Indians have in common? They are both in a drought.

Did you hear that the Olympic committee awarded the Cleveland Indians a honorary gold medal? Yep - for taking the best dive.

What is the main difference between the Cleveland Browns and the Indians? The Browns rebuild at the end of each season and the Indians rebuild every two months during the season.

Last years starting quarterback Colt McCoy of the Browns is now second string. When asked if he was disappointed Colt said Heck no, the Browns just added 20 years to my life.
One more on the Olympics. Brazil should come up with a new abbreviation for their country. Seeing the Brazilian male athlete with BRA on their uniforms is not to manly.

I am not sure whats worse Mitt Romney's commercials complaining how many people are on welfare while Obama's been in office or Obama's commercials talking about how many factories were shut down that put people on welfare while Mitt was with Bain.

I think we should start a huge petition drive and demand from both Obama and Mitt that they get rid of the mud slugging and instead have a mud wrestling match
David Copperfield no longer has the title of best magician. That honor now goes to Obama. I agree, anyone who can make 14 trillion dollars disappear has my vote.

I feel as if I should be dressing up now when I go eat fast food. With the way inflation is it seems that I am eating at an expensive restaurant.

That's it for this round, going to watch the women's volley ball. The Italian women are playing, I am anxious to see if they shaved their legs.

Carey Masci

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Recent News & Sports, Dimora - olympics and more

Recent News
Over 6 billion, yes 6 billion dollars will be spent on political ads this year. And yet it still won't be enough to convince voters Obama is an American and Mitt Romney is a Republican.

The same scenario keeps playing out. Oil prices go up, stocks come tumbling down. Oil prices fall, stocks shoot up. Its kind of like with Obama. Obama plays golf, the economy improves. Obama goes back to work, the economy slows down.

Wow was I saddened by the Cuyahoga County appraisal of my house in Euclid. It plummeted from last year losing half its value. Property taxes though are expected to go up again. If this keep up my taxes will be more than what my house is worth.
Cuyahoga County commissioner Jimmy Dimora is asking friends to donate to a defense fund so that he can appeal the charges. I bet you Dimora wished he would have saved some of that kickback money he spent on prostitutes.

Cuyahoga County commissioner Jimmy Dimora is asking friends to donate to his defense fund. No big news here, aren't all Domcratic fund raising events for some sort of criminal defense?

Charlie Brown and Linus thought they spotted the Great Pumpkin but it was only Dimora in his orange prison jumpsuit.

Cuyahoga County commissioner Jimmy Dimora's guilty conscience is finally starting to get to him. Dimora started yelling in court I HAD NOTHING TO WITH THE OLYMPIC BADMITON PLAYERS THROWING GAMES – I'M INNOCENT, HEAR ME INNOCENT!

Sports talk
I have been watching the Olympics this year more so than in the past. I got interested in women's volley ball. They were giving the statistics for kills and digs. OK I know what a kill is but what is a dig? Is that how many times they have to dig their skimpy bottoms out?

Immediately after the closing ceremony the Chinese players will take express jets back to China. Walmart needs them back at the sweat shops making goods for their store.

Even though times are bad in America it feels so good to see the US athlete compete in the Olympics and just about lead in the record count against China with a population three or 4 times that of the US. Yes it made me feel proud to see the American athlete in all their glory receiving medal after medal in their Chinese made jerseys, sporting made in Japan sunglasses, using equipment made in Mexico. Yes I am proud to be an American.

I was excited to hear the Cleveland Browns were sold. I was depressed when I heard they won't be leaving Cleveland.

The Cleveland Indians were so ecstatic that they celebrated beating the Detroit Tigers and winning the Justin Verlander World Series in July and forgot the season still has over 2 months to go. The Cleveland manager said Hey we beat Verlander, what more do you want, more wins?

                       If my humor is too dry for you, just blame it on the drought.
                                                Carey Masci

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mitt Itch fever

Hey Gang,
 I am sure everyone knows by now that Ted Nugent the Motor City Madman got in trouble for saying We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their (Obama and the Democratic party) heads off in November. To me that’s no news that’s what a Conservative Right Winger is suppose to do, hunt varmints.

Nope the big news was Nugent the guy who bow hunts rhinos and uses a Sherman tank to hunt squirrels came out and endorsed the East Coast Gun Control Mitt. Someone needs to tell Ted that when Mitt says he is for population control he is not talking about thinning a deer herd he is talking about abortion.

 So I decided to help Nugent out here and revamped his song Cat Scratch Fever for him.

