Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The slow but sure demise of Christmas

The slow but sure demise of Christmas. Oh this has been going on for sometime now. The rulings that have outlawed manger scenes from public displays unless you give equal time to other religions such as Islam and the acceptance of pagan holidays such as Kwanzaa, hearing more and more about the madness of black Friday and whether sales figures will be up have all contributed to the watering down of the Christmas season.

But the elimination of Christmas was never more evident than at the 2010 Winterfest held in downtown Cleveland this past weekend. Maybe I shouldn't of been to surprised because the name does give a hint as to what the festival was to hold but I still was taken aback.

I have been going to see the light display in Cleveland since a child when my parents would drive the family down there. I carried on the tradition of making it habit to see the display all but the last five years or so. This year I went with my best friend and his family because his children never got to experience it. I wish I would of not attended so my memory of how things were would not of been ruined by the present. It's sad what the Christmas season has turned into.

The name of the event held in Cleveland says it all - Winterfest - which is a joke because we are not officially in winter yet. A winter fest should be held when? in winter, say January or February. This is the Christmas season - period.

The light display itself was lame, just lame and not worth the gas to go see it. I saw no theme. I saw no wreaths. I saw no bells. No snowmen. No trains, nothing! And definitely not a sign or hint of the word Christmas. Nada!

The MC's of the event did all they could to try to keep the crowd enthused and build they hype of the lighting ceremony. Mayor Jackson said a few words welcoming everyone and so did other notable people and councilman of Cleveland. Unless I missed it, I didn't hear any of them say Merry Christmas. I did hear welcome to Winterfest. The entertainment was OK. Even though a few of the songs we scratched our heads trying to figure out what that had to with Christmas. And the girl group the Pink Stilettos were good but they came from Salt Lake City. C'mon Cleveland you couldn't find a local group?

After the square was lit and the fireworks display we ventured inside of Tower City and were greeted by the same thing inside. Lame! The decorations were sparse and we couldn't find much of anything that said Christmas. We quickly left.

I brought home two things from the event. One was the program of the Winterfest. I grabbed it so I could send it to my over seas friend as a souvenir of an American Christmas celebration. But upon reading and witnessing what I saw, the booklet ended up in the trash. In the whole fifteen pages of the program were only three mentions of the word Christmas. Two of them were in ads from the Old Stone Church on pages 8 & 10 and on page 9 was an ad for Scrooges Night Out. That's it! No other mention or hint of Christmas.

The other thing I brought home was a political paper someone handed to my friend. He gave it to me cause he knows I am into politics. The paper was a newspaper from the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. I will quote just one sentence from it.

"The truth is, there are no gods... and we don't need them."

Judging from the Winterfest Cleveland has really taken that communist message to heart. As I never saw or heard mentioned God or Christmas anywhere in downtown other than from a group from Akron Bible Baptist Church preaching the gospel on the street.

Merry Christmas,
Carey Masci

For those who may be upset about what I said about Kwanzaa, just do the research. This is only one I pulled off the web.

During the early years of Kwanzaa, Karenga said that it was meant to be an alternative to Christmas, that Jesus was psychotic, and that Christianity was a white religion that black people should shun. However, as Kwanzaa gained mainstream adherents, Karenga altered his position so that practicing Christians would not be alienated, then stating in the 1997 Kwanzaa: A Celebration of Family, Community, and Culture, "Kwanzaa was not created to give people an alternative to their own religion or religious holiday."

Keep an eye on my You Tube page, humminaaa, as I will be posting some clips on it soon, one is from John from the Akron Bible Baptist church.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three Dumb Things Democrats Said To Carey Recently.

Hey Gang,
Sometimes I wish I didn't have a photographic memory so I wouldn't remember all the dumb stuff people say to me. Like these.

Three Dumb Things Democrats Said To Carey Recently.

1. Whats happen if you marry that girl, what will your Republican friends think of you marrying a foreigner?

2. Someone I know is extremely Liberal and he is always trying to persuade me to his side. I mentioned what about all the corruption in Cleveland, trying to persuade him to MY side. He said " Two of my favorite cities are NY and Chicago. They probably have the most corruption in America and look at them how successful they are. Maybe Cleveland is too honest and doesn't have enough corruption."

