Monday, July 19, 2010

health care brought to you by big government

I was just watching cable news and the CEO of Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Delos Cosgrove, was being asked by reporter Shapiro his thoughts on the health care bill.
Three points stuck out, cost, disease control and hospitals will have to share.

The CEO said how will health care be paid we are not sure, this administration is not even sure. What a marvelous plan!

Disease control such as smoking and obesity will have to be addressed. Are we ready for more social police telling you what to do, eat and behave?

And sharing amongst hospitals to afford this big bill. In other words maybe in time one hospital system which means of course less choice and in the end inferior service. You get what we got and thats it.
You wanted socialism, well its cometh!

GC: A lot of people watching the health-care debate are thinking that they're going to see their costs stop rising.

The total bill for health care for the country is going to continue to go up. Individual costs may come down in terms of what people pay for insurance, but they're going to pay for it in a different way -- in taxes, one way or another.

GC: President Obama has to some extent demonized the insurance companies. What's their proper role in the system?

We're going to have to have some form of insurance, whether it's run by the government or run privately. Insurance runs on the basis that everybody contributes, whether you're sick or not, and it's there for you when you are sick, and the people who are well help support the people who are not. We're going to have to have some sort of pooling of financial support.

Most countries have a two-part system: They have a government program, and on top of that they have the ability to have private insurance. I hate to think that we're going to have a two-tiered system in the U.S., but we may well. (The reason a lot of people opt for a two-tiered system is because in most cases what the government provides fails so you need a back up plan- CKM)

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Representative Kings discharge petition for Obama care

My favorite congressman Representative Steven King of Iowa, whom I would love to see make a run for president, has brought to the house a discharge petition for Obama care. Please read this thoroughly and click on the links.


Congressman King's petition is great beginning to ObamaCare's repeal

Months after the worst piece of legislation in American history -- and the most costly piece of legislation estimated to cost upwards of $2.5 trillion -- was passed, the massive effort to repeal Obamacare is growing. Polls show that this highly unpopular piece of socialism is still opposed by the American people as much as it was during the year-long debate and votes in the Democrat-controlled Congress.

A solid majority of Americans want Obamacare repealed. Even the selfish corporations, which gave the final impetus to passing Obamacare by supporting it, are now realizing what a terrible pact with the devil they made to cut out special exemptions for themselves. They are dropping health care plans, increasing health care costs to their employees, and writing off huge expenses due to the imposition of Obamacare on their companies, etc.
Now one of the most activist and courageous members of the United States Congress, Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King, has stepped forward to begin the arduous task of repealing Obamacare.

What Congressman Steve King has done is to introduce a discharge petition, which is a very public way of knowing which member of the House of Representatives who talks about repeal of Obamacare -- and there are a lot of moderate Democrats who say they want to repeal Obamacare to the voters in their congressional districts -- will actually vote for repeal of Obamacare. This will get them on record before the November election.

Indeed, with the new rules regarding the discharge petition procedure which a previous Republican-controlled Congress installed, American citizens can check this link to the Clerk of the House's website each and every day to see if their Congressman has signed the discharge petition:

Once 218 members of the House of Representatives sign the discharge petition, Speaker Nancy Pelosi must bring the legislation to repeal Obamacare up for a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Already, all the members of the House Republican leadership -- including next year's probable new Speaker of the House, Congressman John Boehner, the House Republican Leader -- have signed on to Congressman King's discharge petition. Undoubtedly, most, if not all, of the 177 Republicans will be signing the discharge petition. Their constituents, of course, may check each day by clicking on the link to see if their Republican congressman has signed the discharge petition.
If all House Republicans sign Congressman King's discharge petition beginning the process of abolishing the abominable Obamacare legislation, 41 Democrats in the House will also need to sign the discharge petition. Americans need to put pressure on Democrat Congressmen, especially in districts which President George W. Bush and Senator John McCain won (and there are over 60 of those congressional districts which Democrats now control) to sign Congressman King's discharge petition.

Americans need to follow-up each day by going to the House Clerk's link and see if their member of the House of Representatives has signed on to the discharge petition. If they have not signed it, voters should contact their relatives, friends and neighbors to ensure that these Democrats who say they are for repeal actually sign the discharge petition.
Congressman Steve King has a special message to all Americans willing to help in this major effort to repeal Obamacare: "My friends, Congress will be out for 11 days starting from tomorrow, in that period of time I encourage all interested citizens and outside groups to republish the link that shows the list of those who have signed on to the discharge petitions. If you happen to see a member your group is familiar with or happen to see your own congressman, that has not signed onto the discharge petition, please call them immediately and urge them to sign right away. The final outcome of this discharge petition hinges on our grassroots, our conservative coalition groups and all concerned Americans. I thank you all for the support and look forward to seeing you at a future meeting soon."

This discharge petition on the part of Congressman Steve King is a very noble effort which should encourage all Americans who are disgusted at the sharp leftward turn the Obama administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress have taken America. Just this week, the Democrats in the House of Representatives "deemed" a budget to be passed (i.e. pretended they passed a budget) because even they were embarassed by the trillion dollar deficits year and year and year in their budgets.