I bring to you…..
I Got the Mitt Itch Fever.
 Well I know Mitt ain't no dumdum
 But he sure is to some I'm still voting Romney
 And I don't know what he's thinking
And neither does he

 I got the Mitt itch fever
 Mitt itch fever

The first time that I got it I must have been stoned
 Or I got it from the liberal next door
 I went and saw a head shrink
 And he gave me the score
 Romney's nothing but a bore

But I got the Mitt itch fever
 Mitt itch fever

 He's nothin conservative
 Ain't no Reagan
Always ch-ch-change
You know you got it when you're going insane
 It makes a grown man lyin' lyin'
 He votes just like Ted

 Mitt makes the party curse with
The stroke of his pen
 They know they gettin' more fee’s
And queers know where to go
When they need their lovin man
Standing up for them is Romney

I got the Mitt itch fever
Mitt itch fever

Catchy huh?
Carey Masci

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mitt itch fever

Well I know Mitt ain't no dumdum But he sure is to some I'm still voting Romney And I don't know what he's thinking And neither does he I got the Mitt itch fever Mitt itch fever The first time that I got it I must have been stoned Or got it from the liberal next door I went and saw a head shrink And he gave me the score Romney's nothing but a bore But I got the Mitt itch fever Mitt itch fever He's nothin conservative Ain't no Reagan Always ch-ch-change You know you got it when you're going insane It makes a grown man cryin' cryin' He votes just like Ted Mitt makes the party curse with The stroke of his pen They know they gettin' more fee’s And queers know where to go When they need their lovin man Standing up for them is Romney I got the Mitt itch fever Mitt itch fever

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 6 FURTHERMORE - The news letter of America News and Views

FURTHERMORE –The new letter of America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows

George Zimmerman
Keep an eye on the George Zimmerman case. This could have huge consequences for law enforcement, security, block watch volunteers really anyone who carries a gun. The Leftist Democrats have been waiting to pounce on a tragedy such as this.
They can't take your guns away with out a crisis well they have one and stirred up the masses to support it. If Zimmerman is tried and convicted it will set a precedent to stiffen gun laws and make it almost impossible to defend yourself. It will also embolden criminals or anyone up to mischief.

The Mitt Polka
I don't want Mitt you can have him – He's to fake for me – HEY - He's to fake for me – Hey!   Sorry I had to throw that in.

Has anything really changed
Growing up I wondered what does the bible have to do with modern times, what could we possibly learn from people who lived thousands of years ago? But as I got older I realized that man is basically the same and it doesn't matter what year you were born we all have the same emotions and passions and sins, nothing is new.
Same problems a thousand years ago, same problems 500 years ago, same problems when this country was being founded and the same problems today, man is man and it seems as if we never learn and always repeat our mistakes.
Read this: An old party may have no principles differing from the opposing party, and may said to be “looking for an issue.” “A party may hold together long after it's moral life is extinct.... Parties go on contending because their members have formed habits of joint action, and have contracted hatreds and prejudices, and also because the leaders find advantage in using these habits and playing on these prejudices... The mill has been constructed and its machinery goes on turning even when there is not grist to grind.”
So when do you think this was written? Recently?  Nope, it was written way back in 1922 by Ray P. Orman.

Do you see the connection? Isn’t that where we are today with the two major political parties? Has anything changed? Sure it did for a while but looking where we are at now are the parties really any different? Of course I wouldn’t include groups that spawned off from the major parties like the TEA Party but the establishment on both sides is eerily similar.

There is something else that caught my attention in what Orman wrote “looking for an issue.” And that's why Mitt Romney flip-flops and flounders so much; he is looking for an issue. When you put him next to Obama so many things blur that you wonder if there is a difference? Health Care – nope, abortion – nope, gay rights – nope, religion – nope, environment - nope, so where are they different? That's why Mitt flip-flops he is looking for an issue, what is Mitt’s issue?

Then you have Santorum who has been fighting to get his message out and people are still supporting him. Why? He has an issue, he knows his issue, he has battled his issue, he hasn't wavered on his issue and that issue would be social issues. That's why has hasn't flip flopped he knows who he is and what he stands for, he doesn't have to go looking for an issue and people respect this.

Staying with this same topic lets flash back to the '08 GOP New Hampshire debate
McCain was complaining about the countless attack ads from Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney talking to Mike Huckabee … don’t try to characterize my position on the war… Huckabee - Which one?
Has anything changed? Not really just the date and some of the names.
Carey Masci
What has me worried about this Trayvon/Zimerman story is the frenzy of the media because it is dividing this nation further.  Every time something tragic happens there is the media building up the story and both political parties taking sides without knowing the full story.  America had lynch mob mentality years ago and justice was never served correctly are we heading back to those days?  I pray not. 
Your friend,
Bob Murphy

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Tebow and your words FURTHERMORE - The news letter of America News and Views March 29

FURTHERMORE –The new letter of America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows
The People Speak
These are comments from various people I have met the last few weeks. Everyone had something meaningful to say so much so that I thought it was good enough to pass on.

