Wednesday, June 01, 2011

not all is bad and a new carey's top ten

News flash..... Just in.....
EGore has just issued a statement that Global Warming is now officially over BUT a far more serious threat is upon us - Global Wetting. He advices everyone to move to higher ground and buy boats.

Now back to more serious news.

Obama is doing such a horrible job, he has made such a mess of this economy that he has set a group of people back years! All the hard work they have accomplished to get where they are today has been undone. Very sad. Oh I am not talking about black people, I am talking about community organizers.

But all is not lost. Before Obama took office I gave you my top 10 list of good things to come out of him being elected. Now I give you an updated top 10 of more good things that have either already happened or will happen if Obama is elected to two terms.

Here it is.
Top Ten Reasons Why Two Terms of Obama Ain't That Bad:

10. Obama makes the Bush Jr. years look like the good ole days

9. Michelle Obama lobbies for cash for chunkers where you receive $5000 for turning in a fat person

8. The high prices of gas makes everyone save money cause they cant afford to leave their house

7. Mitt Romney won't be our president

6. Fat kids no longer exist since Happy Meals have been banned

5. Expensive free health care is available for all

4. Prime Minister of Israel Natenyahu agrees to go back to the borders of 67 if Obama goes back to where he was living in 67 - Indonesia

3. Obama gives us new definitions to words like illegals which now means undocumented workers and homeless people are now called outdoors-men.

2. Donuts now have their ingredients listed

And the Number One Reason Why Two Terms of Obama Ain't That Bad is.....

1. Obama promises by the end of his second term that everyone will have two czars in every garage.

Now doesn't that make you feel better?
Carey Masci

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