Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Reporting live from Arizona - Back in the New York Groove

Well Baby I'm at the scene of tonights big primary - Arizona.

Earlier in the day I contacted Charlie Munoz regional director for Trump here in Arizona asking if any help was needed. He said they have it handled but will be making calls almost to the closing of polls.

I wasn't able to help as the friends I'm with would of had my head for working the polls or making calls while on vacation but my heart was in it.

I did find one polling location earlier in the day and drove through it. WOW was the line long. I mean really long. America will vote if they have a candidate they can believe in,

Anyway.. I drove the polling location with my little camcorder trying to trump-up support for Trump. I said loudly as Ruth n Jimmy tried to hide HEY who is for Trump? Most looked at me as if I was nutso but a few hands went up excitedly with I AM! I said I am from Cleveland Ohio we tried but came up short but you can make a difference vote Trump. It was fun.

So Trump took Arizona big and.... He's Back Back In the New York Groove!

Take that you commie establishment new world order Republicans. Also take that smack in the face to the few Arizonians I spoke with that said Trump is hated because of his stance on immigrants. You need to get in the shade the sun has gotten to you.

No big deal that Utah is going to Cruz. That is Mitt Romney country who is a phony so it stands to reason they would vote for a phony like Cruz.

Meanwhile I am in Arizona but can't help signing I'm back, back in the New York Groove.

Go Trump - build that wall and stop the Muslim advance. That's also music to my ears.


Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Big Fix Is In – Play

The Big Fix Is In – play

Well friends I told you or did I tell you? Now forgive me for saying I told you so but I did.

I wrote this on Friday, November 23, 2012, 2:23 Here's my prediction for 2016, no for sure winner but some heavy favorites. … The man to keep an eye on is Kasich of Ohio and unless time gets the best of her Hillary is now making her move. She will be a tough force to take out. The GOP could be left wandering for years as they had their chance and squandered it

And again on Friday, January 04, 2013 But I believe one man to keep an eye on is Governor Kasich of Ohio. 

Finally Friday, August 14, 2015 The tables are being set for Kasich. Ohio is an important swing state. The first debate was held in Cleveland, the Convention is in Cleveland. The two candidates who I think will either be the nominee or make a good strong run are.... Rand Paul and John Kasich.

OK maybe someone slipped me a mickey when I wrote Rand Paul but I was spot on when I wrote about Kasich.

And what about this scenario that I wrote near the end of January. Let’s play suppose. Suppose that the establishment fills the Iowa caucuses but tells their supporters to vote for Cruz over Bush or Kasich. Cruz pulls out a win. This could knock the steam out from Trump” then onto New Hampshire where Kasich is polling quite high. Suppose Trump comes in second. Meanwhile after a few more primaries with Cruz doing well and Trump struggling the establishment then goes after Cruz and knocks him off the ballot with lawsuits for being foreign born. A division is caused and the establishment/world banks get their man in. Why couldn’t this scenario play out?

Well friends I was pretty close to the above scenario playing out as the establishment is now using Cruz to derail Trump. They won’t stop until they succeed. If you listen to all the GOP insiders they keep repeating Trump is not good for the Republican Party. Not one has mentioned at least that I am aware of that Trump is not good for America. The GOP is showing its true colors and will use any mind game they can to elect their man and why not it works, people fall prey to these tricks.

Here is one example of the GOP mind games: I was at a candidate’s night meeting in Geauga hosted by Pastor Sanders a few days before the Trump IX rally. A candidate spoke and mentioned a flyer that came in from New York that said Help Ted Cruz defeat Donald Trump by voting for John Kasich. Everyone in the room just laughed. We thought who would pick up on this piece of mindless trash.

Guess what... the establishment mind game worked, people followed. A friend of mine posted this message on Facebook prior to voting: On my way to the polls to vote for John Kasich. This is to ensure a Kasich victory in Ohio to help Ted Cruz win the Republican nomination. Ted Cruz for President!

It is happening as the boys in DC confused and won the minds of the unprotected. Vote against what you believe to ensure the opposite will happen. HUH? But now the Republicans have switched their ploy and are starting to back Cruz to get Kasich elected. Can this get any crazier?

It is for this reason I did not vote for Trump. In fact I didn’t vote. WHAT! After all the fuss I made and support I showed  for Trump I sat out the election? Yes I did. Now before you think I have lost it allow me to explain.

I take pride in my word. I will do everything I can to make true what I say. I swore back in 2012 I was done with the Republican Party. I became the Lake County Chairman for the Constitution Party of Ohio. It is a title I am proud of because I believe in the party. Well when it came time to vote I had a decision to make. Will my one vote count? Will Donald Trump win? Because of the uncertainty of those questions I chose not to vote. I did not want to be straddled with having to admit I voted Republican; plus the title of Lake County Chairman of the Constitution Party is secure.

