Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Look at the Democratic Candidates

CNN is gearing up for Tuesdays Democratic debate starring Hillary debating herself and Bernie Sanders.
Keeping pace Fox will be airing Sybil while CNBC not to be outdone will be playing The 3 Faces of Eve.

What to listen for in the debate. Keep an ear open for the first candidate that promises to give the shirt off your back to someone else.

Voters have wondered why there are so few Democratic candidates The reason is because they are either busy spending your money or standing in welfare lines.

Hillary and Bernie were in a heated exchange over spending. Bernie won by vowing to spend your great great great great great grandchildren's money.

Three other faceless candidates on the Democratic side are upset that Bernie and Hillary are getting all the attention. Collectively they wanted it known that they're just as equally qualified to be the democratic nominee. We can spend your money just as easily as the other two.

Colonel Sanders once said a chicken in every dish.
Bernie Sanders said you get one chicken, one dish and you share.

Bill Clinton said he really loves socialism. Its great to share... I been sharing my wife with other women for years.

Obama ran on the platform of change. Hillary has followed in Obama's footsteps but added a little something to it. She is running on the platform of sex change.

Speaking of sex change, Bruce Jenner is now contemplating becoming a man again. Bruce said I never realized how long the lines for the women's room are.

And there you have it.
Carey Masci

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Donna Calvin said...

I read these to my DH too. You're funny, Carey!