Wednesday, November 07, 2012

post election thoughts


If you are a believer its not the end of the world and if you aren't a believer get around someone who is. Maybe some of you may not understand this but if God is not ready to redeem his people just yet then we are in a good position. Allow me to explain.

Obama's victory was not a mandate by any stretch. If anything it was a mandate against him. HUH? With Mitt as the GOP nominee MANY Christian/Conservatives stayed home. If they would of gone out and voted Mitt would of won. By them not voting it sends a signal we do not want mandated healthcare whether from Obama or Romney. We do not want same sex marriage. We expect more from the Republican Party. Those who voted for Mitt it was strictly out of fear of Obama not for the love of Romney. So if you add up the fear voters coupled with the non-voting Christian Conservatives I can guarantee they would be more than the sum of Obama votes.

Now IF God is ready to redeem his people an Obama victory could signal a rapid descent for America. It has to happen if God is to return. America cannot stay strong. It has to be weakened for the globalist movement and one world leader to arrive. So either way its all by design.

Maybe that's a bit to spiritual for some of you. Just ponder it.

Get ready to be blamed. Christian/Conservatives will be blamed and hated for failing to support the Republican nominee Mitt Romney. No matter how you tell people you voted your moral conscience it doesn't matter. All that mattered was defeating Obama. It's going to get very hard real soon trying to do the right thing and stick up for ones beliefs.

Will the Republican Party learn from this? I don't think so. I believe this was all planned? It all comes down to money and lobbyists. And who was the big winner? the health insurance industry. Whether it was Obama or Romney Care we were going to have mandated healthcare with either one of them. That's why both candidates were so much the same, the health insurance business had two horses in the race.

I know I made many enemies this election. I was told that at the Lake GOP Victory Party by a lady. Maybe I was a bit harsh or to much in your face trying to get people to stand up for whats right and steering the Republican Party back to the right. Be mad at me all you want but I held my ground and never waivered in my beliefs. So its up to you to accept me back to work together or continue to divide.

The Republican Party is DONE if they hand us another Dole, McCain or Romney again. The base of the GOP is the Conservative Right and we are getting tired. Keep alienating us as they have and they lose. And if they try to blame us for their election loses we will leave in even bigger numbers. The Republican Party will then lose elections by MILLIONS. They need us to stay competitive and win.

6 BILLION DOLLARS were spent on races throughout America. WOW. Why do people give? If people would do their own research instead of listening to ads some of this would stop. But the fact sadly remains ads work whether selling cola or politicians.  Another thing that needs to be done is limiting money.  Money should ONLY come from voters not pacs, never from outside of our country or the area a candidate or issue is from, and never from corporations. A voter has the right to support a candidate but since the others can't vote why are they allowed to give?

Finally at 2 pm election day I caught a brief interview on one of the cable news shows. I don't recall the reporter but she asked Ron Paul if he was ready to join ranks and endorse and support Romney. Paul said NO, both candidates are the same, the only winner is the status quo, nothing will change who ever wins.


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