Monday, March 14, 2016

The Trump IX Center Rally

The Trump IX Center Rally

WOW IT WAS A BLAST! I mean a blast! Like a high school rally times ten, very pro-America, very patriotic – one more time – WOW!
It was just a wonderful uplifting event and this comes from someone who loathes the Republican Party after the nonsense I have seen. Trump is the only reason I am paying attention to anything Republican.
It was well organized, very little protests considering this was an open event. Bernie Sanders disrupters couldn't make it to the IX Center as the bus route doesn't run there. I assume that's why none showed up.

And I like to say to the Cruz'ers I invited to the Trump rally shame on you for not attending you needed to hear the opening prayers from the ministers. The prayers were spirit filled and moving. These ministers spoke the Gospel and praised Trump for standing for the truth. YES I believe 100% in my heart God can use Trump and have him turn his heart completely to Christ but it starts with us praying for the man.

I was disappointed that I didn’t meet Trump or hand him the parody I wrote about him but I was briefly on Channel 19 news and handed it to the reporter. She looked at my info and said maybe we can get you on the morning show. Wow wouldn’t that be neat-o!

I will add more to this and post photos and links later but GO TRUMP.

As Chairman for the Constitution Party of Lake County I won’t and can’t endorse Trump for the party but personally I will endorse Trump.
I understand completely what is at stake. We have a chance to elect someone outside the business as usual. If you vote for one of the others you must like the status.
If you look at all of Trumps endorsements it is a ground swell of great people. This may be the last chance to elect a non-politician.

And lastly look at all of the attacks going against Trump. They are trying to sabotage him and silence the voice of the people. When Jeb Bush meets with all of the non-Trump candidates and they won't disclose what was said that is enough for me.

Please vote for Trump!

Kasich has the best chance to win Ohio on Super Tuesday March 15 It's imperative that Trump does not win Ohio and Florida on Tuesday

What is so strange about the above statement? This comes from a lady pastor friend of mine who is pro-Cruz. My question is if she so enamored with Cruz why tell people to vote Kasich? The answer is simple… she heard and bought what the media said.
While I was at a Geauga Tea Party recently someone mentioned a flyer they received from New York that read:
Help Cruz defeat Trump by voting for Kasich!

People wake up and think for yourself. I told this pastor she was leading people astray.
Do you like NAFTA? Kasich is for it. Do you like Obama-care? Kasich latched Ohio onto it. Do you like same sex marriage? Kasich is OK with it. Do you like the global agenda? Kasich is for it. Do you like amnesty and continuing the illegal invasion? Kasich is for this.

 Carey Masci

I am equally excited for my friends Jeff Marshaus and Michelle Webber who attended the Trump Rally with me. They were interview by NBC news and you can read their comments. Congrats Jeff and Michelle!

Lastly a BIG THANK YOU to Brian Wollet for the tickets and organizing the Trump event it was well planned.


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David Macko said...

Despite his shortcomings, Donald Trump does not hate America like the Clintons, Bushes and Obama do. He cannot be bought. Finally, he has all the right enemies. I look forward to attending one of his rallies before the general election.