Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ole Onion Head Passes On

Political Friends,
I am sure you are aware by now that Senator Teddy Kennedy has passed on. Sad day for Liberals - hope for us Conservatives. Though, trust me, the battle is about to get even more intense with this universal health care. There will be a lot of weepy eyed Camelot era Democrats wanting to erect gold statues of Chappaquiddick Teddy. Health care was one of Teddy's goals and I am sure there will be a push to honor him, name it after him, lets do it for Teddy just get the health care bill passed cry. Batten down the hatches, get ready to fight to make sure this dreadful bill, that includes abortion as part of health care, doesn't.


Carey's politically incorrect hodgepodge

I saw a political cartoon where a man was saying now that Al Gore has been quiet we can go back to calling global warming by its true name, summer.
To go along with that, in a newspaper article explaining the El Nino affect it said this has been one of the coolest July's in the past 100 years. Then again maybe El Nino has nothing to do with it. It could be because EGore's finally run out of hot air.

My Jewish friend has been sick. He was concerned that maybe he had the swine flu. I said and you being Jewish makes having the swine flu twice as bad.

Rep. Barney Franks just doesn't get it. The Democrats are bouncing around aimlessly, even though on issues of grave importance like homosexual rights they stand erect, ummm I mean united. I watched Franks on C Span doing a town hall meeting for health care. He said I am all for labor unions and think the American wages need to go up. OK let me analyze this for you.
We have Obama trying to cut the costs of the American auto makers. We have jobs going over seas because we can't compete with their lower labor costs. And here is Franks saying we need to increase our wages. I have said this for years, you want the economy to rebound quickly and grow, lower minimum wage.

America has waged another battle as you know against obesity. I just wonder if Obama with his Muslim ties will try to incorporate the Shiite policy of starving wives into the health care plan.

Congress came up with a way to save electricity at the White House. They are shutting off President Obama's TelePrompTer. The President was speechless.

At least we now have a Democratic president doing something right. We had President Clinton who didn't know how to smoke pot and said he didn't inhale. Today we have President Obama who smoked crack and did inhale.

NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland is suppose to close. Now if you want to learn about black holes and space you will have to attend one of the Cleveland City Council meetings.

The Obama adminstration is thinking about Cash for Fridges. Thats great, first cash for clunkers so you will have a new car to drive to the grocery store to fill your new fridge. Two big problems. Does anyone have gas money to drive to the store and money for groceries to fill the new fridge?

The bad and the good. The bad is Rhode Islands government is about to shut down for 12 days. That shows how bad our economic situation is. The good, the government is shutting down for 12 days, there is hope.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

So you want to be Muslim?

So you want to be Muslim? Religion of peace? Equal with our God?
For all those women I see wrapped in blankets, hiding their faces in America. Unwrap yourself, you are in the land of the free. Why did Jesus come? To set the captives free, get the Allah out of here. Read this article:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ron Paul on health care w/ my points

Friends listen to this clip carefully and how Ron Paul sticks to his point. It saddens me deeply when I see the direction America is taking. We HAD the right candidates, Conservatism is NOT dead, we did not support them. Where would America be now if Paul was at the helm?
Some points that I want you to pay attention to. In part one Ron Paul keeps repeating America is broke, Medicaid is broke, veterans care isn't the best, and hospitals like the Shriners are going broke because of the government and yet we want to trust the government for our health care?
Point 2: Ron Paul brings out that in the stimulus package 50 BILLION was spent on government surveillance on every medical transaction to try and help streamline it. Look at Dr. Gupta's face when Ron Paul takes him to school. Then Gupta tries to cover up by saying the 50 billion was needed to help streamline the system. They want to spend 50 BILLION to try and save money?????
Point 3: In clip 2 Listen to the words of Dr. Gupta carefully, at one point he says "If you leave it to the goodness of man to take care of these problems it hasn't been taken care of" Extremely contradictory of what Ron Paul says of more church hospitals, more volunteerism. That sums up the difference between a Conservative and a Socialist, God and You can vs. You can't - the government can.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why don't I remember hearing about this......

Why don't I remember hearing about this before the 2008 presidential election?