Dave first time voter

This will be Dave's first election and he's excited. I asked whom he likes and Dave replied I guess Romney but I like Santorum also. I then asked being a younger person I thought you would be in favor of Ron Paul. His reply was Paul believes in things I don't like legalizing drugs we all ready have enough problems in this country with drugs.
A client of my janitorial business who is a Lawyer who has appeared in front of the Supreme Court twice says he thinks the Supreme Court will kick Obama Care down the road because it is not fully implemented. There is not much to vote on yet so they might not rule until 2014.
And I add.... If this is true, Obama Care is here to stay because if a ruling is delayed until it is fully implemented then the argument will be in 2014 it will cost more and do more damage to repeal it.
Robert pro-lifer.
I saw Robert's van parked while I was leaving the bank. I told him I liked his bumper sticker - Abortion Is Not Healthcare. He said thanks I usually get the middle finger. Two days later he recognizes me at O'Reilly's Auto Parts. I asked if he is involved with politics. He said not really mostly on pro-life issues, in fact if the Democratic Party were pro-life I would vote Democrat. I then asked what he would do when Romney gets the nomination. He said it's not over yet, I am a Roman Catholic and our Bishop told the congregation to fast and pray for Santorum.
93 year old Bob
I met Bob at a Wickliffe restaurant. In our 15-minute conversation we talked about everything, his '92 Plymouth Acclaim he still drives, UFO's on to politics, Bob told me he is not into politics, politicians are all the same. It’s getting where you no longer vote for someone but against someone.
Too that I agreed and he left.

Somethings to make you think

Paul Ryan's budget plan passes the House, the following day he endorses Mitt.
The data shows how disillusioned Republican voters are. Less people are voting in the Republican primary than in 2008. The big reason is many are fed up with the way Mitt has been pushed on us and most feel it is inevitable Mitt wins the nomination so why bother to vote. In a year when enthusiasm should be running high the GOP establishment has squelched it by hand picking the primary winner they want but the majority of voters don't.
What to do with Tebow? Get him out of town. And the reason is, his public display of faith. Why else would Denver sign an aging super star with a bad neck? Because they are throwing a bone at Bronco's fans, we got rid of Tebow but look who we got, Payton Manning a hall of famer. IF Manning still had it in his tank the Colts would of paid the money. Let's see what happens with Tebow in NY.
The VP watch.
OK Santorum isn't dead yet and maybe there is a miracle waiting to happen but the murmur and talk is still all about Mitt and who should he pick as his running mate or as I have been putting it who will be Mitt's Sarah Palin. As in the last election with McCain, Conservatives may be voting for VP not president but it still won't be enough.
  Carey Masci
Democracy was on display this past Monday night at the Lake GOP Headquarters.  Best central committee meeting I went to in 35 years.  We got vocal, we exchanged thoughts and arguments, voted down one measure, voted in agreement on another, held group caucuses to elect precinct leaders and voted for Vice Chair. 
I was really elated there was that much life at the meeting.  I would of been worried if the attendees were despondent but that was not the case.  Everyone shared in ideas for the good of the party and our nation.
Here’s a little saying for you – In here we fight, out there we unite. 
It’s OK to argue and discuss as long as when the whistle blows you unite.  It’s no different than a close-knit family and that’s how we are in the Lake County Republicans like a family. 
And for those of you not involved, you really should get involved and become a part of our family.
Your Friend,
Bob Murphy
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trayvon Martin - FURTHERMORE - The news letter of America News and Views March 22

Host Bob Murphy, Our Tea Party Liaison Carey Masci, and Senate Candidate Dave Macko were discussing events and news.
I was asked why a Libertarian in the booth? Well to that I ask is it God, country and then party? If it is then what matters is the person’s stance on issues.
Dave Macko is pro-life, in favor of removing the US from the UN, limiting if not eliminating the EPA, and would love to see Obama impeached, all Conservative stances.
Our country is in trouble and anyone who recognizes this and is in the battle to restore freedoms to our country we should give an ear and listen.

Now to the newsletter:
Trayvon Martin
Racism is alive and well when it should be dead but the blacks and liberals keep fanning the smoldering ashes to bring it back. When I first heard about the murder of Trayvon Martin I didn’t jump to conclusion I needed to know more.  The first thing I did was research the crime statistics for the area where the altercation took place. Researching the crime stats would tell more of the story or fill in some blanks.

 According to Neighborhood Scout ( the city of Sanford has a crime index of 3 – which means the city is safer than 3% of the cities in the US. A score of 100 is safest. A score of 3 wouldn’t make you feel so secure would it?

