Wednesday, October 24, 2012

endorsement for president


I am a precinct committee member for the Republican Party. This is one of the worse elections I have been through. Before I tell you who I endorse let me tell you who I will not endorse and never vote for.

President Obama will not get my vote or endorsement. If I need to explain why you must of just landed from another planet.

And because I am a Republican precinct committeeman elected to uphold the party platform AND for the dignity of the party I cannot endorse Mitt Romney and encourage everyone not to vote for him. Everything the Republican Party, Tea Party and Christian Conservative Right have been fighting against Mitt is for. Mitt Romney's own words and record have given me the freedom to search for an alternative candidate. I am tired of rhetoric. Tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Tired of being force fed pre-picked candidates. A vote for Mitt would be hypocritical and anyone who does so owes an apology to Democrats, that’s how much Obama and Mitt are alike.

Runner up goes to former Senator and Representative of Virginia Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party. If I vote my moral conscience it would be for Virgil. He is an honorable alternative to the Big Two.

My endorsement goes to...
former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson over Goode because I believe he has the best chance of splitting up the hold the two parties have on America. Johnson has a ground game and and is the best protest vote if you want to be heard. I will be surprised if he doesn't take at least 18% of the vote.

By the numbers and numbers that matter:

Unlike Mitt, Johnson is a REAL job creator. Turned his one person handy man business into a 1,000 employee building company.

Mitt was a one term governor, Johnson a two term governor.

Johnson cut spending in a Democratic state.

Johnson vetoed 750 bills with only two over ridden.

Johnson wants a 43% reduction in federal spending.

Johnson wants to trim the federal budget by 1.4 trillion.

Johnson is for abolishing the IRS.

And the most important what all of the Tea Party's were fighting for, Johnson will repeal Obama Care and that also means NO Romney Care.

Gary Johnson has also mentioned Ron Paul would be his VP pick.

On social issues Gary Johnson is sadly the same as Mitt and Obama BUT I am hoping the Libertarian philosophy comes through that if the people say no to abortion or same sex marriage he will not over ride the will of the people. After all, I repeat, he is the same as the other two but far superior on issues concerning the budget, economy and no Obama or Romney Care.

I encourage you to get involved and spread the word.

Gary Johnson for President

Carey Masci

When will you say you had enough? When its to late???

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On the eve of the third debate of 2012 here is my review of the first two

Presidential Debate: I am one of the few who thought Obama won. He seemed a little annoyed like why am I here debating this guy? If you would say he lost I feel its because Obama took it to lightly. Mitt’s mannerisms were a little to hyped, to rehearsed, not natural compared to Obama who kept his cool and looked forceful and presidential.

  If I wasn’t informed and basing it strictly on a visual performance I say Obama won. BUT since I am quite knowledgeable I just don’t trust either one so no matter what they say I can’t believe it. I wouldn't want either one of them behind me during a bar room fight, neither one would have my back and would probably say anything to save themselves. The only reason I watched this debate was because a friend insisted we watch it to see how many times Mitt said something stupid.  

The VP Debate I like Paul Ryan that’s why I watched this debate and have more of a review. In fact someone asked what my thoughts were of Mitt choosing him. I said I like Paul Ryan so much so that if you could guarantee that Mitt would die in office I would vote for him just so Ryan could take over. Unfortunately Ryan got thumped by Biden in the debate.  

Here are the things that stood out to me, in no particular order here they are:

 The car accident story. What was Ryan thinking about when he brought up the story of a car accident? They have so much prep and rehearsal before a debate that this was just pure boneheadedness. It was supposed to be a warm and fuzzy feel good story of Mitt helping a car accident victim instead it made me feel so sorry for Biden who lost his wife and daughter in a car wreck. The heartlessness of this made my distaste of Romney grow even more.

 47% of people on public dole. That does sound horrible doesn’t it? But Biden explained it quite well and forcefully that not all of the 47% are people who are on government help are leaches.

 Syria. I was always one to support the military and in favor of going after rogue countries that disrupt peace BUT lately because of many reasons I have been rethinking my old thinking. The way Biden spoke about Syria made me ask these questions: How many more countries can we get involved in? Do we start another war? Where will the money and manpower to fight this new front come from? We can’t let these nations continue to hold the world’s peace hostage but do we really want to start another war?

  Embassy attacks and the death of Americans. I am sickened when I think of the inaction of this president. Ryan drove home the point.  

