Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hope for California? California Gubernarorials

Hope for California? Emily from the west coast thinks so and she has asked that I forward this on. Consider it done Em!

Hey Carey/Kevin,
For the first time in a while, I feel hopeful that California has a shot at a true recovery. Initially, I was going to support Meg Whitman because I saw her when she was campaigning with Palin. She was the only somewhat promising candidate I had heard of for the California GOP (we have closed primaries, so it's not like I can choose a different party). But it REALLY bugged me that she was so chummy with Van Jones. Her ambiguity on life in the womb is extremely disgusting and her vagueness on offshore drilling is irresponsible. She places way more importance on environmental issues than she should, in my opinion.

Steve Poizner(yeah, lousy name but good man) has articulated a CLEAR, CONCISE, and SPECIFIC plan for allowing California to climb out of the mess it's in. He is currently the state's Insurance Commissioner and is the only one who has budgeted a California agency in such a way to create a surplus WITHOUT raising taxes and fees, this is a matter of record. In fact, when it was discovered that there was a surplus, he went about CUTTING insurance taxes and fees. He believes in LOCAL control of school boards, not state and not federal. He supports offshore drilling to reduce costly oil imports to California. He supports seawater desalination for coastal districts so that not as much water will need to be imported.

He believes in only traditional marriage - basically civil unions and domestic partnerships are tolerable, but changing the definition of marriage to support gay unions is a no no. He believes in abortion only in extreme life-of-the-mother/rape/incest cases but for all other reasons he is opposed to abortions and is especially opposed to government funded abortions. He supports the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Whitman is refusing to debate him, which sends up red flags about her. He signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

According to Poizner's website, he wants a:
10% reduction in all personal income tax rates
10% reduction in the state sales tax rate
10% reduction in the corporation tax rate
50% reduction in the capital gains tax rate
Carey/Kevin (which is it? sorry, I don't know), I'm sorry if this sounds like a political commercial but it's not crap. I was totally in favor of Whitman 2 hours ago, but we can't afford vagueries anymore. I'm humbly asking that you forward this to any of your friends and lists in California. Poizner's only fault is he happens to be married to a democrat and they have a joint checking account which explains the Gore donations. Whitman is not to be trusted, especially if she likes Van Jones.
Emily R Shelley

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