The specific area where this happened was the gated community of Retreat at Twin Lakes but from another article taken off the web I found this …police had been called to the 260-unit complex 402 times from Jan. 1, 2011 to Feb. 26, 2012. Looking at these stats puts things into a little bit of a different perspective.

I am not giving George Zimmerman the shooter a free pass but the point I am trying to make is the real victims of a killing like this are the people who live in these crime ridden areas that are almost like prisoners and don’t know what else to do.

Until America changes her moral path, addresses poverty, chases out liberal judges who hand out lenient sentences and we end this poor me attitude and place the blame on the criminal not the victim of the crime out of frustration these unfortunate acts and killings will continue to happen.
Is Santorum reading my blogs? Santorum said it would be better to elect Obama instead of Mitt. OK maybe those aren’t his exact words but that’s what’s all over the Internet and it’s just what I have been saying. So let me say it again and again and again – YES – it would be better to elect Obama over Mitt. I don’t know why this is so hard to understand.

Let me try once more.
If Mitt gets elected the issues of Christianity, homosexuality, abortion, mandated government programs are off the table. No more will they be discussed, Republicans will become just like the Democrats. We need to hold the fort and get a true Republican elected.
Gaffs vs. Lies
Let me try it this way.
Gaff – Obama: I have been to 57 states. No rebuttal, no spin, dumb stupid gaff.
Lie - Mitt: I am not for the Blunt amendment. Spin time: I am for the Blunt amendment the question asked was confusing.
Gaff – Obama: Eau Claire is a big important state
Lie – Mitt: we have to speed up the foreclosures so investors can buy. Whoops: Mitt then said government should help banks to keep people in their own homes.
Understand yet? A gaff you don’t have to correct, you laugh and move on, with a lie or when you speak honestly but it doesn’t help your campaign you have to spin and cover up your previous statement. Mitt doesn’t make many gaffs. He is telling you the first time what he wants and intends to do. Mitt is a very moderate to liberal Republican if you can call him one.

Surprised by the poor showing of Ron Paul.
I thought we would see a three way fight between a Conservative (Santorum), Libertarian leaning (Paul) and an establishment (Romney) candidate battle until the end with each hovering above or near the 30% mark.
I know Paul has some unconventional ways and thinking but I thought he would be doing much better. Very surprising. Maybe he will have a late surge, anything is possible.
Carey Masci
I lived through the race riots of the 60’s. It’s a real shame in the year 2012 we are still having race issues but the truth is our country and the world will never eradicate all hatred or predjudism. But what each one of us can do is when a situation like Trayvon Martin happens is let the courts handle it and not jump to conclusions.
We must not allow this to divide America, that’s what the enemy wants, we must not fall for it. And if each one of us would lend a helping hand to those in need and a welcoming smile to everyone we meet America would be a far better place.
That’s how America will stay United.
Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

2 weeks of humor - whoops forgot to post this

Hey Gang here is two weeks of humor, I mean not two weeks worth of reading, I mean two weeks of humor I saved up, I mean you know two weeks of jokes, you know I like my humor, its all the right size. 

Is Mitt worried?  Not at all.  Mitt had this to say.... People are still getting to know me, if I don't get the nomination this year I am confident by the year 2032 I will.  It just takes perseverance.
I have come up with many nicknames suitable for Romney.  The newest stems from all the super pac money he has. Mitts newest name is.... Pac-man.

People thought it was a dumb move to hold a speech for Romney inside such a huge stadium in Detroit that was mostly empty when he talked.  Romney's handlers knew exactly what they were doing, they wanted to make sure they had enough room for Mitt's ego.

Mitt said he was glad to be in Michigan where all the trees are the right size.  Someone told me that has to be code language.  Well I figured it out.  It's socialism talk.  One size fits all.  That's pretty bad when a GOP candidate talks about trees being the right size you would expect that from the Democratic or Green Party.

Newt said you can't mount a gun rack on a Chevy Volt and Obama said but you can mount a stun gun.

Obama recently was singing the blues in the East Room of the White House.  Its the first time he has connected with the voting public who have been singing the blues since he got elected. 

 They keep talking about the bridge to no where, it seems like poor Newt is traveling on it because he is going no where.

Contraception was admitted to the recent transportation bill.  I guess they are trying to prevent accidents.

Mitt once again had to explain his flip flop this time about the Blunt Amendment.  He said...
I got confused when I said I was against when it I am actually for it.   I got confused because I thought the blunt amendment had to do with politicians being blunt, I mean I am all for being honest but not blunt, I mean do we need a blunt amendment, I mean its a good thing to be blunt but not all the time but then I found out it had to do with contraception and then I thought being blunt would be good having to be blunt and telling someone I want sex only, that's a good blunt, I mean I like the blunt amendment I really do, in fact I like amendments in Washington DC they are all the right size.

