Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Carey's current look at current events

Hey Gang,
I found a couple of industries that are busy and doing well. Yes even in this wonderful economy there is dollars to be made.

I met someone who sells and installs cabinetry. He said they are booming and can't keep up. I put this is my computer for a second and out came Who would be buying all these cabinets, would it be the government for HUD? His reply, Umm well yeah, but still we're busy.

Business number two. One of my clients is a foot doctor, OK for you tech heads podiatrist. I asked his wife if Obama care will be benefiting them. She said I am not sure, though I know right now my husband is very busy. Again I put this in my computer and the thought that registered was of course he is busy, people can't afford to drive so they are walking more and the more people walk the better the chance of sore feet. Maybe Obama really is business friendly.

Seen on Ebay: Basketball team for sale. Aging center, inconsistent point guard, lacking super star - Great fixer upper! Location Cleveland. Opening bid .99 cents. Free shipping.

You know.... Jesse Jackson has to be one of my favorite people to quote for dumb things said. Like this last whopper by Jesse Jackson when he said that LeBron was like an escaping slave. C'mon Jesse even a person born yesterday knows escaping slaves never head south.

The good thing about all this LeBron hype in Cleveland is it has made us forget how awful the Indians are. Whoops, sorry to remind you.


As I told you before LeBron did campaign for Obama. So his decision to leave Cleveland really is a no brainer as he is just following Obama's socialist plan of haves and have nots. In basketball Miami is the haves and Cleveland is the have nots.

And thats the way the ball bounces.
Carey Masci

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