Thursday, September 03, 2009

"Your" Comments Regarding the Kennedy summary

I received some feedback from you so I am passing your worthwhile comments along.
The thing you always have to remember with any political humor and sometimes humor in general you have to look at the meaning and not at face value. I made some valid points with my off the wall humor.
But I will concede it is sad, if you delve into the Kennedy history and some of what Teddy had to endure. Maybe most of us would of become drunks also to hide the traumas he has seen.
Regardless, that still does not give him a free pass for the destruction he has caused this great nation with his Anti-American legislation. Mostly though I get upset at the voters for electing people like Teddy Kennedy into office and not educating themselves properly before voting.


Thank you for the Kennedy summary. Please do keep in mind that the Kennedy family believed in cover ups. For example the Rosemary story. After her failed lobotomy experiment she was instituttionalized and Joe Kennedy Sr forbade that her name ever be mentioned again. She was a member of the family , and yet all her sibling just up and forgot about her plight. This same goes with the Marilyn Monroe suicide and the Chappidick incident.
This family learned how to bury their secrets when it is in their best interests.
Thank You
Joe U
I tried calling Mary Jo Kopechny for her opinion on Ted’s death, but,
she was not available for comment.

I have NO LOVE of TED and I found this and the only reason he is buried in Arlington is his Family name and position. I was a SGT with 6 years in the Army with 2 1/2 years on the ground in South Vietnam and I can't be buried there... best I could do is be cremated and placed in a Columbarium... burial in the ground is not allowed for my pay grade and status.

Ted's military "career"

regulations for Columbarium

regulations for in the ground burial

I find this all interesting but maybe fitting that now he will have to look Kopechne in the eye and tell her the truth.

question... what is worse.... liberal hearted or heartless?

Carey.... compassion has no political boundaries.

We all have a skeleton in the closet somewhere.... and because we are human means... we ALL make mistakes.

Teddy wasn't my favorite political figure.... and I know that money seemed to rule his agenda like any other politician in Washington whether Rep. or Dem.....

................ but he left people behind that loved him. So did Michael Jackson... whether you liked his music or not.

Another soul has left this world.... and no one knows where it went.... neither you or your Mother!

And guess what..... it is in ALL our cards ... to die...
Someone sent this to me about mid June, its abbreviated:

This prophecy and the one dated 6/6/2009, I believe, are referring to the same events. I believe many of the most liberal/anti-God congressmembers and senators will be removed by God one way or another, and I believe Ted Kennedy will be one of them. Given the timing of the most recent June prophecy, I believe the time is close at hand and we are about to see a move of God like never before. He's done playing paddywhack and I know he heard our forefathers when they prayed at the foundation of this nation. Because God has already indicated his protection for President Obama, this is why I believe the deaths being referred to are members of Congress and Senate. I hope God removes Pelosi one way or another.

If you find your words in any of my articles with no name and you would like it mentioned please let me know.

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