Recently, Congressman Steve King and his partner in this effort to get 218 signatures on the discharge petition, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Republican from Minnesota, wrote this to their fellow members of the U.S. House of Representatives:
"...Since Obamacare was signed into law, the American people have become more and more opposed to it. With every new day, Americans learn more about the detrimental provisions that were tucked into the bill's 3,000 pages. They've seen the cost estimates skyrocket, and they've come to realize that they will not, in fact, get to keep the insurance that they currently have. Americans want this law repealed completely. Now it's time to turn up the heat. Now it's time to demand a vote. Unfortunately, in Congress the Speaker has almost total control over which bills are allowed a vote on the floor. In the case of the repeal of Obamacare, a discharge petition is the only way that the American people will get a vote in the House - so long as Nancy Pelosi holds the Speaker's gavel.

The American public is growing increasingly distrustful of politicians. The effort to move a discharge petition will allow the American people to separate the pretenders from those who are truly committed to repealing Obamacare. While individual Members can make this or that argument against signing on as a cosponsor of repeal legislation, a discharge petition puts the question in a different and simpler way: Do you want to repeal Obamacare or not?
The American people want action, and through the discharge petition, we can give them a very clear means by which to measure the effort of Congress to repeal Obamacare...."
All Americans who do not want to pass along these trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see to their children and grandchildren, need to step up and help Congressman Steve King get the 218 signatures on the discharge petition to repeal Obamacare."

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Carey's current look at current events

Hey Gang,
I found a couple of industries that are busy and doing well. Yes even in this wonderful economy there is dollars to be made.

I met someone who sells and installs cabinetry. He said they are booming and can't keep up. I put this is my computer for a second and out came Who would be buying all these cabinets, would it be the government for HUD? His reply, Umm well yeah, but still we're busy.

Business number two. One of my clients is a foot doctor, OK for you tech heads podiatrist. I asked his wife if Obama care will be benefiting them. She said I am not sure, though I know right now my husband is very busy. Again I put this in my computer and the thought that registered was of course he is busy, people can't afford to drive so they are walking more and the more people walk the better the chance of sore feet. Maybe Obama really is business friendly.

Seen on Ebay: Basketball team for sale. Aging center, inconsistent point guard, lacking super star - Great fixer upper! Location Cleveland. Opening bid .99 cents. Free shipping.

You know.... Jesse Jackson has to be one of my favorite people to quote for dumb things said. Like this last whopper by Jesse Jackson when he said that LeBron was like an escaping slave. C'mon Jesse even a person born yesterday knows escaping slaves never head south.

The good thing about all this LeBron hype in Cleveland is it has made us forget how awful the Indians are. Whoops, sorry to remind you.


As I told you before LeBron did campaign for Obama. So his decision to leave Cleveland really is a no brainer as he is just following Obama's socialist plan of haves and have nots. In basketball Miami is the haves and Cleveland is the have nots.

And thats the way the ball bounces.
Carey Masci

Thursday, July 08, 2010

LeBron n Oil

Well Friends it looks like my early prediction may come true. As I told my close friends and family weeks ago LeBron has 2 real options. And they are not NY or Chi-Town.

Playing in the shadow of Jordan in Chicago is not a good fit for LBJ's ego. NY & NJ has to much rebuilding to do and by the time they get all the right pieces in play LeBron could be close to 30.

So where does the indicators point to? Miami or Cleveland or ready for this... a real wild card, a western conference team - maybe Denver.

Why Miami? Well his good friend Dwayne Wade is down there and with the acquisition of Chris Bosh and Miami being a bigger market this would be a nice fit.

Why Cleveland? Perfect for his ego, nothing or anyone can challenge his demands, and a chance to set personal records that may never be reachable. He owns Cleveland now but if he resigns the city could even give him the keys and rename neighborhoods after him. Thats how lame Cleveland is. Pinning all their hopes on a sports player.

Western conference team? Just a wild hunch.

Its pretty tiring hearing all this talk about a basketball player who has never won anything. Even if he has, leading off all news channels with sports updates is ridiculous. Maybe local Cleveland broadcasts because LeBron does bring in the dollars but national TV stations, such as CNN, when the world has far more serious concerns is a sad commentary on America.
America's love for sports icons supersedes real issues for the majority of Americans. People would rather eat chips, play arm chair quarterback and talk sports rather than discuss politics or religion. People know more about a teams starting lineup than their elected officials. And people know more about sports statistics than they do about issues and legislation that could affect their jobs and way of life. Sad.

The spike cometh.
The oil game is being played again. Oil was down to about $71 and change it is now at over $75 per barrel. My hunch is a spike to over $85, I pray I am wrong.
The price of oil is so hard to judge unlike the stock market. The stock market rises when consumer confidence, growth and spending are up or hopes of Republicans being elected. You have the opposite and it falls.
With oil it can spike with fear of regulation, fear of shortages or when times are good and there is an increase of demand. For oil to drop you almost need a perfect calm, stock market steady, consumer confidence slowly gaining and/or stagnant to slow rise in demand.
If you want to alleviate some of this instability you need to drill baby drill.