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The Big Fix Is In – Play

The Big Fix Is In – play

Well friends I told you or did I tell you? Now forgive me for saying I told you so but I did.

I wrote this on Friday, November 23, 2012, 2:23 Here's my prediction for 2016, no for sure winner but some heavy favorites. … The man to keep an eye on is Kasich of Ohio and unless time gets the best of her Hillary is now making her move. She will be a tough force to take out. The GOP could be left wandering for years as they had their chance and squandered it

And again on Friday, January 04, 2013 But I believe one man to keep an eye on is Governor Kasich of Ohio. 

Finally Friday, August 14, 2015 The tables are being set for Kasich. Ohio is an important swing state. The first debate was held in Cleveland, the Convention is in Cleveland. The two candidates who I think will either be the nominee or make a good strong run are.... Rand Paul and John Kasich.

OK maybe someone slipped me a mickey when I wrote Rand Paul but I was spot on when I wrote about Kasich.

And what about this scenario that I wrote near the end of January. Let’s play suppose. Suppose that the establishment fills the Iowa caucuses but tells their supporters to vote for Cruz over Bush or Kasich. Cruz pulls out a win. This could knock the steam out from Trump” then onto New Hampshire where Kasich is polling quite high. Suppose Trump comes in second. Meanwhile after a few more primaries with Cruz doing well and Trump struggling the establishment then goes after Cruz and knocks him off the ballot with lawsuits for being foreign born. A division is caused and the establishment/world banks get their man in. Why couldn’t this scenario play out?

Well friends I was pretty close to the above scenario playing out as the establishment is now using Cruz to derail Trump. They won’t stop until they succeed. If you listen to all the GOP insiders they keep repeating Trump is not good for the Republican Party. Not one has mentioned at least that I am aware of that Trump is not good for America. The GOP is showing its true colors and will use any mind game they can to elect their man and why not it works, people fall prey to these tricks.

Here is one example of the GOP mind games: I was at a candidate’s night meeting in Geauga hosted by Pastor Sanders a few days before the Trump IX rally. A candidate spoke and mentioned a flyer that came in from New York that said Help Ted Cruz defeat Donald Trump by voting for John Kasich. Everyone in the room just laughed. We thought who would pick up on this piece of mindless trash.

Guess what... the establishment mind game worked, people followed. A friend of mine posted this message on Facebook prior to voting: On my way to the polls to vote for John Kasich. This is to ensure a Kasich victory in Ohio to help Ted Cruz win the Republican nomination. Ted Cruz for President!

It is happening as the boys in DC confused and won the minds of the unprotected. Vote against what you believe to ensure the opposite will happen. HUH? But now the Republicans have switched their ploy and are starting to back Cruz to get Kasich elected. Can this get any crazier?

It is for this reason I did not vote for Trump. In fact I didn’t vote. WHAT! After all the fuss I made and support I showed  for Trump I sat out the election? Yes I did. Now before you think I have lost it allow me to explain.

I take pride in my word. I will do everything I can to make true what I say. I swore back in 2012 I was done with the Republican Party. I became the Lake County Chairman for the Constitution Party of Ohio. It is a title I am proud of because I believe in the party. Well when it came time to vote I had a decision to make. Will my one vote count? Will Donald Trump win? Because of the uncertainty of those questions I chose not to vote. I did not want to be straddled with having to admit I voted Republican; plus the title of Lake County Chairman of the Constitution Party is secure.

But, just because I didn’t vote I still honestly believe Trump is the best candidate running. I have held sign waves for Trump, blasted out email after email, I attended meetings, organized a group to see Trump at the IX Center I did what I could. And if Trump does stand up to the wiles of the Republican Party and he becomes the GOP nominee I can campaign for him in a much more honest fashion without people thinking well I support Trump just because I am a Republican.

So in the end I am proud I am not a Republican because they are revealing more and more they are not for the people, I did not violate my word, the Lake County Chairman of the Constitution Party title is secure and if Trump is the nominee I can more honestly campaign for him - Go Trump!

                                 Carey Masci

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