Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friends, Anyone know how to start impeachment proceedings?

Yahoo News: President Barack Obama is signing into law an equal-pay bill that is popular with labor and women's groups and is expected to make it easier for workers to sue for decades-old discrimination.

Here we gooooooooo Folks, its off to the races with more social tinkering. America is burning and Obama is fanning the flames. Instead of dealing with real issues The Chosen One is about to make Slick Willy look Conservative, if thats at all possible. Lets see we have him wanting to shut down Gitmo Bay. As one Republican Senator said what do we do with all those terrorists? Please don't send them to Cleveland we already have enough crime. I know, lets give them a position on the Obama Cabinet since they are so Pro-American and trustworthy. Besides their leader was Osama and ours is Obama so I am sure they will listen to us now and be good.
Next on the Obama agenda... oh yeah free terrorist and then kill the unborn and force Christian hospitals to perform them. FOCA remember that, F-O-C-A! Thats a loving man, so loving I am glad he represents America. Its amazing there is separation of church and state when a Republican speaks anything of faith in politics but when a Democrat forces his queerness or death of the unborn on believers there is no separation and laws can be passed. How can that be?
Well if it gets any worse I will just jump into my {fill in the blank - vintage, SUV, truck, old, big...}_______ vehicle and drive to Canada. No NO NO, not so quick. Have you read about the “Accelerated Retirement of Inefficient Vehicles Act”? NO!, you best wake up sleepy heads, Big Brother brought his father Big Government along. Believe it or not this wonderful plan was part of the current economic stimulus package. How does scrappin a car have to do with a stimulus package? Oh I get it, crush my old car and make me buy a new one. Wonder if they would do that with shoes? I have an old pair I would love to turn in. So it was smitten from the stimulus package but has reappeared in legislation S. 247 and H.R. 520. What I like to know is just lets say, yes this is a wonderful idea, where is the money to pay the people who go along with the program and turn cars in to be scrapped? See if you bring in a car the Gov. will pay you.
Lets take a vote, should I be patriotic and scrap the GoGo Bus? Take a look at it here: You decide, crush it or save it? I want to do right by Obama he is my leader now.
Now lets jump back to the top with what I opened with, the equal pay. Are you ready for full blown Socialism? This is a major step towards it. How can the government dictate what a worker is worth? Here's just one example of how bad this bill is. Dad told me in the factory he worked for there was a woman. This woman couldn't load her machine, they had to do it for her, all she did was press buttons. First of all she should never of been there but quotas you know have to be met. Now it gets even worse, Obama wants to guarantee woman like this one get paid the same as a man? Ladies please don't yell at me I never mentioned jobs that use the brain, as in a bank etc... in that case the smartest person gets paid the most. I am talking physical labor. Another thing is it creates frivolous law suites. Do you think our economy and/or factories are strong enough to withstand another onslaught? I don't. I see more closed doors and more taillights of factories heading into Mexico. Why put up with more government intrusion?
Lastly we move onto the hate crimes bill which is rearing its ugly head again. Surely you know what's thats all about, you do - don't you? That my friends is another kind loving bill that says shhhhhhh you can't say anything about an immoral action such a homosexual]ity because well, its hateful. Whoops, I best shut up before I am herded into a cattle car and shipped to be executed. Thats where its heading folks. Soon free speech will only be good if its goes along with what the government deems is OK.
You asked for him, you got him, Obama!

Care to read any of the bills I mentioned I will send what I have.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Obama Fervor

I was driving through Euclid the other day and saw a poster of Obama in a store window. I am sure you have seen this popular poster. It is his profile colored in red, white and blue with the words hope under him. But suddenly it occurred to me that I have seen this poster before, way before Obama ran for president. Trying to jog my memory, I believe it was possibly of Stalin or of one of the communist leaders of the 60's. I decided to research this online and lo and behold I was not the only one with this thought. So instead of writing what someone else has already I ask you to please take a look at this article.