3. I was talking to a Liberal Democrat business owner whom I deal with for my janitorial business. He also preaches at me. So I asked him about the nations debt since he is a businessman, he replied, "Its only paper who cares about the debt, just print more."   Friends, he was serious.

When I told my friend Wayne this he replied with:

I find it weird that a Businessman would agree to defund the very piece of paper that defines his reason to be a businessman. In the last few weeks, Walmart has shown that what was $50 worth of groceries now...weeks later, costs $55.... 10%. So this businessman now likes that even HIS dollar is worth 10% less and he has to pay $11 for $10 worth of supplies he needs. This guy is an can shy of a six-pack. Maybe he doesn't know about Zimbabwe or even Weimar Germany.... a wheelbarrow of marks (3,000,000,000) for a loaf to be more exact.

If it is ONLY PAPER, why does he seek it??

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sky Pilot by The Animals

I have never been an anti-war protester but the words of many songs in the 60's are quite chilling and make you think.

Listen to this rendition of Sky Pilot done in 2006. Eric can still sing.
Pay attention at 4:50 and the change of lyrics


The Original Lyrics read

You'll never, never, never reach the sky
You're soldiers of God you must understand
The fate of your country is in your young hands
May God give you strength
Do your job real well
If it all was worth it
Only time it will tell

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Your words, various topics

It can take up a lot of time doing what I do by keeping your words and bundling them together but its worth it, I think we all learn something. At times I comment, other times I stand corrected and leave your words as is, as in this email. Thanks for your informative comments. And if any of you want your name to appear differently, just let me know.

Thanks Again,

In response to my trip to the Philippines

Isn't it something how people from other countries love us but not our elected officials. Isn't it something how our presidents have appointed the same persons to key positions. Isn't it something that our elected and appointed don't invest in sending our best and brightest kids to these third world countries to learn the views and opinions of these wonderful people.

The world is a college and we are wasting our kids future by sending them to buildings full of teachers with low IQ's that teach them mediocrity.

May I succeed in inspiring those around me to step up and seek to change the change that is needed.

The Russians got Obama into office and its just a matter of time he turns into the monster we fear him to be. Long live Liberty, peace and freedom!
My take on all this is...

Taxes in the US are the lowest world wide... you guys have nothing to complain about.

I pay over 10 dollars a gallon for gas in Germany.... and you guys complain about a 15 cent price jump...

Indonesian and Philippine corruption is well over US standards.. there is corruption everywhere... it is the safeguards in place to prevent corruption... transparency.... that keeps US corruption lower... not within my standards... but you will NEVER get rid of it. Feel blessed you don't live in the Philippines or Indonesia, places where you don't have a little piece of paper with your photo on it that says you can travel to any country in the world without any limitations...
just my opinion...

Oh.. and by the way.. I have been recycling trash and so has everyone else in Germany for the past 10 years or more... keeps the dumps from filling up quicker.. but I always remember a friend of a friend.. (someone I did not hang around with) who used to just lump all his garbage in one bag at his home.. and take it to work a week or two later in his car, and then drive all his co workers to lunch in his car... and boy did it stink... on top of it... he tried to cover up the smell with old spice aftershave.... All the Germans looked down on him for being so lazy... and what is worse is... they viewed him as a typical American... gives a new meaning to "ugly American" Doesn't it?
bob in germany

On the election
Rob Portman takes Ohio, and one of my new favorite states New Hampshire, goes red also. With the economy being the number one issue. The unemployment rate has been over 9%, in Reagan percentages, it is about 17.5 % unemployment. Wow.

One of Ohio's slogans has been "It's the heart of it all." (perhaps because Ohio is shaped like a heart?) Yet now, we take control of the house with John Boehner, we'll see if conservatism will last...

