Tuesday, January 13, 2009

shopping list

Hey Gang,
Back after a short hiatus. And what a way to break my silence with a new article instead of tying up loose ends of ones I never finished. This article actually also goes back a few months. I have been keeping tabs of the products I have bought and the quality. This is my research. If you have anything to add, please forward it on.

For my business went to Office Max to buy a receipt book. Adams receipt books are now made in Mexico but price is up to 8.99.
Dole peaches made in China, I found that Diamond are made in the US.
Tooth paste Mexico, wish I could remember the brand, I was so upset I tossed it back on the shelf.
At Home Depot I went to buy a pipe for the bathroom sink. I saw one older looking pipe in a plastic bag. It said made in the USA, the newer bags have the pipes made in China. Obviously I bought the older looking bag.
Save A Lot now has labels where the meat comes from, Canada - USA - Mexico.
Marcs discount stores went for tomato's. I just about threw them on the floor, grown in MEXICO. I never bought tomato's that night.
K Mart I bought a room darkening shade. I pulled it down to far and noticed that where it joins on the roller the shade was ripped. At the factory they used tape to keep it together. Of course made in China.
Home Depot, package of 3 screws and nuts. One screw wasn't threaded properly. Made in China.
For Christmas I made Walt & Jamie and Mark & Becky's children Christmas stockings. I went to the dollar store and bought candy. I was so upset but time didn't allow for me to replace it with better candy. The candy was made in China, some were poorly wrapped, others had weird shapes and the gum was so hard it didn't even feel or taste like gum.

Tainted Cocoa, I am sure if you investigate where this product came from it would say China.

If you haven't heard February 10th can bring an end to second hand clothing and toys for children. My question is why only second hand goods? Where is the lead contamination coming from? Is it in the products already? If it is then why isn't our government stopping this influx of contaminated goods from entering our ports and markets beforehand?

Do you remember the movie Schindlers List? Oskar Schindler was responsible for saving over a 1,000 Jewish lives by having them work at his factory. The shells they produced for the Germans were purposely made bad, not one passed the quality test. Schindler did this to stop the Germans from winning the war. And that is exactly how I feel with the crap that is coming out of China and other nations, they are trying to bring us down. We use to complain of products made in Japan. They were inferior to American made goods but still usable. BUT the majority of imports now coming from China are so poorly made that at times its not usable or in the case of food or health products, such as toothpaste where anti freeze was found in it, can cause illness or death. Salmonella is on the rise, almost daily you hear of a new outbreak. And yet President W. Bush is busy trying to get on board more nations to join the global market and neither party
to repeal NAFTA or the Chinese trade agreement.
I don't care what stimulus package, tax break or bailout our government gives us, it won't work if you don't start at square one. And that is repeal - repeal - repeal, one more time, repeal unfair free trade deals with communist nations and third world countries that not only are taking our jobs but are jeopardizing our health and lives. Thats where you start. But everyone from Congress to the newly elected President Obama won't address this. Instead a new stimulus package is about to be revealed and the real culprit won't be recognized.
Say Good Night America!


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