This is disturbing. President Obama was a senator for only a short duration with no accomplishments that I know of and has been a president for less than 2 weeks and people are carrying on like he is God. Posters, coins, tattoo's, it is bordering on idol worship. All presidents have had drawings and photos taken but they always represented America. For instance one of my favorites photos of President Reagan is of him wearing a cowboy hat and smiling. That photo signifies America's heritage. I could give a rundown of some of our other presidents and what visual comes to mind. And each visual signifies one of their traits which in turn represents America. With Teddy Roosevelt I think of hunting which in turn represents America's wilderness and strength, Lincoln you think of freedom, Carter - farming but none of them have been lifted up as high or as quickly as Obama.
If its his race than why aren't we thinking of that? We aren't, we
think of Obama. His looks, his speeches, people think of Obama as their savior. I respect President Reagan and think of a great leader, a leader that represented America well but I don't think of Reagan as my God and he served two full terms as president with many accomplishments and was a successful governor before hand. What has Obama done?
This Obama fervor is way more then a celebration of the first African American being elected. The worship people have bestowed upon Obama has been seen in other countries where rabble rousers incite the masses with class warfare and words of change. Is America to the point where we need a savior that promises to help in every area of our lives and grow the government to accomplish it or do we just need a leader with a vision to limit government and allow more self responsibility? The course America is on is very dangerous. We have handed the keys over to Obama without any track record and along with it our hopes for change. It is the change that I am fearful of. We don't need change. What we need is to reverse the course America is on and return it to where it once was, a God fearing nation. Thats where you put your hopes, not in Obama.


1. You shall have no other gods before me.

2. You shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cleveland Funnies, from mid December, 08

Hey Gang,
Last Week:
Driving home from work I was not in the mood to listen to any more depressing news of the economy or about Obama our savior. Nor was I into listening to Cleveland's corporate music stations which play the same songs over and over and over. And I can't play my cd player either as almost all my music is still on cassette. So I decided to listen to ESPN radio, maybe some cheery news on the Cavs. Nope! Sports Announcer... What do you think the biggest shocker of the year in the NFL has been? To me it has to be the way the Browns performed.....blah blah and BLAH!

Sunday Night:
Cavs win big in Miami so thought I would catch the highlights of their victory. Turn on the boob tube (hmm now that they are changing into flat screens what do we call it?) and nope - nothing about the Cavs. The top of the hour was about the Clowns, no offense to clowns. Announcer.... This has to be the worse team in the NFL.... more blah blahs. The Lions just went 0-16 but the Browns are labeled as the worse team!

I was telling a friend awhile back when they just mentioned that Brady Quinn would start, I said how many times have we seen Cleveland rush a younger player to try and save a season only for them to ruin or shorten that players career? Well you know what happened. 4 days after I said that Brady started and broke his hand. The Browns not wanting to look bad had him start the following game only for him to be yanked as the injury got worse. My crystal ball works again.
With all this fun going on in Cleveland I came up with some more serious humor for you!

The NFL is thinking about going to 17 games. I say to those living in the Cleveland area PLEASE contact everyone in the NFL and say NO!! 16 games of misery is enough for Cleveland.

Did you know that Cleveland has one of the seven wonders? Absolutely. Every Sunday people in Cleveland wonder how could this be a football team.

The problem is the Cleveland Browns has an identity crisis. The teams name is Browns but they wear orange helmets. Maybe they should change to all white and call themselves the Eggs since they always get beaten. Or the Cleveland Anchors, since we are always sinking to the bottom or the Cleveland Candles, since we always get blown out.

Things are so bad with the Browns that they are requesting instead of a by week next year they would like a by year. I suggest - make it two.

Back to the Cavs. Isn't it just like Cleveland that no matter how good something is, we are never alone or some city one ups us. For instance the Cavs are on a phenomenal pace, one destined for the record books if it keeps up. And yet, there is 3 other teams just about as good. Go figure.

Miscellaneous Cleveland Funnies

Vince and three other family members came from Pa. to visit Cleveland the other day. The mayor was very excited. Their visit doubled the amount of tourists from the previous year for Cleveland.

The good and the bad. The good, organized crime is way down in Cleveland. The bad, Cleveland being run by a bunch of bumbling crooked Democrats has made unorganized crime go way up.

Cleveland is trying hard to come up with ways to attract people. One for sure way is for all the inept Democratic leaders to leave.

