Sunday, August 12, 2012

More Carey Humor

One good thing about this drought we've been in. I saved a lot of money on gas not needing my lawn mower all summer.

What does the weather and the Cleveland Indians have in common? They are both in a drought.

Did you hear that the Olympic committee awarded the Cleveland Indians a honorary gold medal? Yep - for taking the best dive.

What is the main difference between the Cleveland Browns and the Indians? The Browns rebuild at the end of each season and the Indians rebuild every two months during the season.

Last years starting quarterback Colt McCoy of the Browns is now second string. When asked if he was disappointed Colt said Heck no, the Browns just added 20 years to my life.
One more on the Olympics. Brazil should come up with a new abbreviation for their country. Seeing the Brazilian male athlete with BRA on their uniforms is not to manly.

I am not sure whats worse Mitt Romney's commercials complaining how many people are on welfare while Obama's been in office or Obama's commercials talking about how many factories were shut down that put people on welfare while Mitt was with Bain.

I think we should start a huge petition drive and demand from both Obama and Mitt that they get rid of the mud slugging and instead have a mud wrestling match
David Copperfield no longer has the title of best magician. That honor now goes to Obama. I agree, anyone who can make 14 trillion dollars disappear has my vote.

I feel as if I should be dressing up now when I go eat fast food. With the way inflation is it seems that I am eating at an expensive restaurant.

That's it for this round, going to watch the women's volley ball. The Italian women are playing, I am anxious to see if they shaved their legs.

Carey Masci

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