Saturday, October 31, 2009

excerpts from articles

From Yahoo Sports:
Coach Todd Haley and first-year general manager Scott Pioli have repeatedly said they are trying to build a new culture and a new attitude for a struggling franchise, which has sunk to the bottom of the NFL and that disloyalty will not be tolerated.
Larry Johnson, who needs just 75 yards rushing to break the team’s career record, first used the gay slur on his Twitter account in an exchange with one of his followers on Sunday night.
Then in a whispered remark on Monday after telling reporters in the locker room he was not talking, Johnson repeated the slur, according to the Kansas City Star which has posted audio of the alleged comment.
The three-sentence news release issued Wednesday night by the team said only that Johnson, who turns 30 in a few weeks, was suspended for conduct detrimental to the club.

What can we learn from this article? Number three, our free speech no longer exists unless you down America, Christians or Conservative values. Number two, what does Larry speaking his opinion off the field have to do with football? And number one is.... the coach and gm are trying to build a new culture and attitude for a struggling franchise in Kansas City. New culture? Struggling franchise? NO kidding! They are turning their players into girly men not football players.

DETROIT (Reuters) – In a crowded ballroom next to a bankrupt casino, what remains of the Detroit property market was being picked over by speculators and mostly discarded.
And what can we learn from this excerpt about all the empty houses in Detroit being auctioned off?

OH whats that? A bankrupt casino? I thought all this ballyhoo in Cleveland was how opening a casino will save the day? It won't. For my fellow friends who have been bombarded with false advertisement and finally accepted casino's and gambling, I hope this opens your eyes.

Luqman Ameen Abdullah, 53, was a leader in a group known as Ummah or "the brotherhood," a mostly African-American group of converts to Islam that seeks to establish a separate Sharia law-governed state within the United States, the FBI said.
Are these African Americans screwed up or what??? Why did Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. die? He fought to gain rights for blacks and unite America. What does this group of Islamo-wacko's want to do? Separate. Blacks have torn down every barrier and now they want to separate. Just crazy. Now I know why Islamic women cover their face, they're embarrassed and don't want to be seen.

And in spite of the hate crimes bill, Carey continues on. Besides this ain't hate, its just speaking the truth.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

In Case You Missed This News Story

In case you missed it.
Today in Glandale, Arizona an Iraqi ran over his daughter with his car in a store parking lot. The reason? She was becoming to westernized.
Two things struck me in this story, and it wasn't the Iraqi's car. One is, that's usually what happens when you come to America, you become Westernized and number two, what kind of vehicle was the father in? A camel - No! A small foreign car - No! A good ole American SUV - Jeep Grand Cherokee! I think that's a bit westernized don't you? Wonder if he gets another virgin for this action?

Somehow the girl has to exploit this, do commercials, make money and become really Westernized to impress her lovable Dad, you know something like...
Are you run down? Need to get away? ........

Seriously, I hope the girl recovers, they find this creep and put him in a nice western jail for life.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another sign of the end times? The Barren Sea

I went to Arthur Treachers a few weeks ago and noticed the big pieces of fish are gone. They are now replaced by a thinner fish. I asked the manager are the changes because of shortages? He replied there is a lot of changes going on and yes because of the lack of fish.

Hoki the popular fish used in fast-food fish sandwiches is in jeopardy.

And now its cod.

I am for free enterprise but maybe its time to end the all you can eat fish frys and buffets.
There is so much waste and people tend to over indulge. Is this yet another sign of the
last days???


Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Bridge Project - Cleveland, Ohio

Hey Gang,
A quick posting with some photos from two weekends ago of the Bridge Project. I want to thank Sharon for posting this event on the GoGo Board. This is an event everyone should see at least once.
The Bridge Project is held on the lower level of the Detroit/Superior bridge in downtown Cleveland. This is where the old trolley cars use to run. I was so completely amazed at how much space is below ground. I never knew that Cleveland at one time had a subway, at least parts of it were underground.
Dad remembers it vaguely as a kid. My grandfather never had a car and they would take the trolley to the zoo and to get around Cleveland. Dad said it would be scary going over the bridge as they would sit near the back and were able to look down through the grating at the river way below.
What I completely don't understand is the lameness of Cleveland. They are trying to come up with all kinds of ways for mass transit and the push today is for electric vehicles, well why don't they just refurbish the old street car lines? I just don't get it, the structure is already in place.
You really need to experience this event. Its very hard to describe. Just walking around looking at the massiveness and details of the pillars and work is something to behold. The condition and the eeriness reminded me of the Mansfield Reformatory. The craftsmanship of years ago is such a lost art, never again to be duplicated.
Something else got my attention that to me strikes down the theory of the earth being millions of years old. Hanging from the roof of the lower level were stalactites. They were about 15 inches or so long. Now if they could grow that long in a relatively short period of time, think of how fast they could grow underground with the right conditions.
As for the art, entertainment and oddball displays it was completely eclectic. There were a couple of stages set up for bands, one band was conventional, the other was pots and pans. There was a small stage set up for plays. A few sitting rooms that you can't quite explain the inspiration for their design. A Dj playing rave music. Beer, hot dog and food stands. Weird old movies playing from projectors being shown on the walls. Just very odd and so amusing the different styles of entertainment. One person had a neat novel idea. He set up a microphone and video camera and if you told a joke he would give you a nickel. It was to promote his website service. Here is the link:
See if you can find me telling two of my Carey originals. If you can't spot me I will tell
the number.
The atmosphere was almost Goth in feel because of the lighting and condition, sort of like those futuristic movies where everything is destroyed and people are making the most what they have. Just a very fun and entertaining evening that broke the monotony of the norm.
Why Cleveland didn't promote this more is beyond me. Make plans for next year and attend it, you won't be disappointed.

Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, October 05, 2009

This That and the Other Thing

Down & Up
House values down, all other prices going up! Enough said on that.

Values down but....
Though house values have fallen it states in the new valuation - This may not reflect a savings in tax. Enough said on that also.

Meet interesting people
A friend sent an email with a link to a neighborhood watch map by Family Watchdog. The map shows people with criminal records and sex offenders who are living in your neighborhood. Who was one of the site sponsors? Cupid. Their slogan - meet interesting people. I say so.

No more talking
Dad and I frequently talk politics and all the wrong that is existing. I said dad when I tell you one of the provisions in the immigration reform bill then you will realize there is no reason to try and make sense out of anything, not Euclid, nothing. In the bill is written permanent temporary visas. Thats impossible. Leave it to the Dems to think of that one.

End of recession
Ben Bernanke Chairman of the Federal Reserve said a couple of weeks ago that the worse recession since the 30's is over but that doesn't mean job loss won't continue to rise. Makes as much sense as permanent temporary visas

Poor Chicago
Chicago didnt get the olympics. I guess President Obama didn't make a strong enough pitch that drive by shootings, dodge the bullet and hide the money envelop qualifies the city.

Run and Shoot
The Cleveland Cavaliers have been looking for a player that can run and shoot. They found a player with those credentials in Delonte West. Unfortunately for the Cavs West is doing it off the court and not on.