Monday, October 05, 2009

This That and the Other Thing

Down & Up
House values down, all other prices going up! Enough said on that.

Values down but....
Though house values have fallen it states in the new valuation - This may not reflect a savings in tax. Enough said on that also.

Meet interesting people
A friend sent an email with a link to a neighborhood watch map by Family Watchdog. The map shows people with criminal records and sex offenders who are living in your neighborhood. Who was one of the site sponsors? Cupid. Their slogan - meet interesting people. I say so.

No more talking
Dad and I frequently talk politics and all the wrong that is existing. I said dad when I tell you one of the provisions in the immigration reform bill then you will realize there is no reason to try and make sense out of anything, not Euclid, nothing. In the bill is written permanent temporary visas. Thats impossible. Leave it to the Dems to think of that one.

End of recession
Ben Bernanke Chairman of the Federal Reserve said a couple of weeks ago that the worse recession since the 30's is over but that doesn't mean job loss won't continue to rise. Makes as much sense as permanent temporary visas

Poor Chicago
Chicago didnt get the olympics. I guess President Obama didn't make a strong enough pitch that drive by shootings, dodge the bullet and hide the money envelop qualifies the city.

Run and Shoot
The Cleveland Cavaliers have been looking for a player that can run and shoot. They found a player with those credentials in Delonte West. Unfortunately for the Cavs West is doing it off the court and not on.


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