I voted for Robert Owens instead of Mike DeWine for atty. general. From my research on their qualifications I found Mr.Owens greatly superior to Mr DeWine.Frankly I wasn't sure whether DeWine or Cordray was worse. So I decided that if you vote for the lesser of two evils you are still getting evil.

I was pretty sure that Mr Owens would not do well because far too many people vote for the party rather than the person, but I was hoping to see him do much better. This would have sent a message to the GOP to at least give us a choice in the primaries instead of forcing good people (Seth Morgan) out and leaving us only with junk to vote for.

About your word - for the race for CA governor, it wouldn't have mattered. Even if Whitman the RINO had gotten all the percentages of the 3rd parties added to her, she still would have lost to Brown. He got 54% of the vote. Maybe the National GOP still has a chance, but the CA GOP is a lost cause. They are so liberal and so progressive that people can't see much of a difference between the CA GOP and a *moderate* democrat, and when that happens they opt for the democrat every time. Emily

A thank you from Tony

I am truly blessed to have met each and every one of you! I want to assure you I will not not ride off into the sunset. Rather I view this State Representative Campaign as the beginning of the beginning. Each person I met contributed much to success of this endeavor. I cannot find the appropriate words that describe how Livia and I feel so I will have to say a big....................


... Liberty and Justice for All,
Tony Hocevar

On Democracy vs a Republic
Yes I agree Carey that we are a nation of laws. We are not ruled by the majority and the word democracy does not appear in the constitution or bill of rights. I also agree that the democrats want larger government control and that the republicans want smaller government control.  Joe U

Friday, November 05, 2010

little joy in victory


I only felt brief elation at Tuesdays victory party. I felt as happy as I was sad. We made gains but have not won the war. All of the organizers of the tea parties, home groups, conservative social networking sites, and Conservative candidates feel proud that you have made a difference. Thank you, and yes I take it personally as if you did it for me. So take a bow but there is still much work to be done to wrestle this free nation back from the grip of socialism and the liberal agenda.

Analyzing things.
In Cuyahoga County SAD is the word. The people of that county are spiritually blind and need a revival. Corruption is rampant, population loss has yet to bottom out, high taxes, high unemployment and yet they elect the status. Why the voters didn't give someone like Tony Hocevar a chance is beyond my comprehension. Nothing will change in that county.

It gets even more ridiculous. Because of corruption the people chose to have a County Executive, which wasn't needed if the residents would of just voted out the criminals. But since they voted for the position then they should of elected a Republican as a counter balance to the mostly Democratic government or better yet, an Independent. Instead they elect a Democrat as a County Exec over looking his cronies. How will this breed honesty? It won't.

In Lake County Bob Murphy lost the race of commissioner to long time incumbent Dan Troy. Dans photo with Russo and Dimora and ties with other Cuyahoga Dems was enough for me to see the warning signs. For some reason even here in Lake County people look the other way and vote just because of the letter in front of the name.

The earliest called winner of the night was Rob Portman for senator from Ohio and he also had one of the biggest margins of victories. The Dems ran ads against him always aligning or associating Portman with Bush. I didn't see this in any other race, maybe there was but I didn't notice it. The Dems strategy backfired. I think reminding people of Bush made them very nostalgic.

I do not like Murkowski. She is arrogant and is putting herself first over party and nation. She is doing nothing but dividing the state of Alaska. If she was so concerned about the nation she would of endorsed Joe Miller in the primary and unified the Tea Party and Republican Party. What does the opposition say? The Democrat candidate who lost and bowed out made a concession call to Murkowski. This should show you who the Liberals want to hold office.

The GOP has to be careful that they do not alienate the Tea Party as Murkowski is doing. For those who may not remember it was this sort of action back in 1970 that spawned the Libertarian Party. The Republicans strayed from their principles and the party was split. The Tea Party has to hold the GOP to the fire and change it from within. The GOP has to quit playing games with us also. Either this is the party of limited government, conservative values, and individual freedoms or it isn't. If they are going to run campaigns and talk as if they are then we the voters should DEMAND they uphold their words, nothing short of this will do. And groups such as Slovak Moms Heritage home group or Paul Prince's Mentor 9/12 have to continue to be watchdogs for us to make sure party by-laws are being fulfilled.