Abortion Ahhh We slide to the left. Pro-life Ryan adopts children umm no I meant to write adopts Mitt’s policy of abortion only in cases of rape, incest and the health and life of the mother. It uncovered Mitt once and for all he is pro-choice. PERIOD!  

In closing. Biden showed up, Ryan was too nice, Biden debated. I like that. Biden debated and hard. He interrupted and he was vocal. These events are nothing more than staged Hollywood productions so it was about time someone tried to at least give a semblance of a real debate and this may be the closest we will ever witness.

Carey Masci

Monday, October 08, 2012


I know we all like to believe in Santa Claus but someone had to tell us he wasn't real.


Romney’s advisers included Harvard University professor John Holdren, now Obama’s top science adviser.

At a 2003 press conference at Pacific Gas and Electric’s power plant in Salem, Massachusetts, Romney publicly promised that he would “enforce without compromise” the emissions regulations. While announcing his decision to deny PGE’s request for more time to comply with the new standards, he attacked the power company for dragging its heels with regards to 310 CMR 7.29: “I will not create jobs or hold jobs that kill people. And that plant kills people.”

2001-3 - PG&E considers shutting Salem Harbor due in part to high cost of cutting emissions. Ultimately, PG&E agrees to upgrade emissions but not before the PG&E National Energy Group subsidiary operating the plant goes bankrupt

The shutdown of Salem Harbor would hit the city of Salem

hard. Last year, the plant, which employs about 145 people,

paid about $4.5 million in taxes, making it the biggest

taxpayer in the city, according to local news reports.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Are bible prophesies being fulfilled?

Not saying we are but could we be witnessing bible prophesies being fulfilled that could lead to the epic battle foretold?

We forget how President Geoerge W. Bush started a lot of this confusion concerning Islam. After W. called out the Axis of Evil he then later went on to say Islam is a religion of peace. This disarmed many Americans. Now we have two presidential contenders who are not loyal to Israel and one has ties to Muslims. 

Its a fact President Obama is a Muslim and has disdain for Israels Prime Minister Netanyahu. While Mitt Romney is a former bishop in the Mormon church.  Mormons believe the return of Jesus Christ will occur in Missouri and Israel has little to do with the coming of Christ. Israel is just not important to either one of these two.

Somehow these current Muslim uprisings as well as the looming problem with Iran will all be spun back on Israel as the root of all evil.  Muslims could demand America to back off of Israel to bring about peace.  If they do we just might have to comply as I do not see how we can even intervene anywhere else or start a new front on this war.  We are just to broke financially and our military man power already at its limit.   And with either of these two current contenders as our leader is another reason why we may just apease them.  IF I am correct and this does happen where we do turn our back on Israel, look out! God will come down on our nation and He will do it harshly.

During this past presidential primary there was only one running who had any true sense of what to do. He was on the Senate armed forces committee and also wrote legistlation called the Iran Freedom Support Act.  That candidate was Rick Santorum.  My mother said it best when he failed. She said did you ever think God doesn't want a Christian to win? Is she right? Are we now about to be judged?

Food for thought.

Puff the Magic Johnson

Puff, the magic Johnson who governed in the west

And frolicked with the GOP until they made a mess
Most of all the voters were tired of this stuff
And brought their poster boards and signs and said we had enough


Puff, the magic Johnson who governed in the west
And frolicked with the GOP until they made a mess
Puff, the magic Johnson who governed in the west
And frolicked with the GOP until they made a mess

Then one cold autumn day they told him he couldn't play
In their meaningless staged debates so Johnson went away
But others they were saddened and did what they could do
They told Johnson they loved him the others were the fools


And frolicked with the GOP until they made a mess
Puff, the magic Johnson who governed in the west dragon
And frolicked with the GOP until they made a mess

Now Johnson he was happy when he heard these very cry's
So Johnson he came back again and said I'll do more than try
I have to win the presidency to save our fabled land
Cause Obama is a socialist and Romney has no plan

Mitts head was bent in sorrow, green backs fell like rain,
I really am a conservative but my governing is a stain
And I'll never win the White House that Johnson is a pain
Obama wasn't worried though he knew he would still reign
But if only I could throw that Joe beneath a speeding train


Puff, the magic Johnson who governed in the west
And frolicked with the GOP until they made a mess
Puff, the magic Johnson who governed in the west dragon
And frolicked with the GOP until they made a mess

Carey K. Masci