Cleveland is proud it distanced itself from the days long ago when the river caught fire. The homeless though wish it would again so they could keep warm.

Cleveland has a problem with school funding. My solution is return to the one room school house. Enrollment keeps dropping and no one graduating thinks above a fifth grade level anyways.

Gotta GoGo!!

Just remember humor can be used many ways, I hope this sheds light on serious issues that not only Cleveland is facing but other cities across the nation as well.
This was in response to a news letter someone sent me from Pat Buchanan.

Yes Pat has many valid good points and is correct on all but he misses on a couple of very important issues. The GOP is fragmented, has alienated its base, walked away from their core beliefs, and has not united like the Democratic party has. The GOP has been shot down by its own friendly fire, a slanted media and outplayed and outsmarted by the Dems.
The Dems have held on to their core beliefs and never wavered. What are they? Homosexual rights, abortion, and Big Daddy government will take care of you. Over and over they pounded, we can't have any prejudism, anti-homo is as bad as what the African-American went through, and we can't hinder women from making an educated decision its her choice and you need us - we will fix everything so if you get taxed we will provide. Three key issues that are always a part of the Dem philosophy.
How did the GOP counter this? They didn't - they wavered. How in the HELL was groups such as the Log Cabin Republicans allowed to hoist the banner of the GOP. How did we allow a cross dresser and MC of Gay Pride events named Rudy to run? How did we allow another pro-choice and also in favor of homo rights named Mitt to run? Tell me where the Reagan attitude of you can do it? The best we did was a stimulus check instead of fighting to roll back regulations and try to weaken the EPA so businesses can flourish. Did the GOP make the case against counties and cities like Cuyahoga and Cleveland who are run by Dems and the mess they created with property tax, unemployment and crime? Did we send back the illegals and strengthen our boarders? Did we pound at every opportunity the case of the Islam/Muslim threat? There was no fight, there was no strategy.
Another thing is the white country club mentality of the GOP. I predicted this a few years back. You mean to tell me the Repubs couldn't tell the climate of what the trends were pointing to? The time was right for an African American to be elected. Did we hoist on our shoulders and roll out the red carpet for people like JC Watts, Lynn Swann, Condi Rice, Ken Blackwell or Allen Keyes to name a few fine African American Republicans. NOPE! The Dems started grooming Obama almost as soon as he was elected into the Senate maybe even before. Or even if we stayed with the white man why didn't we listen to the groundswell of the coffee shops and colleges where Ron Paul was gaining flocks. He may of sounded nuts but he was right when he kept saying America is BROKE! Or if not a black or a Ron Paul then a person with solid morals, convictions and plans, Mike Huckabee. NOPE! Instead the best the Republican establishment could do was circle around McCain as heir apparent as they did with Dole. I also predicted this back in 2006 and again in 2007 that the GOP would push Mc to the front. Is this the best that we can do? We deserve to lose.
Yes Pat is right but all is not lost if we would once again regain our core, have a spine to stand up for what is right and instal a litmus test to join the GOP. A Conservative litmus test. The Dems have it and so should we. And if we return to our Conservative foundation we could win everything back and if not at the least we could rebuild the party into a party of true American values and one of individual freedom. If not, not only is the GOP finished so is America.
I would rather be a minority party with solid beliefs then a majority party with no principles.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shopping List II

Hey Gang,
In the first Shopping List article I mentioned Home Depot and a package of 3 screws and nuts I bought with one of the screws not being threaded properly. That package of screws cost only .98 cents but I didn't care I brought them back. The lady said well we are not going to return your money we will open a package and give you one new screw. I said that is fine as long as I've made it known the junk from China Home Depot is stocking their shelves with. She tried to explain it was a jobber who supplied them from a reputable screw company. I said maybe at one time but now the screws are made in China. I grabbed a new package so they could open it and lo and behold, 2 out of the 3 screws in the bag were threaded wrong. I asked for the manager and as he approached she told him he wants his money back, the screws are bad, and then said with a huff "Made in China". I could tell by her tone that this must be common with returns of faulty
products from China.
Its time all of us do what I just did. Return this junk and complain.

