Wednesday, October 24, 2012

endorsement for president


I am a precinct committee member for the Republican Party. This is one of the worse elections I have been through. Before I tell you who I endorse let me tell you who I will not endorse and never vote for.

President Obama will not get my vote or endorsement. If I need to explain why you must of just landed from another planet.

And because I am a Republican precinct committeeman elected to uphold the party platform AND for the dignity of the party I cannot endorse Mitt Romney and encourage everyone not to vote for him. Everything the Republican Party, Tea Party and Christian Conservative Right have been fighting against Mitt is for. Mitt Romney's own words and record have given me the freedom to search for an alternative candidate. I am tired of rhetoric. Tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Tired of being force fed pre-picked candidates. A vote for Mitt would be hypocritical and anyone who does so owes an apology to Democrats, that’s how much Obama and Mitt are alike.

Runner up goes to former Senator and Representative of Virginia Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party. If I vote my moral conscience it would be for Virgil. He is an honorable alternative to the Big Two.

My endorsement goes to...
former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson over Goode because I believe he has the best chance of splitting up the hold the two parties have on America. Johnson has a ground game and and is the best protest vote if you want to be heard. I will be surprised if he doesn't take at least 18% of the vote.

By the numbers and numbers that matter:

Unlike Mitt, Johnson is a REAL job creator. Turned his one person handy man business into a 1,000 employee building company.

Mitt was a one term governor, Johnson a two term governor.

Johnson cut spending in a Democratic state.

Johnson vetoed 750 bills with only two over ridden.

Johnson wants a 43% reduction in federal spending.

Johnson wants to trim the federal budget by 1.4 trillion.

Johnson is for abolishing the IRS.

And the most important what all of the Tea Party's were fighting for, Johnson will repeal Obama Care and that also means NO Romney Care.

Gary Johnson has also mentioned Ron Paul would be his VP pick.

On social issues Gary Johnson is sadly the same as Mitt and Obama BUT I am hoping the Libertarian philosophy comes through that if the people say no to abortion or same sex marriage he will not over ride the will of the people. After all, I repeat, he is the same as the other two but far superior on issues concerning the budget, economy and no Obama or Romney Care.

I encourage you to get involved and spread the word.

Gary Johnson for President

Carey Masci

When will you say you had enough? When its to late???

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