Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three Dumb Things Democrats Said To Carey Recently.

Hey Gang,
Sometimes I wish I didn't have a photographic memory so I wouldn't remember all the dumb stuff people say to me. Like these.

Three Dumb Things Democrats Said To Carey Recently.

1. Whats happen if you marry that girl, what will your Republican friends think of you marrying a foreigner?

2. Someone I know is extremely Liberal and he is always trying to persuade me to his side. I mentioned what about all the corruption in Cleveland, trying to persuade him to MY side. He said " Two of my favorite cities are NY and Chicago. They probably have the most corruption in America and look at them how successful they are. Maybe Cleveland is too honest and doesn't have enough corruption."

3. I was talking to a Liberal Democrat business owner whom I deal with for my janitorial business. He also preaches at me. So I asked him about the nations debt since he is a businessman, he replied, "Its only paper who cares about the debt, just print more."   Friends, he was serious.

When I told my friend Wayne this he replied with:

I find it weird that a Businessman would agree to defund the very piece of paper that defines his reason to be a businessman. In the last few weeks, Walmart has shown that what was $50 worth of groceries now...weeks later, costs $55.... 10%. So this businessman now likes that even HIS dollar is worth 10% less and he has to pay $11 for $10 worth of supplies he needs. This guy is an can shy of a six-pack. Maybe he doesn't know about Zimbabwe or even Weimar Germany.... a wheelbarrow of marks (3,000,000,000) for a loaf to be more exact.

If it is ONLY PAPER, why does he seek it??

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