Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Look at the Democratic Candidates

CNN is gearing up for Tuesdays Democratic debate starring Hillary debating herself and Bernie Sanders.
Keeping pace Fox will be airing Sybil while CNBC not to be outdone will be playing The 3 Faces of Eve.

What to listen for in the debate. Keep an ear open for the first candidate that promises to give the shirt off your back to someone else.

Voters have wondered why there are so few Democratic candidates The reason is because they are either busy spending your money or standing in welfare lines.

Hillary and Bernie were in a heated exchange over spending. Bernie won by vowing to spend your great great great great great grandchildren's money.

Three other faceless candidates on the Democratic side are upset that Bernie and Hillary are getting all the attention. Collectively they wanted it known that they're just as equally qualified to be the democratic nominee. We can spend your money just as easily as the other two.

Colonel Sanders once said a chicken in every dish.
Bernie Sanders said you get one chicken, one dish and you share.

Bill Clinton said he really loves socialism. Its great to share... I been sharing my wife with other women for years.

Obama ran on the platform of change. Hillary has followed in Obama's footsteps but added a little something to it. She is running on the platform of sex change.

Speaking of sex change, Bruce Jenner is now contemplating becoming a man again. Bruce said I never realized how long the lines for the women's room are.

And there you have it.
Carey Masci

Friday, October 09, 2015

Old topic but ....

Old topic but just now finding time to get caught up on emails.

At the August 31st meeting of the Lake County GOP Central Committee, Jan Clair, the Lake GOP Chairwoman, distributed copies of two emails that she alleged were written by Kim Laurie.  Jan was attempting to use the emails to make her accusation against Kim.

Jan distributed her copies of the two emails to all (or most all) present with one key exception, Kim.  When Kim was provided a copy of the emails and had a chance to look at them, she immediately and unequivocally stated that she did not write them. 

Anyone who has communicated in writing, or even verbally, with Kim will recognize right away that it isn't her style of writing and even the content isn't consistent with her communication. 

Jan refused to divulge her source of the email.  Jan should reveal her source. She should also provide the actual email electronically so that the author can be identified.  Someone appears to be trying to harm Kim politically by this maneuver.

The point of this is to show what is happening currently within the Lake County GOP.  It is my understanding that none of the other officers made any effort to distance themselves from what Jan was doing or to come to Kim's defense. 

I am hopeful that the Lake County GOP officers will get to the bottom of this at their next meeting on September 28.

I am attaching copies of the alleged emails for your review.

My reply to Chuck of Lake County Liberty Coalition when I received the email Lake GOP Officer Falsely Accuses Kim Laurie

Chuck you and Kim both decided to stay in a party that does not want us. I left and so should you. Why change a party when you can change party to one that has the same beliefs as you do. You choose to stay so this is the game you chose to play.

Trying to change the Republican Party is like trying to change the weather. You can be left out in the cold or you can move to a warmer climate.

But then I read the accusations and it came down to this:
The chairwoman (Jan Clair) then asked Kim if she stood by the statement she had made at the March meeting, if Kim is a woman of her word, and that she didn't work against Dave Joyce or John Kasich's general election campaigns last year.  Kim stated this question seemed like a set up, but answered in the affirmative that, yes, she stood by her statement.

The question I have is this:
Kim is suppose to be one of us well why didn't she work to unseat Joyce or Kasich? Because they are Republicans?

Friday, October 02, 2015

Carey's humor from the last 5 months or so

More humor to alienate the rest of you who don't know how to laugh. This is an accumulation of humor that I came up with in the last five months or so.

Rumor has it Miley Cyrus is contemplating becoming a man. Bruce Jenner immediately stepped up and said he would be more than happy to be the organ donor.

Recent research has shown that the latest mass shooters share something in common and its not a gun. They have the same hair style - bowl cuts. So that explains why Mo Howard had anger issues and slapped Larry n Curly. He never had a gun but he did have a bowl haircut.

LeBron James the best player on the planet says he needs help. Why the best player on the planet needs help is beyond me.

All this homosexual talk with everyone displaying rainbows is disturbing. Its no longer no child left behind but no child's behind left.

Native American Indians were on a rampage towards Progressive Field to protest Cleveland's usage of the name Indians for their baseball team. When they made it to the stadium Cleveland was in a midst of a rally. The loudspeakers blared out the Cavalry tune with a loud CHARGE. Native American Indians quickly headed for the hills and haven't been seen since.

A spokesman for the Native American Indians said they really aren't against Cleveland using the name Indians. Its just that its upsetting watching Cleveland baseball because its like watching the old Westerns, the Indians always lose, we just like to win once in awhile.

Pied Piper Obama has stirred up so much racism I am surprised blacks haven't stormed Pillsbury yet to beat the Pillsbury Doughboy because he's a rich fat white kid.

The Pope was upset with Obama for having a pro-abortion religious sister and a transgender woman greet him. Makes sense to me. We have one man who thinks he is black, a Catholic who is in favor of killing the unborn, someone who thinks she is another gender, meeting someone from this world who thinks he is God.

The Browns breathed a sigh of relief when they found out Manziel had a sore elbow from throwing a football and not from hoisting to many beers.

Browns 1 win vs 2 starting quarterbacks. The safe bet again this year is on more quarterbacks than wins.

The Pope is worried about climate change. Someone needs to remind the Pope that the great flood in Noah's time was due to mans disobedience and sin not from melting glaciers.

Jeb Bush came out with a statement on his plummeting poll numbers. Jeb said its Bush's fault people don't want to support me.

America has 60% of the porn business and spends billions on it. Americans are screwed.

And that gets you caught up.