I forgot to mention something else in my "Shopping List" article. In Wickliffe close to my house opened a little shop I believe is called "The Military Store". Their merchandise had all the armed forces represented on shirts, hats, pants, mugs and other doodads. These are not military surplus or issue but still nice. I stopped in around Christmas. I wanted to buy something and support it but just couldn't. Why? It bothered me that most all of it was made over seas. How can you wear the US Army or Marines logo made in China?
And then there is Sterns clothes in Mayfield, Ohio, going out of business after 45 years. A few reasons why they are closing but what struck me was the suit I was looking at is the number one reason why. It fit nice, price was OK but the tag read made in Vietnam. Don't these fools who own these places know the reason they can't sell goods any more is because jobs are hard to find? And why are they? Because we keep sending them over seas. You think this would be economics 101 for any business owner. If you ship jobs over seas there is less people working with less or no money to spend at your store. Duh!

Read some of your replies.


Thanks for the update Carey.
I'm not so sure the pet food that poisoned our pets and the lead coated
products from China aren't intentional attempts to undermine US citizens.
But, just a guess, wait for in less than one month we're going to see a rosy picture of our country from the left wing media.
Obama is going to be a miracle worker, at least that's the impression all of our news media is going to paint the country a completely different
perspective than what they did to George W..

Hi Carey,
It's the American way. Until more people like you buy "Made In The USA" & not the lowest price they can find, things will not change.
Years ago it was made in Japan, so I don't think the buying public has changed in many years & don't think they ever will.
Even LLB, a large Maine company in businesses for years & had many items made in Maine & the U.S., now so much of it is made in China. Have not bought anything from them in years & don't plan to.
John in Maine

Ok I understand the thought process here but Walmart is in the news all day for selling things MADE IN china, on your list Walmart wasnt listed but everywhere everyone shops has everything made in other countries. just
an observation.....

Stimulus packages won't work but goods made in the US will.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Islam religion of peace?

Hey Gang,
Don't know about you but I am tired of the news portraying the Muslims as peaceful and Israel as the bad guys. Especially with this current conflict with Israel going into Gaza. Its ridiculous that the liberal left along with many Muslims try to twist what is happening. They do it in such a way that it almost makes you question what right does Israel have protecting themselves from errant missiles aimed at them, because after all the Muslim religion is one of peace and love. Isn't that absurd. What would you expect our government to do if our neighbors in Mexico or Canada lobbed bombs at us? Just sit there? That is one reason I will miss President Bush. Even though I haven't been to keen on him in his last tenure I do shudder to think that Obama will be at the helm. Whether you like Bush or not, he has kept us safe and has tried to rid the world of this evil masked behind the guise of a peaceful religion. Even though he himself
has labeled Islam a peaceful religion also, how ironic.
I was chatting with Tri from Indonesia and she told me that her dog was killed. I asked how. She replied it got out and went up to her neighbor and licked him. He is a Muslim, dogs are unclean to them so he put it to death. She didn't even bother going to the police because they wouldn't side with her or do anything.
And then there is my chat with Ruth the other day. I included a part of it so you can read it for yourself. We were talking about her pet cat.

Carey (2009-01-09 6:14:23:AM): how is your cat mamoy
Ruth (2009-01-09 6:14:27:AM): you know whats mamoy here?
Carey (2009-01-09 6:14:36:AM): i thought it was your cat
Ruth (2009-01-09 6:14:45:AM): its memoy, mamoy is a slang name for pig
Carey (2009-01-09 6:16:47:AM): i know 2 words now when i go to the philippines I will say how is mamoy today
Ruth (2009-01-09 6:17:30:AM): and the muslims will kill you for that
Carey (2009-01-09 6:17:36:AM): bad muslims i will smack them i want to hit them with my shoe
Carey (2009-01-09 6:19:08:AM): muslims are really making a mess of things huh
Ruth (2009-01-09 6:19:19:AM): yes all the time but we will not talk about it here
Carey (2009-01-09 6:19:48:AM): its not safe
Ruth (2009-01-09 6:19:52:AM): yes
Carey (2009-01-09 6:19:55:AM): ok