    Serious though folks I really honestly do feel Mitt would be good for this country.  Both parties would be happy.  The Dems can have him on the odd numbered days and the Repubs can have him on the even number.  There will be no more explaining his flip flops, everyone will be happy.

HEY which side of the bed does Mitt wake up on?    BOTH!!!

                                         Carey Masci

Thursday, March 22, 2012

FURTHERMORE - The news letter of America News and Views March 15

Host Bob Murphy along with Co-Host Chairman Fellows were alone and sparring in the studio on March 15th.
Lets jump right into this weeks news letter.

We have to be careful and better educated if we are to win over Democrats and Liberals. We need to research, learn history and quit running on emotions.

Many of us are very against Obama and his policies and no matter what he does or says he is automatically wrong but what would you say if I said Obama could be right on a few issues, maybe more?

For instance when Obama said drilling for oil won't help (lower the price of gas) most of us thought he was nuts. But guess what, he may be right.

The US currently has a record number of drills working, either for oil or the recent discoveries of natural gas (LNG). The companies drilling for oil are in trouble because of the recent finds has driven the price down. In steps China. China needs oil and LNG. And guess what? They have the money to buy buy buy and are willing to pay more. So if you are a US energy company where prices have fallen flat and you have another country willing to pay more what would you do?

If China does start purchasing from the US that will make China compete against us for our own natural resource and prices will go UP. In Texas China has invested billions and formed a partnership with Chesapeake Energy Corp and they own one of a third stake in another US company Devon Energy.

So you can drill for oil all you want but that won't lower the price not when China is willing to pay and invest.

Obama part 2.
The recent Arizona immigration bill was deemed unconstitutional by the Obama administration. Again the people were up in arms. But was Obama right?

According to a book I am reading American Government In 1921 by Frank Magruder Ph. D. c. 1921 it says on page 210:

In 1914 Arizona provided that any company or individual that employs more than 5 persons must employ not less than 80% qualified voters or native born citizens of the US. This law was declared unconstitutional because of its enforcement would have discriminated against aliens and thus would have deprived them of the equal protection of the State's laws.

YES I understand today’s immigration law from Arizona is different and maybe the key word is illegal alien rather than just alien (or are they the same?) but there are precedents and these previous rulings that were declared unconstitutional towards aliens which we did nothing about has set the stage for our current problems that have opened the floodgates.

So technically Obama has been right. But where Obama has failed as president is he should try to correct injustices and protect the American people but right now he is doing neither.

The rumor mill keeps on spinning about Mitt Romney and Ron Paul's collaboration to get Rand Paul picked as Mitt's VP if he does grab the nomination.

I am hoping this is in fact just a rumor as in a few years I would love to see Rand Paul run for president and being a patsy for Mitt will not help his stature. He would then be known as Mitt's Sarah Palin when Mitt loses to Obama. Not even a Rand Paul or Marco Rubio will save the Mitt ship from sinking in November just like Palin couldn't save McCain.

Santorum could lose big in November. YES here is why, if by some miracle Santorum does pull off the upset and beats the chosen one Mitt the establishment would not be happy their man lost. They could play politics and not back Santorum. We have seen this game many times on the local and state level. Stay wise to this as you will have to work extra hard to get Santorum elected over Obama, that's if Santorum wins the nomination over the chosen one.

Carey Masci
Here's my short commentary for this week, short and to the point.

America is a great country. We were the envy of the world. I just don't understand this philosphy of social engineering and the push towards globalization. Trading with world partners for goods is one thing but to make us all equal is another thing. We should never have to lower our standards to be equal they should have to raise theirs. And that's what socialism and one world government does, it makes everyone equal at a lower level not better.

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

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Election Thoughts - FURTHERMORE - The news letter of America News and Views Mar. 1

Host Bob Murphy, Co-Host and the Boss Dale Fellows, Write In Senate Candidate Rusty Bliss, and Mark Holder were in the studio and for the second half Jessica Krammer stooped by for a visit.
Bob is always open with his thoughts but in this show he reveals his true desire of who he would like to see as president and its not the candidate he is a delegate for.

Election Thoughts & More

I wrote in the last news letter that I received a robocall from the Mitt camp blasting Santorum for running ads wooing Democrats to vote for him in Michigan.

Well well well... What is all over the internet? Romney was the one who pushed for the open primary in Michigan. So Santorum takes advantage of this by trying to get Democrats to vote for him and Mitt cry’s foul. The way Mitt is running his campaign makes you wonder how he ever became a multimillionaire.

And what about this bit of interesting trivia... In the '92 primary Mitt Romney voted for Democrat Paul Tsongas.

