Wednesday, January 07, 2009

what a way to start the new year

Hey Gang,
No cheery news here today. Lisa emailed with some horrible news that was happening on the street next to hers. She was in lockdown for awhile as were the other surrounding streets. I always liked Erie, Pa. It's a fairly large city but with small town neighborhoods and charm. Is any place safe?
My friends this is only the beginning, could write a whole sermon on this. You wanted the liberal way of life, shunned Conservative values and thinking, this is the outcome and again... its only the beginning.
May God help us.

Woke up this morning at 5:15 to the sound of banging on my door, only at the time, I didn't know where the noise was coming from, I thought the kids were up and wrestling around. In a half awake stupor, i went downstairs and made a pot of coffee, turned on the TV and caught the end of a story showing that West 26th Street had been closed a few blocks west of us. I heard them reporting say, what ever you do, STAY IN YOUR HOUSES IF YOU LIVE IN THIS AREA. First thing i thougt was chemical fire or something.

Then the phone was my father...."you watching the news????" "some guy's out there shooting and starting fires!!" "don't leave the house!"

The sound of helicopters soon filled the air. It was a very scary situation. Not sure who it was banging on my door. Was it the mainiac gunman looking for another victim??? Was is a neighbor trying to alert me of the situation??? Now i am really freaked out......I threw all the kids in the bathroom.

Turns out, they know who the guy is, because the whole thing started at his house.....

EPD Manhunt: Avoid Erie's West Side
January 6, 2009, 6:37 am
There is currently a manhunt going on in the area of West 26th to West 21st from Brown to Bower Avenues...EPD is asking that everyone stay away from this area and anyone that lives in this area, please stay inside your home. Erie Police know the name of the suspect, but are not releasing it at this time. As of right now, there is no suspect in custody.
Schools in the area are calling this an emergency situation, cancelling bus service in that area, leaving attendance at school today, up to parents.
It all started around 4:25 this morning, shots were heard coming from the area of 26th and Greengarden. Around 4:40am a large man was seen coming out of the residence at 1354 West 25th. Reports from the scene indicate the man was wearing a bathrobe, armed with a rifle with a scope, and has a military background. Erie Police Chief Steve Franklin says the shots continued for an hour, the last ones being heard at 5:29am.
Around 6am, the residence reportedly went up in flames. The fire spread to neighboring homes. At this point, it is not known how many homes were involved.

We are safe, Thank God, but i an very disturbed by this whole thing. I also got a small taste of the fear of your family being in danger and how helpless it can seem! I do not know how people in war torn countries live with this feeling EVERYDAY!

part 2
January 6, 2009, 10:23 am
Erie Police now say they believe a suspect who reportedly fired shots at officers and set his house on fire early today, is in fact dead inside his burned-out former home. Police say Robert Daniels, 42 of the 1300 block of West 25th Street, fired several rounds at Erie Police cruisers when they were called out to his home near the Tops Market on Erie's West side. That was around 4:30am. A short time later, flames broke out in a house believed to be Daniels' residence on West 25th. The fire spread to at least one other neighboring home. Daniels, reportedly dressed in only a bathrobe and carrying a rifle with a scope, then became the focus of a police manhunt that involved the SWAT team and a State Police helicopter. During that time, police blocked off several streets in the area of West 25th and Greengarden Boulevard. That lasted for several hours. Late this morning, Erie Police told 12-News that they believe that Daniels died in that burning home.
!2-News will have team coverage of this story tonight on 12-News at 5.,2&

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