Saturday, June 04, 2011

links to the radio show and my top ten

Hey Gang,
I did it again, I sent the wrong link. Friends emailed asking I can't find the link to your Top Ten. Well here it is and this time it is correct:

I am having a great time on air with Bob Murphy, Chairman Fellows, and Attorney Geof Weaver. Feel really blessed and honored to be with that trio. The show airs on Thursday at 5:30 on WELW 1330 AM.

This is the link for the show

and this is the link for last weeks show.

Besides all that I have been recently tagged as the Head of the Lake County Tea Party and also asked to write for the Observer, a local Euclid news letter. So life is good right now and riding the wave but I guess most of us are right now with all of this rain. I think Carey needs sleep.

That's all.
Gotta GoGo!!

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