Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friends, Anyone know how to start impeachment proceedings?

Yahoo News: President Barack Obama is signing into law an equal-pay bill that is popular with labor and women's groups and is expected to make it easier for workers to sue for decades-old discrimination.

Here we gooooooooo Folks, its off to the races with more social tinkering. America is burning and Obama is fanning the flames. Instead of dealing with real issues The Chosen One is about to make Slick Willy look Conservative, if thats at all possible. Lets see we have him wanting to shut down Gitmo Bay. As one Republican Senator said what do we do with all those terrorists? Please don't send them to Cleveland we already have enough crime. I know, lets give them a position on the Obama Cabinet since they are so Pro-American and trustworthy. Besides their leader was Osama and ours is Obama so I am sure they will listen to us now and be good.
Next on the Obama agenda... oh yeah free terrorist and then kill the unborn and force Christian hospitals to perform them. FOCA remember that, F-O-C-A! Thats a loving man, so loving I am glad he represents America. Its amazing there is separation of church and state when a Republican speaks anything of faith in politics but when a Democrat forces his queerness or death of the unborn on believers there is no separation and laws can be passed. How can that be?
Well if it gets any worse I will just jump into my {fill in the blank - vintage, SUV, truck, old, big...}_______ vehicle and drive to Canada. No NO NO, not so quick. Have you read about the “Accelerated Retirement of Inefficient Vehicles Act”? NO!, you best wake up sleepy heads, Big Brother brought his father Big Government along. Believe it or not this wonderful plan was part of the current economic stimulus package. How does scrappin a car have to do with a stimulus package? Oh I get it, crush my old car and make me buy a new one. Wonder if they would do that with shoes? I have an old pair I would love to turn in. So it was smitten from the stimulus package but has reappeared in legislation S. 247 and H.R. 520. What I like to know is just lets say, yes this is a wonderful idea, where is the money to pay the people who go along with the program and turn cars in to be scrapped? See if you bring in a car the Gov. will pay you.
Lets take a vote, should I be patriotic and scrap the GoGo Bus? Take a look at it here: You decide, crush it or save it? I want to do right by Obama he is my leader now.
Now lets jump back to the top with what I opened with, the equal pay. Are you ready for full blown Socialism? This is a major step towards it. How can the government dictate what a worker is worth? Here's just one example of how bad this bill is. Dad told me in the factory he worked for there was a woman. This woman couldn't load her machine, they had to do it for her, all she did was press buttons. First of all she should never of been there but quotas you know have to be met. Now it gets even worse, Obama wants to guarantee woman like this one get paid the same as a man? Ladies please don't yell at me I never mentioned jobs that use the brain, as in a bank etc... in that case the smartest person gets paid the most. I am talking physical labor. Another thing is it creates frivolous law suites. Do you think our economy and/or factories are strong enough to withstand another onslaught? I don't. I see more closed doors and more taillights of factories heading into Mexico. Why put up with more government intrusion?
Lastly we move onto the hate crimes bill which is rearing its ugly head again. Surely you know what's thats all about, you do - don't you? That my friends is another kind loving bill that says shhhhhhh you can't say anything about an immoral action such a homosexual]ity because well, its hateful. Whoops, I best shut up before I am herded into a cattle car and shipped to be executed. Thats where its heading folks. Soon free speech will only be good if its goes along with what the government deems is OK.
You asked for him, you got him, Obama!

Care to read any of the bills I mentioned I will send what I have.

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