Monday, August 27, 2012

Carey's Headlines and More

Women allowed in to Augusta Tiger told to keep his eye on the ball

Romney said no ones asked to see my birth certificate but they have asked to see Mitt's fathers

Lance Armstrong banned for life – Neil Armstrong lost his life

Lance Armstrong stripped for doping – girls strip for dope

Bush blamed for Katrina – Obama blamed for Isaac

Isaac invites himself to the convention – Paul still not allowed

Mitt flips while Obama flops

Isaac dampens Mitts coronation

Samsung copied Apple to the Core

Hey I got my hands on Romney's speech for the RNC. Here's the opening lines:

Hi Florida... I like Florida... Florida has hurricanes... I like hurricanes.
What did the leader of the Sikh Temple say when he saw the gunman?

Signs of the times. Could Punk Rock start the revolution? The shooter of the Sikh Temple massacre played in the far-right punk band "End Apathy". In Russia Pussy Riot rocked Putin and were jailed.
God save the queen we mean it, man. There is no future. No future.

I am the Tea Party – All others stand at the harbor and watch.
Carey Masci

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