The thing that is troubling to me is this.... It took YEARS to change the image of the Republican Party from one of being strictly a rich white mans party. Little by little it was being chipped away and then Reagan became president. It was because of him the Conservative Right was born or at least had a major revival. If Mitt grabs the nomination he will undo all the changes that have been made to the GOP and once again it will be known as the party of rich white men and the Conservative Right well.... we will be homeless.

I hope Ron Paul will read this. On Lawrence O'Donnell show he had as a guest a lesbian who was upset that the priest refused her communion at her mothers funeral. O'Donnell and this woman went on and on how bad this was. The church eventually buckled and issued an apology.

This is nothing more than another attack on our religious liberties. This priest was in the right to refuse this woman communion if he felt she was violating the sanctity of it and the church bylaws. That’s why we need a leader NOW who understands that religion is under attack in this country and that it needs to be protected. A Federal Marriage Amendment is needed in this country before any more of our religious heritage and freedom is eroded.

Jay Sekulow has sunken-low. The Chistian Lawyer who heads ACLJ that fights for moral rights and such laws as Obama Care came out and endorsed Mitt Romeny over Santorum because Santorum endorsed Sonia Sotomayor and Arlen Specter.

Help me understand this Folks cause I am mad and confused. I just donated money to Jay's outfit to help over turn Obama Care but he then endorses a candidate that started this healthcare mess and also supported homosexual rights, same sex marriage and abortion rights over a Christian candidate that endorsed two liberals but stood up for Christian causes and even stopped partial birth abortions.

Is Jay nuts? Which is worse? He is off my list and should be viewed as alien to our Conservative causes.

I been receiving heat for my stance of telling people not to vote in November if Mitt is the nominee. My thinking is this, our goal should not only be to defeat Obama but to replce him with a true conservative moral leader.

Lets just suppose moderate to liberal Mitt wins the presidency and does nothing or screws up voters will be very angry once again and the pendalum will swing back to the left and Republicans will be ousted from the House and Senate as backlash. So its best to concentrate on retaining countrol of the House and win the Senate if Romney gets the nomination and not vote for the presidential slot in November.

George Will has said just about the same thing recently in varying words but has included all the GOP candidates which is where we disagree. Maybe now you will understand what I was saying because I am no longer alone with this thinking.

Also another reason.... We keep talking about changing things but then we go out and vote for the establishments candidate. When are we as voters going to have a spine and say NO you will not dictate the candidate that we vote for. Thats the only way to change things.

No matter how hard they try they can't get prayers and God out of school. A Chardon student was interviewed immediately after the shooting and the reporter asked him what they could do. The student replied – PRAY FOR US! It's as simple as that, pray for us.

Maybe in another news letter I can explain what is going on with the youth for that matter adults as well who are snapping and doing extreme things. The more social tinkering, the more the outcome will be bad.

So that's what liberals think. At a restaurant I asked the waitress if she was going to vote. She said she is not into politics to which I responded well vote for the one who promises cheaper gas because we can't afford these prices and as a hint, its not Obama. She said actually I went to Washington to protest the pipe line. In politite terms I said why, we cant afford these prices we need that pipe line. She came back at me with well then you will have to do like I do pick up another job so you can afford the gas.

Most people can't even find one job and she wants me to work two just to pay for gas? Thats liberal thinking.

Carey Masci


I hope you are ready for Tuesday. You need to get out there and vote.

As long as you are informed and vote what your conscience dictates then there is no right or wrong vote. The important thing is – VOTE.

This is your chance to make a difference. No vote is ever wasted. Even in a losing effort your vote represents an oposing view that can open dialoge and change things in the future.

Just vote!

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

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FURTHERMORE - The news letter of America News and Views March 8

FURTHERMORE - The news letter of America News and Views March 8

Host Bob Murphy, Our Tea Party Liaison Carey Masci, Former Senate Candidate Rusty Bliss, and Mark Holder.

Bob revealed something on the show that everyone needs to hear. In fact Bob said that this was probably the most important thing he has ever said on the show in the 15 years of doing it. Please listen, it will shed new light on this years Republican primary process.

I know the below commentary may be late because we have already voted in Ohio but I wrote this because of what I keep hearing.

It gets real tiring trying to explain to people that the main objective is not to defeat Obama. It isn't, plain and simple, it isn't. We are in the primary season and Obama is not a concern of ours yet. The goal for the Republicans should be to nominate the most qualified, the most conservative and the one who follows the principles of the party. Voting for anyone else who falls short of these points is a wasted vote. I don't know why this is so hard to understand. People seem to be skipping over the primary process.

YES - I do know how the media and the MITT-nipulation that has been pounded into your psyche that only Mitt can beat Obama can mislead you but still that is no excuse for not doing your homework. Even Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said on a major cable news show when asked why he was for Mitt but now for Santorum said I didn't think Santorum had a chance to win...... Wonderful!!! Even our attorney general has fallen prey to this thinking of trying to pick a winner instead of voting on principles but at least he has woke up.