But, just because I didn’t vote I still honestly believe Trump is the best candidate running. I have held sign waves for Trump, blasted out email after email, I attended meetings, organized a group to see Trump at the IX Center I did what I could. And if Trump does stand up to the wiles of the Republican Party and he becomes the GOP nominee I can campaign for him in a much more honest fashion without people thinking well I support Trump just because I am a Republican.

So in the end I am proud I am not a Republican because they are revealing more and more they are not for the people, I did not violate my word, the Lake County Chairman of the Constitution Party title is secure and if Trump is the nominee I can more honestly campaign for him - Go Trump!

                                 Carey Masci

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Accumulated Humor from the Last 3 Months

So what if these are late. He who laughs last still laughs so laugh even if these are late.

Immediately upon hearing of two Cuban candidates winning in Iowa Raul Castro called Rubio to book a night’s stay in the Lincoln Bedroom while the Cuban people lit cigars. Meanwhile in Canada hockey games were halted and Molson beers were hoisted in honor of Cruz.

Phoenix City Council opened their meeting with a prayer from a Satanist. The meeting was marred by arguing, lying, a thrown stapler and fighting. A council member when asked what happened replied, I don’t know, we prayed to Satan then all hell broke loose.

Santorum threw his support to Rubio. That’s kind of like throwing make up on Hillary, it won’t do any good.

I heard season tickets are going so slow for the Browns that Cleveland is now offering with every purchase two tickets of your choice to any Pittsburgh Steelers game.

Hey! Politicians! Leave us Americans alone! All in all it’s just another illegal over the wall. All in all it’s just another illegal over the wall. "If you don't feed illegals meat, you won't have any illegals. How can you have any illegals if you don't feed them meat?" All in all it’s just another illegal over the wall

Illegals are now allowed to vote in California, first matter of business illegals voted not to build a wall but a paved walk way into America.

Hillary and Bernie were going at it feverishly about who is the bigger socialist during the last debate. The argument ended in a tie with both promising to spend the other candidate’s money.

Poor Ben Carson has dropped out of the race for president. What is even sadder is no one noticed he was missing from the last debate.

Trump is a phenomenon, the way he is drawing crowds I have been calling him the Beatles of politics. On the other hand those who hate Trump the Don Rickles of politics fits better.


Monday, March 14, 2016

The Trump IX Center Rally

The Trump IX Center Rally

WOW IT WAS A BLAST! I mean a blast! Like a high school rally times ten, very pro-America, very patriotic – one more time – WOW!
It was just a wonderful uplifting event and this comes from someone who loathes the Republican Party after the nonsense I have seen. Trump is the only reason I am paying attention to anything Republican.
It was well organized, very little protests considering this was an open event. Bernie Sanders disrupters couldn't make it to the IX Center as the bus route doesn't run there. I assume that's why none showed up.

And I like to say to the Cruz'ers I invited to the Trump rally shame on you for not attending you needed to hear the opening prayers from the ministers. The prayers were spirit filled and moving. These ministers spoke the Gospel and praised Trump for standing for the truth. YES I believe 100% in my heart God can use Trump and have him turn his heart completely to Christ but it starts with us praying for the man.

I was disappointed that I didn’t meet Trump or hand him the parody I wrote about him but I was briefly on Channel 19 news and handed it to the reporter. She looked at my info and said maybe we can get you on the morning show. Wow wouldn’t that be neat-o!

I will add more to this and post photos and links later but GO TRUMP.

As Chairman for the Constitution Party of Lake County I won’t and can’t endorse Trump for the party but personally I will endorse Trump.
I understand completely what is at stake. We have a chance to elect someone outside the business as usual. If you vote for one of the others you must like the status.
If you look at all of Trumps endorsements it is a ground swell of great people. This may be the last chance to elect a non-politician.

And lastly look at all of the attacks going against Trump. They are trying to sabotage him and silence the voice of the people. When Jeb Bush meets with all of the non-Trump candidates and they won't disclose what was said that is enough for me.

Please vote for Trump!

Kasich has the best chance to win Ohio on Super Tuesday March 15 It's imperative that Trump does not win Ohio and Florida on Tuesday

What is so strange about the above statement? This comes from a lady pastor friend of mine who is pro-Cruz. My question is if she so enamored with Cruz why tell people to vote Kasich? The answer is simple… she heard and bought what the media said.
While I was at a Geauga Tea Party recently someone mentioned a flyer they received from New York that read:
Help Cruz defeat Trump by voting for Kasich!

