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rick santorum spars with al sharpton
The real pro-life candidate!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My thoughts on the second Republican presidential TV debate on CNN

My thoughts on the second Republican presidential TV debate on CNN.

First I like to bring up the moderator was extremely annoying with his grunts trying to hurry up the candidates he wanted to rush. Secondly, those lame little questions - deep dish or thin crust pizza. Who cares. The dumbest question by John King was when he said that Cain wanted to ask certain questions to Muslims but not to Christians or Jews. Why was that so hard for John to understand? Who are we at war with? Newt finally spoke up on this issue explained why and put the question to rest. And lastly the last few minutes of the debate was stupid and a waste of time.

One candidate that gets no review other than my thoughts on him, is Mitt Romney. Everything from Mitt's placement in center, the longer time given to answer questions and it even seemed he got more questions than the others is set up for him to take the prize.
Mitt has changed his stance and opinion on a quite a few issues. Mitt at one time said he would do more for the gay agenda than Teddy Kennedy but now he is for a Constitutional Amendment that defines marriage as between a man and woman only. He seems too packaged, too prepared and will say anything to get elected. Enough on him. Don't trust him.
The candidate I was surprised to see finally given recognition was Ron Paul. Usually they have him placed on the flank and he is hardly ever shown. He has worked his way into the lime light or maybe I should say his supporters got him there. Either way its good to see. He hasn't wavered in his views or opinions.
I was glad that the issue of an amendment defining marriage was raised. Santorum, Bachman, Pawlenty, Romney and Newt were for it and gave excellent reasons why. Paul blurted out his answer but I couldn't understand it, still don't know if he would support the amendment or not.
Pawlenty had some good moments but at times sounded to much like a politician with little substance. His recognition of the vet who had asked a question had no merit, Mitt had just thanked the same person. To politician like, just not needed, seemed to canned.
Gingrich's intelligence and grasp of issues was superb, as was Paul's knowledge.
So who was the winner? I thought four came out on top. These four looked presidential and gave solid answers. In no particular order they were Gingrich, Bachman, Santorum and Paul. Cain was also very close in the running.

Looking at this crop of candidates I don't find much weakness. I like this field of candidates way better than the ones who ran in '08. And compared to what the Dems are offering this is a far more moral and qualified group. Pick one and we should be OK.

Santorum gave the key sentence in the debate when he said need to look at the authenticity of a candidate and looking at their record over time of what they fought for.
And that's where we come in. If we expect this country to turn around we best research each candidate to insure we get the right person elected as its up to us to educate and inform people of who is the correct choice because if we leave it up to the media they will give us another Obama or an unstable moderate that America may never recover from.

Carey Masci

carey defends his thoughts on drugs and same sex marriage

This is my reply to someone on a meet up board about my thoughts on Ron Paul's stance on drugs and same sex marriage

Please you really need to rehash what I wrote over and over until it makes sense, because it does.

I have never questioned Ron Paul's faith as I am well aware of his Lutheran background and the many babies he has delivered but he is not thinking sensible about the issue of marriage and or drugs.

Please explain this. One state allows same sex marriage, this couple because they are married are allowed to adopt, then this couple decides to move to a state that doesn't recognize same sex marriages. Now what? This is an area that needs a uniform law. This is not like healthcare, education, roads etc....

Furthermore the Constitution needs to expand with the times. When it was written the perversion of same sex partners was unheard of. If you were caught in a homosexual act it was a harsh penalty, sometimes the death sentence. Just like with the advent of the computer, 20 years ago crimes committed using it were unheard of because the Internet was just coming of age. So laws had to be made. Follow me?

About drugs. Making the comparison with alcohol is not the best argument. Would we be better off without alcohol? Only a fool would say we wouldn't be. Think of how many lives would of been saved, think of how the quality of life would be improved, whether its production in the workforce or family life. OK so we tried the experiment with prohibition and it failed, but you will never convince me America is a better place because we made it legal.
Besides, alcohol does have some merit, whether its in cooking, or as a beverage. Can you make that claim with drugs?

Continuing on about drugs...
Explain what freedom is there for a person that is hooked on drugs? What about crack babies? What about communities that are in shambles with people afraid to leave their houses because of the drug violence? And if you are concerned about financial matters, what about welfare and the cost for drug treatment? ALL of America is paying for this. IS there freedom in any of this? Making drugs legal would that make families stay together? Make a more productive worker? Make crime go down? Should I go on?

I have an older friend who is Iranian. He came to America in the late 50's to raise a family. He still has other family members in Iran. This friend went on to say how bad it is in Iran. One of the things the Iranian government does is pass out drugs freely to dope young people from starting a rebellion. Is there freedom in this? Study history and the downfall or decline of many civilizations and nations, its usually debauchery at the root.

