Wednesday, June 01, 2011

late in posting this

Another Memorial Day. And another year of fighting to keep our God given and Constitutional freedoms alive. So many battles, so many fires to put out.

As I listen to the latest radio blitz with the sirens wailing and the stern words buckle up, the cops are out and will get you, and they have got me in the past. My car, my responsibility to take care of myself and yet they want to micro manage me? Is this really freedom?

Seeing a table on the tree lawn someone has tossed away I jumped out of my car to grab it. A cop see's me and says next time you will get a ticket and possibly a trip to jail. A person can't even retrieve a discarded piece of furniture? Is this freedom?

Sitting lakeside enjoying the summer night in my GoGo Bus until a cop pulls up and says sorry the park is closed leave now or get a ticket. Parks are supported and bought with our tax dollars but we can't enjoy the park the hours we want? Is this freedom?

I think about the hassle with the city of Euclid and their intrusive policy of mandatory house inspections. I take care of my long time tenant, more like a friend. I pay taxes. I maintain the property to the best of my ability during these financially straining times and yet they want to inspect my house, my tenants dwelling place when no crime was committed? Is this freedom?

I submit an article that tells of the immoral behavior and sinful nature of homosexuality according to my bible. Yet this company refused to print my article because they say I am degrading another person. I cant exercise my religious freedom and tell others about it? Is this freedom?

Unemployment over 15%, people wanting government help, mandatory health insurance. I could go on and on. Is this freedom?

Sure these things are little compared to some of the far more serious issues concerning the erosion of our freedoms but if we can't stem the tide of these little things how will we stop the larger ones?

And then our fraud of a president has the audaucity to go over seas and apologize for America being arrogant and tells Israel to go back to their 1967 borders. Does he understand freedom? Does he know how many countries we have liberated through the years?

So I would like to apologize to the men who have lost theirs lives trying to save and promote freedoms that America is now doing all it can to reverse. I sincerely appreciate their service and I more than appreciate their loss of life doing it. I will never forget one second what they have sacrificed. Though I have never served and will never, I am still doing all I can to try and preserve America's waining liberties and freedoms. That's the least I can do to honor the fallen, I hope you will join me.

Carey Masci

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