I myself when I made my decision back in April that Santorum was my candidate I did so not because he had the best chance of winning I chose Santorum because he has scored above average to very good in ALL categories, he was consistent and adhered the most to conservative philosophy. I wasn't concerned about beating Obama or if Santorum could win.

Let me put it in sports terms using baseball as an analogy. Santorum reminds me of the player who may never hit 50 home runs but you can always depend on him to come through, a team player, a real leader. When the game is on the line you want him up to bat because somehow he will get on base.

That's what people need to consider before voting, who is the best candidate and quit worrying about the outcome. I chose Santorum because I believe he is a the true conservative and if he wins the nomination I won't have to worry about beating Obama in November because the best player will be coming up to bat.

Commentary about what is going on within the Republican Party:

I am a team player only when the team I am on plays by the team rules and bylaws that the team has set forth and are suppose to follow; that's why I joined or chose to be part of the team because I agreed with their platform.

But when the team I am on drifts from their rules they can not expect me to follow the teams path or go along with them. Sure I could be like some and toss aside the rulebook or I could stay and fight to change the team back to its principles or I can look for another team that has principles that align with my beliefs and that stands firm and steadfast to their party rules.

But this I do know I for sure will not sit back and do nothing. The former team could ostracize me for supporting another team but its their actions that have caused me to drift not my own.

I wrote this in regards to what happens if Mitt gets the nomination. I will be looking into a third party candidate - PERIOD.

I said on air that our elections are turning into a third world circus. Bob disagreed with me but this is what I meant by that statement.

When I was in the Philippines 2 years ago it was during their elections. The newspapers had numerous reports of vote tampering and buying votes. Some candidates were outside of polling places handing out bottles of water and some were giving away $5 if you voted for them. And its widely reported especially in countries with dictators or that are communism that the vote count is played with or so slanted towards the candidate they want to win its almost impossible for the opponent to compete.

Now I am not saying we are there yet in America with this kind of behavior but if we don't get a handle on it it wont be far off. But then again the way that super pacs are run with countless dollars and all the negative ads and changing primary rules to benefit a candidate maybe its closer than I think.

Carey Masci

Here we are in March with no clear winner regardless of all the money spent on ads declaring a winner in the Republican primary.

I still feel when the American people are given all the facts they will do the right thing and this proves it. The media can only go so far. Ultimately in the end its up to the voter to educate him or herself and we are seeing that happen.

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In California a local strip club donated money to save a Little League ball club, nothing like a swing and a Miss at a ballgame.

Mitt Romney has been asking for low dollar donations of $10 or less for his campaign. Does he really need the money or is this another one of his ploys, pan handling to look like one of us?

Mitt Romney asking for donations is like Walmart asking for a bailout.

Mitt Romney is a smart investor, it appears he doesn't want to waste his millions. I mean if it was so inevitable that he becomes president why would he ask us for money why doesn't he just spend his own?

Governor Chris Christy is going to start stumping again for Romney. With so many people in the US wondering where there next meal is coming from I don't think an overly obese governor promoting a multimillionaire is good PR.

Frank Russo, Democratic Party Chairman Jimmy Dimora, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich all had this to say before reporting for their prison sentence. We are innocent, Its Bush's fault.

With so many Democrats heading to prison they have decided to change the presidential convention that was to be held in Charlotte, N .C.. The problem for the Democrats now is - what state pen should hold it.

China is hoarding rare earth and precious metals. Why? Everything they make is cheap junk intended for the shelves of Walmart.

When Obama was told China was holding rare earth he thought it was a hostage situation. OK for that one you need to know 70's rock groups.

Newt Gingrich refuses to drop out. He said I don't want to happen to me what happened to Bob Dole, my agent getting me Viagra commercials.

Obama said we should car pool. Most Americans are drowning in debt. Car pool, drowning in debt, I think America's underwater.

Obama is the alternative president. He is for alternative fuels, alternative lifestyles, alternative foods. i just wish he would find an alternative country to go live.

We have had such an unusual warm winter here in NE Ohio. Now I understand while global warming is so bad. I had to pull weeds in February.

The Cleveland Browns got rid of their star running back, Peyton Hillis. According to the team he did not fit in because the Browns offense is designed for passing. They sure fooled me, I thought it was designed for punting.
Carey Masci

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FURTHERMORE - The news letter of America News and Views Feb. 23

America News and Views news letter - FURTHERMORE
There was room in the booth as only Host Bob Murphy and Write In Senatorial Candidate Rusty Bliss were in but that didn’t stop them from filling the airwaves with the truth you need to hear.