And yes I stand by what I wrote: "In a free society you have to restrict certain freedoms to ensure that freedom continues"

There is no freedom with drugs. There is no freedom with allowing the communist party on ballots. Should I continue with examples of freedoms that should be restricted?

Lastly, the war on drugs hasn't failed, its our liberal judicial system and corruption in this country that has. If I know where the drug dealers are then why aren't the cops going to these street corners arresting them? Because most of the drug violence and crime is in the inner city black neighborhoods so who cares. It only becomes a problem when it reaches the white suburbs.

I must add this. One law that I would like to see and I have been telling people this. Any person caught dealing drugs or buying should be tried as helping terrorism. We are being doped out of our freedom to make way for a dictator. There is NO freedom in drugs.

Carey Masci

Philippines Travel Warning

My dear friend Ruth recently went to Labason to visit her mother. She always gets concerned traveling there because the bus has to pass through Tungawan an ambush area from Muslim extremest. The Philippines army and guard do all they can to thwart their effort but the extremists move to another location.
Now think of how Israel must feel living with this fear and think of how in America we have let are guard down. They are in this country. Lets hope it never reaches the point as in the Philippines or other areas around the globe.

Today I received this travel warning from the US Gov.

June 14, 2011
The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of terrorist activity in the Philippines, particularly in the Sulu Archipelago and on the island of Mindanao. Terrorist attacks could be indiscriminate and could occur in other areas, to include Manila. Targeted sites may be public gathering places including, but not limited to, airports, shopping malls, conference centers, and other public venues. This Travel Warning replaces the Travel Warning dated November 2, 2010, and updates specific regions of concern and reflects continuing threats due to terrorist and insurgent activities.
Travelers should exercise extreme caution if traveling to Mindanao or the Sulu Archipelago. Regional terrorist groups have carried out bombings resulting in injuries and death. Sporadic clashes have occurred between lawless groups and the Philippine Armed Forces throughout Mindanao, particularly in rural areas. U.S. Government employees must seek special permission to travel to Mindanao or the Sulu Archipelago.
The Philippine government declared a state of emergency on November 24, 2009, for the Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat provinces, as well as Cotabato City in Mindanao, as a result of election-related violence. Although the elections have passed, this state of emergency is still in effect. Travelers should be aware of heightened police activity and significant military presence in these areas. They should carefully research restrictions imposed on travel and follow the instructions of government officials.
Kidnap-for-ransom gangs are active throughout the Philippines and have targeted foreigners. U.S. citizens traveling, living, and working throughout the Philippines are urged to exercise heightened caution in public gathering places. U.S. citizens should exercise caution when traveling in the vicinity of demonstrations since they can turn confrontational and possibly escalate to violence.
The Department of State remains concerned about the continuing threat of terrorist actions and violence against U.S. citizens and interests throughout the world. The Worldwide Caution reminds U.S. citizens that terrorism can occur anywhere.
We encourage all U.S. citizens in the Philippines to enroll with the Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program or at the U.S. Embassy in Manila. By enrolling, you can receive the Embassy’s most recent security and safety updates during your trip. Enrolling also ensures that we can reach you, or your designated emergency points of contact, during an emergency. The U.S. Embassy is located at: 1201 Roxas Boulevard, Manila, Philippines, tel. 63-2-301-2000. The American Citizens Services (ACS) section's fax number is 63-2-301-2017, and you may reach the ACS Section by email at The ACS Section’s website includes consular information and the most recent messages to the U.S. citizen community in the Philippines.
For more detailed information on general crime and security issues in the Philippines, please see the State Department’s Country Specific Information for the Philippines.
You may also obtain information on security by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll-free in the United States and Canada or, for callers outside the United States and Canada, a regular toll line at 1-202-501-4444. These numbers are available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except U.S. federal holidays).
Stay up to date by bookmarking our Bureau of Consular Affairs website, which also contains the current Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts as well as the Worldwide Caution. Follow us on Twitter and become a fan of the Bureau of Consular Affairs page on Facebook as well.

