Thursday, November 01, 2012

You couldn't blame Bush so don't blame Obama.

The anti-Obama fervor is so strong that many jump all over what ever he says without reflecting if it's true or not.  For instance when Obama said America is no longer a Christian nation, Christian Republicans were appalled and up in arms. But was Obama wrong?  Not really. Why? This may be the first time that we have 3 candidates who are not Christians. Obama is of Muslim heritage, Mitt is a Mormon and Gary Johnson whom I support but even he is a non believer.  In fact I have more respect for Obama stating America is no longer a Christian nation than Republicans blasting him. Republicans are suppose to be the home of the Christian Conservative Right. I think its hypocritical for them to get mad at Obama while out campaigning for Romney.  So was Obama wrong?

You couldn't blame Bush so don't blame Obama.  Republicans were so upset every time a Democrat or Obama blamed Bush for the economy. It was the start of many jokes blaming Bush for everything.  But now Repubs are no better than the Dems and possibly worse because now they are playing the blame game they hated so much.  Take jobs for example. Whether you want to admit it or not Obama has little to do with a lot of the job mess were are in. Lets face the facts. JC Penney said they may go to self check out counters and get rid of most cashiers. Newsweek is preparing to downsize it's staff because they will discontinue their magazine and go strictly online.

I don't care who is president this is the modern age and MANY MANY jobs will not be coming back because of reasons like above.

You want jobs to return? Next time instead of buying something online go to the store and spend a few dollars more to save a job. Check for made in America labels. You do these few things as a starter jobs will slowly return.

How bad can Obama really be? IF Obama is as bad as everyone say's he is and as the Republicans claim, the establishment GOP would of said sorry Mitt we do not want your money, you are to divisive, our country is at stake. The establishment should of then rallied around someone like Santorum or Paul or any of the other GOP candidates who said right out they would repeal Obama Care. Instead they rally around Romney who started not only the health care mess but also the same sex marriage battle. So blame the establishment for bowing to Mitts money and dividing this country further and for Obama even being in this race when it should of been decided months ago.

Just keep repeating something long enough and everyone adopts it. The argument from most everyone now who is voting for Romney a liberal Mormon is: I am not voting for Mitt Romney as my religious leader. So are these people saying a candidates religious beliefs don't matter? Lets think about this. Mitt if elected will be a leader and he will lead according to his beliefs. How a person acts, thinks, legislates, dresses etc... all comes from ones beliefs. So ANY leader you vote for, you automatically get his beliefs as well as his religious beliefs. How then can one say I am not voting for Mitt to be my religious leader?  You may not look to a president for spiritaul guidance but he will lead as he is convicted.  So religion does matter. 

A vote for Gary Johnson (or anyone else) is a vote for Obama. Do the Democrats say a vote for Jill Stein (or anyone else) is a vote for Mitt? Lets set the record straight. A vote for someone you believe in is a vote for someone you believe in. Can we please stop this nonsense? Vote your moral conscience and don't worry what others say.

Carey Masci

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