The point I am trying to make in this article is Islam is portrayed as a religion of peace but you can't even say the word pig or have a dog lick you? You have to be careful of how you talk? Ruth can't even speak about Muslims for fear of her life. She has to subtly drop hints of what is going on in the Philippines and the problems they have with Muslims but can't come right out and say it. Is this peaceful? Is a religion one of love when missiles are indiscriminately lobbed into market places where innocent people are eating or shopping? Is that peaceful? So tell me, if you lived in Israel what would you do? Would you let Hammas and the rest of the Muslim radicals maim or kill your loved ones or would you protect yourself and retaliate?
I was going to conclude this article and send it out. I'm glad I waited a day to do so. I chatted with Ruth again and what she had to say is very important. We only hear of the worse cases from the media but there is minor attacks going on all the time. She was telling me of the brown outs they are having because of a terrorist bombing. I felt so bad for her. The Philippines are in a tough economic situation right now, worse then in the US. Most of the people in the Philippines are Godly and pro-American. These poor people now have to deal with no electricity. Aside from every day life of dealing with no electricity, one of Ruth's enjoyment is going to the cafe to chat with friends on the computer and she can't even do that. All in the name of Islam. Religion of peace! How sad.

This is our chat, I shortened it by not including my words.

we have a electricity power problem, so our electricity comes in every two hours and off after that, the time I come online we have no power, I will be off when the lights go out, Carey: why will the lights go off
Ruth: brownout because of some power house bombed, our electricity will be on and off, it started last sunday, some terrorist bombed the electricity power post or house not so sure, its far from here but its where we got the power its part of mindanao, same island where zamboanga is, Carey: is it muslims?? Ruth: most probably they are the suspect, maybe it has a bigger damage since its been four days we are like this on and off light thats why i was not able to come online, Carey: why do these evil people have to do this Ruth: they want to own the place and we stongly disagree, i'll try to chat again if theres power at this time tomorrow.

Need more proof of what the wold is up against? Click here....

Speak up and support Israel and expose the lie of the Muslim religion before its to late because if we don't we could be facing the same thing here.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

shopping list

Hey Gang,
Back after a short hiatus. And what a way to break my silence with a new article instead of tying up loose ends of ones I never finished. This article actually also goes back a few months. I have been keeping tabs of the products I have bought and the quality. This is my research. If you have anything to add, please forward it on.

For my business went to Office Max to buy a receipt book. Adams receipt books are now made in Mexico but price is up to 8.99.
Dole peaches made in China, I found that Diamond are made in the US.
Tooth paste Mexico, wish I could remember the brand, I was so upset I tossed it back on the shelf.
At Home Depot I went to buy a pipe for the bathroom sink. I saw one older looking pipe in a plastic bag. It said made in the USA, the newer bags have the pipes made in China. Obviously I bought the older looking bag.
Save A Lot now has labels where the meat comes from, Canada - USA - Mexico.
Marcs discount stores went for tomato's. I just about threw them on the floor, grown in MEXICO. I never bought tomato's that night.
K Mart I bought a room darkening shade. I pulled it down to far and noticed that where it joins on the roller the shade was ripped. At the factory they used tape to keep it together. Of course made in China.
Home Depot, package of 3 screws and nuts. One screw wasn't threaded properly. Made in China.
For Christmas I made Walt & Jamie and Mark & Becky's children Christmas stockings. I went to the dollar store and bought candy. I was so upset but time didn't allow for me to replace it with better candy. The candy was made in China, some were poorly wrapped, others had weird shapes and the gum was so hard it didn't even feel or taste like gum.

Tainted Cocoa, I am sure if you investigate where this product came from it would say China.

If you haven't heard February 10th can bring an end to second hand clothing and toys for children. My question is why only second hand goods? Where is the lead contamination coming from? Is it in the products already? If it is then why isn't our government stopping this influx of contaminated goods from entering our ports and markets beforehand?

