Friday, June 17, 2011

rich's complaint

From my friend Rich

Drugmart Discount Drug demanded that I showed a courtesy card to buy money orders, even though I was not paying bills there specifically, I had asked to remain private. I enjoy the privilege of privacy when I pay bills with money orders.
- I go there because their money orders are the cheapest -
The Girl said that "just in case" I had lost the money orders, they could keep track.
so I had asked again, can I buy them without showing my card, and she asked again the same original I left... (after telling her that I will go to Marc's)
On the way out, I passed a gentleman in his 40's who I greeted (who turned out to be the manager) and asked if it was necessary to show the Drugmart card to. He told me that the government wanted all the stores to have this done to keep track of terrorism in the U.S. , that some sort of deal was worked out. I told him that we are losing out rights in the U.S., and that is why I do not fly (T.S.A. stuff). He said that even trains & other transport will be the same way soon, get used to it. (so the reason that they tell you at the counter is false).
Little by little we are being made sheep...
Et Al.
I must add this. When I went to the Philippines every where I went there was guards and security. You couldn't even enter a mall without being searched. Is it because of the Muslim problem? That's what I was led to believe.

And about 3 years ago the scrap yards starting asking for your license number when you brought in scrap. I was upset but the guy wouldn't do busy with me if I didn't show it to him. I found out all yards now ask this.

I can possibly understand if someone is a regular customer that is bringing in large amounts or if the scrap appears to be relatively new like siding from a house or copper plumbing or metal from signs which thieves have been pilfering but the stuff I bring in one or twice a year is SCRAP. You can tell that I didn't steal this stuff. Broken lawn furniture, rusted out mowers, etc... Why do I need to show my identity?

We try so hard to protect our indentity and social security number but in reality its almost impossible to do business if you don't give it out. There is no real privacy or rights anymore.

Carey Masci

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