Friday, June 17, 2011

rich's complaint

From my friend Rich

Drugmart Discount Drug demanded that I showed a courtesy card to buy money orders, even though I was not paying bills there specifically, I had asked to remain private. I enjoy the privilege of privacy when I pay bills with money orders.
- I go there because their money orders are the cheapest -
The Girl said that "just in case" I had lost the money orders, they could keep track.
so I had asked again, can I buy them without showing my card, and she asked again the same original I left... (after telling her that I will go to Marc's)
On the way out, I passed a gentleman in his 40's who I greeted (who turned out to be the manager) and asked if it was necessary to show the Drugmart card to. He told me that the government wanted all the stores to have this done to keep track of terrorism in the U.S. , that some sort of deal was worked out. I told him that we are losing out rights in the U.S., and that is why I do not fly (T.S.A. stuff). He said that even trains & other transport will be the same way soon, get used to it. (so the reason that they tell you at the counter is false).
Little by little we are being made sheep...
Et Al.
I must add this. When I went to the Philippines every where I went there was guards and security. You couldn't even enter a mall without being searched. Is it because of the Muslim problem? That's what I was led to believe.

And about 3 years ago the scrap yards starting asking for your license number when you brought in scrap. I was upset but the guy wouldn't do busy with me if I didn't show it to him. I found out all yards now ask this.

I can possibly understand if someone is a regular customer that is bringing in large amounts or if the scrap appears to be relatively new like siding from a house or copper plumbing or metal from signs which thieves have been pilfering but the stuff I bring in one or twice a year is SCRAP. You can tell that I didn't steal this stuff. Broken lawn furniture, rusted out mowers, etc... Why do I need to show my identity?

We try so hard to protect our indentity and social security number but in reality its almost impossible to do business if you don't give it out. There is no real privacy or rights anymore.

Carey Masci

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The First Republican Debate 2011

My thoughts and opinion on the first Republican debate held in S. Carolina a few weeks ago.
By far the most knowledgeable of the debate and someone who didn't waiver in his message was Ron Paul but in my opinion he didn't win. Before I tell who I thought won, let me tell you first the losers and why.

Governor Johnson of New Mexico didn't have a strong enough message. He may of done an admirable job as governor, I don't know, he may even be a good business leader, but he just doesn't seem that he has what it takes to lead this nation. Two big strikes against Johnson with Conservative and Republicans is his stance to legalize marijuana and he is pro-choice. One plus was he did advocate to do away with the minimum wage.

The other loser was Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Pawlenty had lost me by the first words he spoke. He was asked a question and sounded like a typical politician by saying Before I answer that let me say thank you to the great state of N. Carolina...... Please the nation is burning, put away the niceties and jump right into it like the rest. He also got booed when he was asked about Cap & Trade which at one time he was for. I just didn't care for his message.

Herman Cain dropped one bombshell that imploded his campaign in my mind, which I will get to. Herman sounded great but with little substance. To Herman's credit though, which he brought up, was the fact he is a little bit vague on some issues because he does not have access to certain information because he is a civilian. The bombshell dropped was that he had endorsed Mitt Romney during the last election. Herman preaches that he is a moral conservative but he endorsed a governor that was very pro-homosexual, plus of course Romney care, that sunk Cain in my eyes.

That brings us back to Rep. Ron Paul and then the winner which I am sure you know by now who my choice is.
Ron Paul again was the most knowledgeable about what ails this country and he knows the Constitution better than most. And again, he doesn't waiver in his message. BUT, two things I am adamantly against he is for. Rep. Paul is for legalizing drugs and he thinks the Federal government should not be involved with marriage.

Sometimes you need to use common sense with the Constitution as with all laws and life. Technically he is right but would legalizing drugs help this country? Would legalizing drugs make crime go down? Would it lower the number of people who need mental health clinics? Receive welfare? This is a national issue, not a state issue. The same with marriage. You can not allow states to make their own marriage laws. What happens if two people marry and then move into a state that doesn't recognize it? This is obviously a national issue. Ron needs to tone down his freedom a little. In a free society you have to restrict certain freedoms to ensure that freedom continues. PERIOD!

So the winner is Senator Rick Santorum. If you asked me what one thing I liked about his message or can I quote him, honestly I can't. But he said a lot of little things right. He is morally to the right which really comes out strong listening to him. His limited government stance is also a positive. But the bigest thing going for Santorum is his moral beliefs. America needs someone right now that knows right from wrong. I believe Senator Rick Santorum is the man.

Carey K. Masci

Saturday, June 04, 2011

links to the radio show and my top ten

Hey Gang,
I did it again, I sent the wrong link. Friends emailed asking I can't find the link to your Top Ten. Well here it is and this time it is correct:

I am having a great time on air with Bob Murphy, Chairman Fellows, and Attorney Geof Weaver. Feel really blessed and honored to be with that trio. The show airs on Thursday at 5:30 on WELW 1330 AM.

This is the link for the show

and this is the link for last weeks show.

Besides all that I have been recently tagged as the Head of the Lake County Tea Party and also asked to write for the Observer, a local Euclid news letter. So life is good right now and riding the wave but I guess most of us are right now with all of this rain. I think Carey needs sleep.