Do you remember the movie Schindlers List? Oskar Schindler was responsible for saving over a 1,000 Jewish lives by having them work at his factory. The shells they produced for the Germans were purposely made bad, not one passed the quality test. Schindler did this to stop the Germans from winning the war. And that is exactly how I feel with the crap that is coming out of China and other nations, they are trying to bring us down. We use to complain of products made in Japan. They were inferior to American made goods but still usable. BUT the majority of imports now coming from China are so poorly made that at times its not usable or in the case of food or health products, such as toothpaste where anti freeze was found in it, can cause illness or death. Salmonella is on the rise, almost daily you hear of a new outbreak. And yet President W. Bush is busy trying to get on board more nations to join the global market and neither party
to repeal NAFTA or the Chinese trade agreement.
I don't care what stimulus package, tax break or bailout our government gives us, it won't work if you don't start at square one. And that is repeal - repeal - repeal, one more time, repeal unfair free trade deals with communist nations and third world countries that not only are taking our jobs but are jeopardizing our health and lives. Thats where you start. But everyone from Congress to the newly elected President Obama won't address this. Instead a new stimulus package is about to be revealed and the real culprit won't be recognized.
Say Good Night America!


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

what a way to start the new year

Hey Gang,
No cheery news here today. Lisa emailed with some horrible news that was happening on the street next to hers. She was in lockdown for awhile as were the other surrounding streets. I always liked Erie, Pa. It's a fairly large city but with small town neighborhoods and charm. Is any place safe?
My friends this is only the beginning, could write a whole sermon on this. You wanted the liberal way of life, shunned Conservative values and thinking, this is the outcome and again... its only the beginning.
May God help us.

Woke up this morning at 5:15 to the sound of banging on my door, only at the time, I didn't know where the noise was coming from, I thought the kids were up and wrestling around. In a half awake stupor, i went downstairs and made a pot of coffee, turned on the TV and caught the end of a story showing that West 26th Street had been closed a few blocks west of us. I heard them reporting say, what ever you do, STAY IN YOUR HOUSES IF YOU LIVE IN THIS AREA. First thing i thougt was chemical fire or something.

Then the phone was my father...."you watching the news????" "some guy's out there shooting and starting fires!!" "don't leave the house!"

The sound of helicopters soon filled the air. It was a very scary situation. Not sure who it was banging on my door. Was it the mainiac gunman looking for another victim??? Was is a neighbor trying to alert me of the situation??? Now i am really freaked out......I threw all the kids in the bathroom.

Turns out, they know who the guy is, because the whole thing started at his house.....

EPD Manhunt: Avoid Erie's West Side
January 6, 2009, 6:37 am
There is currently a manhunt going on in the area of West 26th to West 21st from Brown to Bower Avenues...EPD is asking that everyone stay away from this area and anyone that lives in this area, please stay inside your home. Erie Police know the name of the suspect, but are not releasing it at this time. As of right now, there is no suspect in custody.
Schools in the area are calling this an emergency situation, cancelling bus service in that area, leaving attendance at school today, up to parents.
It all started around 4:25 this morning, shots were heard coming from the area of 26th and Greengarden. Around 4:40am a large man was seen coming out of the residence at 1354 West 25th. Reports from the scene indicate the man was wearing a bathrobe, armed with a rifle with a scope, and has a military background. Erie Police Chief Steve Franklin says the shots continued for an hour, the last ones being heard at 5:29am.
Around 6am, the residence reportedly went up in flames. The fire spread to neighboring homes. At this point, it is not known how many homes were involved.

We are safe, Thank God, but i an very disturbed by this whole thing. I also got a small taste of the fear of your family being in danger and how helpless it can seem! I do not know how people in war torn countries live with this feeling EVERYDAY!

part 2
January 6, 2009, 10:23 am
Erie Police now say they believe a suspect who reportedly fired shots at officers and set his house on fire early today, is in fact dead inside his burned-out former home. Police say Robert Daniels, 42 of the 1300 block of West 25th Street, fired several rounds at Erie Police cruisers when they were called out to his home near the Tops Market on Erie's West side. That was around 4:30am. A short time later, flames broke out in a house believed to be Daniels' residence on West 25th. The fire spread to at least one other neighboring home. Daniels, reportedly dressed in only a bathrobe and carrying a rifle with a scope, then became the focus of a police manhunt that involved the SWAT team and a State Police helicopter. During that time, police blocked off several streets in the area of West 25th and Greengarden Boulevard. That lasted for several hours. Late this morning, Erie Police told 12-News that they believe that Daniels died in that burning home.
!2-News will have team coverage of this story tonight on 12-News at 5.,2&