A Word to my friends.
I know some of you voted for the Constitution Party or other conservative party and I can't find to much fault for voting your conscience but I myself decided not to do that, this election was far to important. I was already planning and voting for the next primary.

We were trying to do two things. One, vote out of office as many Socialist Dems as possible and two, rebuild the GOP back into a Conservative Party. Think of it in sports terms. Every year there is training camp for teams. The coach weeds out the bad players and tries to replace them with more qualified. Thats how we need to view this. Do not abandon the Republican Party, help rebuild it. We know we are safe with people like Rep. Ron Paul, Rep. Steve King and locally with Rep. Ron Young and Rep. Tim Grendel. So what we need to is keep an eye on the moderates and see how they are leaning. To far to the left, give them hell and vote them OUT next primary! Thats how you rebuild.

So rejoice for the next few days if you want but lets not relax to long, we haven't restored anything yet.
                                                                         Carey Masci

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I am very anxious right now, sort of the feeling one gets when standing in front of a judge awaiting the verdict.

Let me refresh you memory. It was two years ago I started getting demands from Euclid for my houses and it was March 2009 I received a warrant for my arrest and was arrested out of work in May of that same year. My crime: Having my nephew stay in my rental property without registering and receiving a permit from the city. That's the short of it.

So why am I anxious? Today's election outcome shows the direction America is headed. Do we continue on the path of BIG government, socialist policies or is it a new dawn of awakening the true American spirit of freedom and telling the government hands off, this is my life, my property, my money.

If people vote for the status and things stay the same its carte blanche for the government to continue onward running our lives and telling us what to do and how to do it. And this will certainly gives cities like Euclid the green light to continue their policies.

If freedom wins we can all breath a sigh of relief. But we can't get complacent. We must start immediately to restore the liberties that were snatched away and over turn every socialist law that has been put in place.

The more laws are enacted, the more innocent people are found guilty.

I pray that my peers have realized what big government has done to this great nation. It is smothering the American dream and spirit. We must not let the flame be extinguished.

Remember the words of The Declaration of Independence, ..... We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.....

Big government and socialism only takes, it never gives anything in return.

Please vote responsibly and support the Right side of the ballot.
                                       Carey Masci

Seven Candidates - Grendel and Brommer

I hear a lot of complaints about our leaders and elected officials. And I keep telling people NOT all are thieving liars. You need to attend the different functions, you need to meet the candidates face to face to find out. Here are a few that I endorse.

It was hard to narrow it down of whom to endorse as I have met many fine qualified people. So this is my short list of seven candidates that I believe are honest, have integrity, still believe in America and that can make a difference. Most of these candidates have never held office before. I call this the year of the businessman/non-politician.

6. Senator Tim Grendel candidate State Rep. Ohio House 98th District

Senator Grendel explains why the decision to run for state representative:

"I believe that I can be even more effective in representing my constituents as a refreshed state representative than as a lame duck state senator. As a member of the Ohio House, I will continue to use my successful legislative experience and advocacy skills to protect the citizens of Geauga and Cuyahoga counties, and Northeastern, Ohio."

Grendel said he wants to continue to fight for residents on issues such as tax relief, local control over oil and gas drilling, reasonable household septic system regulations, and government restructuring and reform.

Senator Grendel is a true champion of liberty, defender of the Constitution and protector of individual rights. Its very important for all of us that Grendel gets elected.

4. Roy Brommer candidate Ashtabula County Auditor

Roy has run his own business for many years and serves on the Roaming Shores Village Council other than that has never held office. He is the father of a long time friend of mine but that's not why I endorse him. Its because of his successful business experience and honesty.

I said it years ago that the rise in property value was a ploy for the government to raise property tax. Sure it looked good for the added equity you suddenly had but it is part of the foreclosure mess.

When I read Roy Brommer's letter to his constituents I was excited that people are finally waking up and no longer afraid to tell the truth.