Being absent I enjoyed kicking back and listening to the show.  Another side of Capt’ Bliss came out, his personality really shined on this show.  Great guy.
In this letter I am going to give you random things to think about.

Get ready folks these high gases prices are going to be budget busters for all local governments.  There is no way they will be able to balance the books.  So look for these things to happen if gas continues its upward climb. Taxes levies, increase in licenses and permits of all sorts AND be careful where you park and how you drive.  The revenue (police) will be out in force to help bring in much needed funds.  Drive smart and alert.

There is this feel sort of like a feeding frenzy of hungry piranhas.  Everyone needs to stop.  We have to ask ourselves what are we trying to prove?  There are no perfect candidates. Some of the questions I have been fielding about Santorum are things so absurd its ridiculous, such as is he for abortion?  That’s crazy!  Quit listening to the liberal media and Mitt and Ron’s ads.  Do you own research or listen to shows like Bob Murphy’s where you won’t get mislead.

The only candidate I am staunchly against is Mitt.  You can go to numerous web sites and listen to him then and now.  He has switched positions on so many issues where does he stand???  Mitt would be a disaster going up against Mr. GQ who can have poise and debate well.  Not only that but you know darn well it will be brought out front and center Obama’s background is of community service and Romney’s is of Wall Street that caused the problems.  Obama understands your plight Romney has no clue, trust me this is coming.

This is what I wrote in May of 2011 it’s a review of the first GOP debate.
Sometimes you need to use common sense with the Constitution as with all laws and life.  Technically he (Paul) is right but would legalizing drugs help this country?  Would legalizing drugs make crime go down?  Would it lower the number of people who need mental health clinics? Receive welfare?  This is a national issue, not a state issue.  The same with marriage, you cannot allow states to make their own marriage laws.  What happens if two people marry and then move into a state that doesn't recognize it?  This is obviously a national issue.  Ron needs to tone down his freedom a little.  In a free society you have to restrict certain freedoms to ensure that freedom continues.  PERIOD!

So the winner is Senator Rick Santorum. If you asked me what one thing I liked about his message or can I quote him, honestly I can't.  But he said a lot of little things right.  He is morally to the right, which really comes out strong listening to him.  His limited government stance is also a positive.  But the biggest thing going for Santorum is his moral beliefs.  America needs someone right now that knows right from wrong.  I believe Senator Rick Santorum is the man

For this reason I have somewhat soured towards Ron Paul.  His statement of Santorum is a fake in the last debate just struck me as this guy is not prime time ready to represent the US.  If anything look into Santorums morals and characters and the fact he is pro-life that is starting to swing the pendulum towards over turning Roe Vs Wade.  To say fake Paul does not understand what being a Conservative means and he has not looked into the good Santorum has done to push the dialog and country back to the right.  If Paul loses he has no one to blame except himself for taking extreme positions. Plus with all the chaos going on right now, we need someone who is firm and steady in his moral beliefs.  America is eroding fast.

We are down to 4 on the GOP side that’s it.  The media keeps talking about a possible brokered convention where someone else such as Palin could waltz in and grab the nomination if the delegates cannot agree on a choice.  I would be adamantly against such a thing.  I chose my candidate Santorum back in April after reviewing the candidates; it took just a week to do so.  I figured if you couldn’t make up your mind if you are running for the most important position in the world you are not ready to have my vote.  So if someone comes to the convention and says I’M HERE without going through the primary process they ain’t getting my vote - PERIOD.

 Let me throw this in here.  I received a robocall from the Mitt camp blasting Santorum for running ads wooing Democrats to vote for him in Michigan.  Mitt doesn't grasp why.  One reason why I disliked Huntsman so much and really like Santorum is Huntsman was campaigning only in states that viewed him favorable, Santorum's thinking is this I am running to be the president of the United States and will make an effort in all states to win. Whether its a small effort or not he is trying to unify the vote.  And in Michigan where any party can vote in either primary it was wise to reach out to the Democrats.  Mitt is upset because he didn't think of it otherwise he would of.  Thumbs up Santorum.

Finally…  Friends we have to be careful here. The goal of any enemy is confusion.  Once you confuse the people and divide them they are conquered.  So before asking me my opinion on a subject, which I am honored you do so but…, please check the source of where it came first.  If it’s from the left side you are not going to get the truth, that should get you started in the right direction.

Carey Masci
Instead of ending this with a comment as I usually do I will give you a peak into Thursday’s show.
We will be talking about what is going on with our children, the Chardon shooting - the Arizona and Michigan primary was does this mean how important was it – Santorums presidential speech even though he came in second - why didn't Demora defend himself - Obama's move on the insurance business and the big news Santorum coming to Lake County plus what ever other random topic that may come up.
So please tune in we would love to have you drop in and of course please email your comments to:
Your Friend,
 Bob Murphy

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