That's all.
Gotta GoGo!!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Top Ten Excuses from NY Rep. Weiner about the Underwear Tweet

Top Ten Excuses from NY Rep. Weiner about the Underwear Tweet.

10. Whoops I thought that was my swim trunks.

9. I had to sell my clothes to buy gas to get to work.

8. Michael Jordan is out and I am in as the new spokesman for Hanes.

7. I just wanted to prove I look better than Arnold Schwarzenegger in underwear.

6. I was trying to raise awareness of the plight of the clothes-less situation in America

5. Someone snapped that photo while TSA stripped searched me before I boarded a plane

4. Global warming finally got to me.

3. I had a meeting with Blago and he wanted to make sure I wasn't wired.

2. That's not me, that's an Oscar Mayer Weiner

And the Number One Excuse from Rep. Weiner about the underwear Tweet is:

Republican budget cuts have cost me my clothes.

Carey Masci

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

late in posting this

Another Memorial Day. And another year of fighting to keep our God given and Constitutional freedoms alive. So many battles, so many fires to put out.

As I listen to the latest radio blitz with the sirens wailing and the stern words buckle up, the cops are out and will get you, and they have got me in the past. My car, my responsibility to take care of myself and yet they want to micro manage me? Is this really freedom?

Seeing a table on the tree lawn someone has tossed away I jumped out of my car to grab it. A cop see's me and says next time you will get a ticket and possibly a trip to jail. A person can't even retrieve a discarded piece of furniture? Is this freedom?

Sitting lakeside enjoying the summer night in my GoGo Bus until a cop pulls up and says sorry the park is closed leave now or get a ticket. Parks are supported and bought with our tax dollars but we can't enjoy the park the hours we want? Is this freedom?

I think about the hassle with the city of Euclid and their intrusive policy of mandatory house inspections. I take care of my long time tenant, more like a friend. I pay taxes. I maintain the property to the best of my ability during these financially straining times and yet they want to inspect my house, my tenants dwelling place when no crime was committed? Is this freedom?

I submit an article that tells of the immoral behavior and sinful nature of homosexuality according to my bible. Yet this company refused to print my article because they say I am degrading another person. I cant exercise my religious freedom and tell others about it? Is this freedom?

Unemployment over 15%, people wanting government help, mandatory health insurance. I could go on and on. Is this freedom?

Sure these things are little compared to some of the far more serious issues concerning the erosion of our freedoms but if we can't stem the tide of these little things how will we stop the larger ones?

And then our fraud of a president has the audaucity to go over seas and apologize for America being arrogant and tells Israel to go back to their 1967 borders. Does he understand freedom? Does he know how many countries we have liberated through the years?

So I would like to apologize to the men who have lost theirs lives trying to save and promote freedoms that America is now doing all it can to reverse. I sincerely appreciate their service and I more than appreciate their loss of life doing it. I will never forget one second what they have sacrificed. Though I have never served and will never, I am still doing all I can to try and preserve America's waining liberties and freedoms. That's the least I can do to honor the fallen, I hope you will join me.

Carey Masci

not all is bad and a new carey's top ten

News flash..... Just in.....
EGore has just issued a statement that Global Warming is now officially over BUT a far more serious threat is upon us - Global Wetting. He advices everyone to move to higher ground and buy boats.

Now back to more serious news.

Obama is doing such a horrible job, he has made such a mess of this economy that he has set a group of people back years! All the hard work they have accomplished to get where they are today has been undone. Very sad. Oh I am not talking about black people, I am talking about community organizers.

But all is not lost. Before Obama took office I gave you my top 10 list of good things to come out of him being elected. Now I give you an updated top 10 of more good things that have either already happened or will happen if Obama is elected to two terms.

Here it is.
Top Ten Reasons Why Two Terms of Obama Ain't That Bad:

10. Obama makes the Bush Jr. years look like the good ole days

9. Michelle Obama lobbies for cash for chunkers where you receive $5000 for turning in a fat person

8. The high prices of gas makes everyone save money cause they cant afford to leave their house

7. Mitt Romney won't be our president

6. Fat kids no longer exist since Happy Meals have been banned

5. Expensive free health care is available for all

4. Prime Minister of Israel Natenyahu agrees to go back to the borders of 67 if Obama goes back to where he was living in 67 - Indonesia

3. Obama gives us new definitions to words like illegals which now means undocumented workers and homeless people are now called outdoors-men.

2. Donuts now have their ingredients listed

And the Number One Reason Why Two Terms of Obama Ain't That Bad is.....

1. Obama promises by the end of his second term that everyone will have two czars in every garage.

Now doesn't that make you feel better?
Carey Masci