Friday, January 16, 2009

Islam religion of peace?

Hey Gang,
Don't know about you but I am tired of the news portraying the Muslims as peaceful and Israel as the bad guys. Especially with this current conflict with Israel going into Gaza. Its ridiculous that the liberal left along with many Muslims try to twist what is happening. They do it in such a way that it almost makes you question what right does Israel have protecting themselves from errant missiles aimed at them, because after all the Muslim religion is one of peace and love. Isn't that absurd. What would you expect our government to do if our neighbors in Mexico or Canada lobbed bombs at us? Just sit there? That is one reason I will miss President Bush. Even though I haven't been to keen on him in his last tenure I do shudder to think that Obama will be at the helm. Whether you like Bush or not, he has kept us safe and has tried to rid the world of this evil masked behind the guise of a peaceful religion. Even though he himself
has labeled Islam a peaceful religion also, how ironic.
I was chatting with Tri from Indonesia and she told me that her dog was killed. I asked how. She replied it got out and went up to her neighbor and licked him. He is a Muslim, dogs are unclean to them so he put it to death. She didn't even bother going to the police because they wouldn't side with her or do anything.
And then there is my chat with Ruth the other day. I included a part of it so you can read it for yourself. We were talking about her pet cat.

Carey (2009-01-09 6:14:23:AM): how is your cat mamoy
Ruth (2009-01-09 6:14:27:AM): you know whats mamoy here?
Carey (2009-01-09 6:14:36:AM): i thought it was your cat
Ruth (2009-01-09 6:14:45:AM): its memoy, mamoy is a slang name for pig
Carey (2009-01-09 6:16:47:AM): i know 2 words now when i go to the philippines I will say how is mamoy today
Ruth (2009-01-09 6:17:30:AM): and the muslims will kill you for that
Carey (2009-01-09 6:17:36:AM): bad muslims i will smack them i want to hit them with my shoe
Carey (2009-01-09 6:19:08:AM): muslims are really making a mess of things huh
Ruth (2009-01-09 6:19:19:AM): yes all the time but we will not talk about it here
Carey (2009-01-09 6:19:48:AM): its not safe
Ruth (2009-01-09 6:19:52:AM): yes
Carey (2009-01-09 6:19:55:AM): ok

The point I am trying to make in this article is Islam is portrayed as a religion of peace but you can't even say the word pig or have a dog lick you? You have to be careful of how you talk? Ruth can't even speak about Muslims for fear of her life. She has to subtly drop hints of what is going on in the Philippines and the problems they have with Muslims but can't come right out and say it. Is this peaceful? Is a religion one of love when missiles are indiscriminately lobbed into market places where innocent people are eating or shopping? Is that peaceful? So tell me, if you lived in Israel what would you do? Would you let Hammas and the rest of the Muslim radicals maim or kill your loved ones or would you protect yourself and retaliate?
I was going to conclude this article and send it out. I'm glad I waited a day to do so. I chatted with Ruth again and what she had to say is very important. We only hear of the worse cases from the media but there is minor attacks going on all the time. She was telling me of the brown outs they are having because of a terrorist bombing. I felt so bad for her. The Philippines are in a tough economic situation right now, worse then in the US. Most of the people in the Philippines are Godly and pro-American. These poor people now have to deal with no electricity. Aside from every day life of dealing with no electricity, one of Ruth's enjoyment is going to the cafe to chat with friends on the computer and she can't even do that. All in the name of Islam. Religion of peace! How sad.

This is our chat, I shortened it by not including my words.

we have a electricity power problem, so our electricity comes in every two hours and off after that, the time I come online we have no power, I will be off when the lights go out, Carey: why will the lights go off
Ruth: brownout because of some power house bombed, our electricity will be on and off, it started last sunday, some terrorist bombed the electricity power post or house not so sure, its far from here but its where we got the power its part of mindanao, same island where zamboanga is, Carey: is it muslims?? Ruth: most probably they are the suspect, maybe it has a bigger damage since its been four days we are like this on and off light thats why i was not able to come online, Carey: why do these evil people have to do this Ruth: they want to own the place and we stongly disagree, i'll try to chat again if theres power at this time tomorrow.

Need more proof of what the wold is up against? Click here....

Speak up and support Israel and expose the lie of the Muslim religion before its to late because if we don't we could be facing the same thing here.


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