People wake up and think for yourself. I told this pastor she was leading people astray.
Do you like NAFTA? Kasich is for it. Do you like Obama-care? Kasich latched Ohio onto it. Do you like same sex marriage? Kasich is OK with it. Do you like the global agenda? Kasich is for it. Do you like amnesty and continuing the illegal invasion? Kasich is for this.

 Carey Masci

I am equally excited for my friends Jeff Marshaus and Michelle Webber who attended the Trump Rally with me. They were interview by NBC news and you can read their comments. Congrats Jeff and Michelle!

Lastly a BIG THANK YOU to Brian Wollet for the tickets and organizing the Trump event it was well planned.


Friday, March 11, 2016

Debate Wrap Ups

Well another debate and another smack down. Kasich in the far right corner sounded OK and being unbiased have to say he did rather well. But I’m still not sold.
Trump could have done better, Rubio and Cruz still score zero because they are ineligible..

Now some mental notes I made. Trump was correct and Lying Cruz lied. Cruz did indeed support John Roberts from the research I have done. Cruz the liar lied. This is just one article research it for yourself. .
According to a 2005 Sun-Sentinel Report, Cruz once praised Roberts as "one of the best constitutional minds in the country." Cruz reportedly made that comment while explaining why, as a domestic policy adviser for George W. Bush's 2000 presidential campaign, he brought Roberts to Florida to assist with his team's legal battle over the controversial post-election recount. .
In 2005, Cruz wrote a National Review op-ed that said "[A]s a jurist, Judge Roberts’s approach will be that of his entire career: carefully, faithfully applying the Constitution and legal precedent. Again research it yourself. .
So Lying Ted the Trifecta Candidate attacks Trump because he doesn’t trust Donald picking the right person for the Supreme Court and yet Ted lies about the choice he made. Hmmm.
Then when asked about same sex marriage Ted the Christian instead of standing up for his Christian beliefs and America Godly heritage took the easy route. He said he supports the states’ rights in regards to marriage. .

CRUZ: Well, listen, adoption is decided at the state level and I am a believer in the 10th Amendment in the Constitution, I would leave the question of marriage to the states, I would leave the question of adoption to the states. .
I won’t point out what the other candidates say because they have not made a big deal of their Christian faith as Ted has. He should have answered that question in a biblical moral manner and or he could even cited Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; which is how I attack this farce of same sex marriages. I won’t go any deeper than that.

When Rubio attacked Trump of other world leaders not respecting or being fearful of him but then attacked Trump because of Putin liking Trump and visa versa. This seems like a contradiction.

I made other notes on March 3 but time has escaped me from posting this so let’s move on to yesterday’s debate on March 10th.

Last night’s debate was almost a yawner compared to the previous one. But if you listened to Trump from the get go he said his tone and mannerisms would change as he got closer to the nomination. He has kept his word. Trump looks in presidential form.
What I loved the most about what Trump is doing is calling out what needs to be called out.
On Islam and Muslims Trump said this: In large mosques, all over the Middle East, you have people chanting "death to the USA." Now, that does not sound like a friendly act to me. As far as the families are concerned, and as far as the law is concerned, we have a law -- this all started with your question on water boarding. We have a law that doesn't allow right now water boarding. They have no laws. They have no rules. They have no regulations. They chop off heads. They drown 40, 50, 60 people at a time in big steel cages, pull them up an hour later, everyone dead. And we're working on a different set of parameters. Now, we have to obey the laws. Have to obey the laws. But we have to expand those laws, because we have to be able to fight on at least somewhat of an equal footing or we will never ever knock out ISIS and all of the others that are so bad.

Governor Kasich, do you think Islam hates us? Kasich: No…..

Kasich did go on to talk further but his initial word was NO. He doesn’t understand as my friends do who live with Islam what Islam is all about. They hate all things Christian and other religions – period!

Cruz didn’t get what Trump was saying at all about Israel. Trump said he is 100% pro-Israel and has repeatedly said it. But when Trump said he would be neutral it is in regards to going into a room with Israel and the Palestinians so he could try and broker a peace deal. What is wrong with Cruz for not understanding this difference?

Oh well…. Just let’s get this primary over with so Trump can gear up for the leftist of the Democratic Party.

Here are a few more of my quotes from Facebook and emails that I posted recently.

Obama, Mitt, Cruz and Clinton what is the binding tie? The tie is GOLDMAN SACH. Trump as far as I know is not part of the cabal.
The Democratic Party is ONLY the left arm of the new world order, the Republican Party is the right arm.
Everyone is aghast that Neil Bush from the BUSH family has joined the Cruz campaign. I told you Cruz was no outsider. He is running that way but something is not right. I do not trust the man.

That’s all Carey