Roy Brommer writes:
My opponent during a time of unprecedented foreclosures, a mortgage crisis, and one of the worse economies in decades had the nerve to over inflate the value of properties... to bring more tax revenue in.

People can barely make payments and Roy's opponent is busy raising property values that many banks won't even recognize just to increase tax revenue. That my friend is evil and the Dems have done this all over.

We need to elect people like Roy Brommer.

People tell me all the time but what can I do? Simple - Get Involved! With modern technology such as cell phones and the Internet its very easy to do so. Contact these candidates and ask for voter lists and make calls on their behalf, blast out emails in their support, post this message and others on different forums and blogs and donate.

But the easiest thing you can do is simply tell a friend, vote for.....

Even if you live in another state help us here in NE Ohio, we need it!
We are at a serious crossroad my friends! Remember what Euclid did to me?

                                                         Carey Masci

As John Kasich candidate for Ohio governor said at the Lake County Republican Convention in August 2009.

             "You have one more chance to get this right and that's it!"

              Get involved friends, please get involved before it's really to late!

Clearing out my folder

A few notes I had taken from articles that just sat. Clearing out my folder of old news but still wothy enough to read.

Below is taken from:
Big night for tea party: O'Donnell wins Delaware By DAVID ESPO
These three paragraphs say a lot about the condition our country is in.

O'Donnell defeated nine-term Rep. Mike Castle, a fixture in Delaware politics for a generation and a political moderate. Republican party officials, who had touted him as their only hope for winning the seat in the fall, made clear as the votes were being counted they would not provide O'Donnell funding in the general election.

This is a sad commentary. Is it party first or country first? Moderates are part of the reason for TEA Parties. The people voted for O'Donnel and unless she has done something majorly wrong the GOP should back her.

In New York, 40-year veteran Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel easily won renomination in his first time on the ballot since the House ethics committee accused him of 13 violations, most of them relating to his personal finances.

The voting public is as much to blame as our corrupt politicians. The people had a choice and chance to vote this man out of office. Instead Rangel not only won, he easily won. Reelecting him is almost like giving him carte blanche. Is this absurd or what?

In a postscript from one of them, Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is expected to announce by week's end whether she will mount a write-in campaign following her primary defeat last month.

ARROGANCE!!! This is all about arrogance. How many times have we seen someone voted out of office and instead of accepting defeat and going back to the private sector they fight it and try to get back on the ballot either as an independent or another party. They don't understand, the people spoke, you lost, go home now.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Hey Gang,

Scrolling around on the Internet researching Roy Brommer who is running for Ashtabula county auditor I came across this:


Look at both You Tube links. Ashtabula is a real HOOT! Where else can you find a country music backed clipped and then a funk backed clip on the same homepage? No where else but good ole Ashtabula, Ohio.

But besides the hokieness the clips drive home a sad truth.

Ashtabula is about 40 miles from Cleveland and even they got on the bandwagon with lambasting Russo and Dimora The Corrupt Cuyahoga Duo of Shame.

Sadly - enjoy the clips.



A FOLLOW UP message from Terry - 61 years Young


My quote of “vote the incumbents out.” was an extreme generalization for my friends.

After sitting with the gang (ALL BABY BOOMERS) and trying to talk Politics, it seemed much simpler (for THEM) to ask all to just “vote the incumbents out”.  IF I convinced them to even Vote at all next Tuesday.

Carey, you ARE correct in that we DO have a few Incumbents that deserve a second try.  It is just there are too many Politics As Usual heads on the entire Team in Washington that (in the words from the movie “Charley Wilson’s War”) …get to vote YES a lot!”  It seems in my view, the simpler of directions for my friends to be heard and help make the change.

I grew up a Democrat. UAW member, then with the Teamsters. Kennedy was Assassinated on my 14th Birthday.

I look at my children and see how they suffer today, but they try to keep a straight face. Their smiles are worn and few.

Disillusioned I voted for Perot. I now support the Republicans AND the T Party.

IF Newt Gingrich runs in 2012 HE is my man of choice.
Next Tuesday we need to set the stage for his arrival.