Thursday, March 17, 2016

Accumulated Humor from the Last 3 Months

So what if these are late. He who laughs last still laughs so laugh even if these are late.

Immediately upon hearing of two Cuban candidates winning in Iowa Raul Castro called Rubio to book a night’s stay in the Lincoln Bedroom while the Cuban people lit cigars. Meanwhile in Canada hockey games were halted and Molson beers were hoisted in honor of Cruz.

Phoenix City Council opened their meeting with a prayer from a Satanist. The meeting was marred by arguing, lying, a thrown stapler and fighting. A council member when asked what happened replied, I don’t know, we prayed to Satan then all hell broke loose.

Santorum threw his support to Rubio. That’s kind of like throwing make up on Hillary, it won’t do any good.

I heard season tickets are going so slow for the Browns that Cleveland is now offering with every purchase two tickets of your choice to any Pittsburgh Steelers game.

Hey! Politicians! Leave us Americans alone! All in all it’s just another illegal over the wall. All in all it’s just another illegal over the wall. "If you don't feed illegals meat, you won't have any illegals. How can you have any illegals if you don't feed them meat?" All in all it’s just another illegal over the wall

Illegals are now allowed to vote in California, first matter of business illegals voted not to build a wall but a paved walk way into America.

Hillary and Bernie were going at it feverishly about who is the bigger socialist during the last debate. The argument ended in a tie with both promising to spend the other candidate’s money.

Poor Ben Carson has dropped out of the race for president. What is even sadder is no one noticed he was missing from the last debate.

Trump is a phenomenon, the way he is drawing crowds I have been calling him the Beatles of politics. On the other hand those who hate Trump the Don Rickles of politics fits better.


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